The Savage Five 1974

A pacifist village is beset by bandits in this martial arts thriller. "Savage Five" hands-down rivals the ornateness of "Kid With The Golden Arm" and the twist-heavy "Five Deadly Venoms". The always great David Chiang plays a lesser version of his Rover character from "Duel Of The Iron Fist", and Ti Lung, looking incredible here, is at his physical best. Accolades to Chen Kuan Tai and Wang Chung in great sympathetic roles, too. A kung fu classic where the actual martial arts display takes a back seat to the mesmerizing story.

Magnificent Wanderers 1977

Millionaire Chu Te-Sa (Chiang) invests his considerable wealth into the rebel movement who are intent on usurping the ruling Mongol powers. His goals are impeded by a lack of support though and the supposed allies he has made in the town are merely eager to get their hands on his money. During an attack where these craven 'comrades' flee, Chu befriends three con-artists who relish the chance to show off their fighting skills. The trio subsequently agree to help Chu in his quest to end Mongol rule and hatch a plan to destroy a major munitions dump

The 7 Grandmasters 1978

An aged Kung Fu practitioner travels across China, challenging the best Grandmaster from each province to prove his mastery of martial arts. Meanwhile is a plot developing behind his back.

Just Call Me Nobody 2010

Poor young cobbler Wu Di lives with his mother and is crazy about martial-arts picture books. One day he repairs the shoe of wandering swordswoman Yuelou and later helps save her in a fight with wanted criminal Tian Baguang, even though he has no martial-arts training. She tells him she owes him a life and can be found on Qin Mountain if he ever needs her. Yuelou is actually a princess who was due to marry the emperor but ran away after setting fire to her palace quarters. In love, Wu Di sets out to find her, fighting river pirate Dugu and his sidekick on the way, and also meeting a hermit Buddhist monk who offers to take him on as a pupil. Yuelou plans to attend a martial arts tournament to establish her name, little knowing that the emperor's chief eunuch Cheng has arranged for her to be secretly protected by Penal Bureau officer Yang Guo and to win the tournament, so the emperor can award her the prize and persuade her to reconsider marriage.

The Shaolin Avengers 1976

The famous story of the Shaolin Temple's betrayal by the White-Browed Hermit, and the subsequent revenge by Shaolin firebrand Fang Shih-yu, is the stuff of legend. It has been filmed many times by many directors, but few are remembered as fondly as this production. The potent combination of director Chang Cheh and international idol Alexander Fu Sheng caught lightning in a lens.

Village of Tigers 1974

The lead actress is Shu Pei Pei, who is quite forceful as a no-nonsense fighter decked out in an array of colorful swordswoman fashions. I've seen her in nine other films, although I don't recall any which featured her in an action role before. This one is the very last film she did, according to her IMDb filmography. It came at the very end of the Shaw Bros. swordswoman cycle, which had been dominated by Cheng Pei Pei and Shih Szu up to this time. Miss Shu is very good and I wish she'd played more roles like this. Her character is Miss Ba, whose brother is involved in some shady deals with the "rascals" from the title village. When he turns up dead, with a note implicating the film's hero, Luo Hong Xun, Ms Ba vows revenge and goes after Mr. Luo, even though she knew her brother was being used by the bad guys. Eventually, Miss Ba and Mr. Luo team up to seek out the real culprits, culminating in a stunning series of fight sequences in the "village of tigers."

A Man Called Tiger 1973

A young man suspects his father's suicide was actually a murder committed by gangsters. Using his expertise in martial arts, he gets himself hired by the gangsters who he suspects are responsible for his father's death.

Swordswomen Three 1970

Lo Lieh play an ambitious martial artist who wishes to be number one in the martial world. Unfortunately, while he's tough, he's no match for the son of the number one martial artist. Unwilling to wait for the next tournament, he connives to steal the legendary Magic Steel Sword from his bride to be who with her sisters is protecting the sword from unscrupulous martial artists. He easily steals the sword which is half super steel and half super magnet.This way he's able to disarm all his opponents by pulling their iron weapons right out of their hands from across the room. The three sisters team up with the son and try to take back the sword.

He Walked Through the Fields 1967

Uri, the first son of a "kibbutz", comes home from 2 years of studying. He finds his father has joined the British army, and his mother is with another man. He meets Mika - a new immigrant from Poland - and quickly falls in love with her. He is then torn between his commitment to his home family and girl, and between the "Palmakh".

Beauty Escort 1979

This blood tale of a feud between two sword fighting clans is full of betrayal and intrigue, will most probably please the fans of samurai sword fighting.

Hu-Man 1975

An actor is placed in dangerous situations and his fear will be broadcast to the television audience. The audience's emotions will determine whether he is sent into the future or the past.

Gold Snatchers 1973

Two foster brothers fight in a deadly struggle for possession of their mother's gold fortune and a beautiful young woman.

The Hong Kong Tycoon 1979

A character-driven melodrama about a Hong Kong ‘everyday man’ who marries a rich woman to climb the class ladder.

Requital 1992

A young Taiwanese man after being released from prison starts his life as a gangster. He goes to Hong Kong to do some business with the Triads.

Red Wolf 1995

A group of terrorists murder the captain of a cruise ship and take everyone hostage. Their plan is to steal the uranium being stored in the ship's safe. It's up to a security officer and a pickpocketing cocktail waitress to stop them.

The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake 2011

When the women of her time had their feet bound to please men, Qiu Jin was already questioning the sexual inequality of feudal traditions. Free-spirited and well-educated, she grew up practicing martial arts and was as well versed in poetry as she was in sword-fighting. When this rebellious girl moved to Beijing with her husband, she witnessed how her country was raided and ravaged by foreign powers. With the encouragement of her neighbor Wu Zhiying, the wife of righteous magistrate Li Zhongyue, Qiu Jin left her family behind to pursue study in Japan. There, she met some like-minded schoolmates who shared her ideals, including revolutionary leader Xu Xilin, and secretly joined his anti-Qing cause. After returning to China, Qiu Jin participated in the uprisings staged by Xu Xilin, leading a small group of hot-blooded students against the armed forces of the corrupt Qing government...

Akiba's Trip The Animation 2017

Set in Akihabara, the shopping area has been invaded by creatures known as "Synthisters" who prey on the patrons of Akihabara, feasting on their social energy and will to live. These enemies can only be stopped by direct exposure to sunlight, meaning to defeat these synthisters their clothes need to be ripped off exposing them to sunlight.

Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation 2014

Super Sonico is a clutzy, adorable, and well-endowed 18-year old girl. She's a complete sucker for anything cute, especially stray cats, all of which she giddily adopts. However, though Sonico should be enjoying a carefree and simple lifestyle as a young college student, her life is really anything but easy: she must balance being a professional model, working part-time at her grandmother's restaurant, and practicing guitar and performing concerts with her friends Suzu Fujimi and Fuuri Watanuki in their band, First Astronomical Velocity—all while attending college. SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation follows Sonico as she faces daunting challenges in her search for her place in the world, even when her days are brimming with love and happiness. Source: MyAnimeList

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