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The Beach Bum

You gotta go low to get high.
The Beach Bum
An irreverent comedy about the misadventures of Moondog, a rebellious stoner and lovable rogue who lives large.


Not as good as Spring Breakers for me but still an amazing film nonetheless. I loved Matthew McConaughey's performance and this is probably my second favorite Harmony Korine film. Loved it. It'll get pushed under the rug of course but McConaughey deserves an Oscar nomination for sure.
While the film won’t reveal any new revelatory outlooks on life or leave you feeling like you just witnessed a game-changing piece of cinema, ‘The Beach Bum’ is an incredibly enjoyable 95-minute exercise in escapism, love, and the unprecedented pleasures life can bring. It's the film equivalent of holding a beer in one hand and drunkenly throwing up a peace sign with the other, beaming brightly as you take a picture with your closest, drunkest friends for a moment you’ll never remember on a night you’ll never forget. - Ashley Teresa Read Ashley's full article...

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