Aise Jalay Jiya 2013

“Aise Jalay Jiya” is a story about a selfish woman name Aman. She always sacrifices the happiness of her children for her desire. Aman has one daughter and one son who have married. Aman son in law wishes to work in a foreign country but he doesn’t have the requisite money for traveling to abroad. Then he forces his wife for money to go abroad but when she asks her mother for it. She puts in stake the happiness of her son by playing with the lives of her daughter in law. Two questions arrive; Is Aman saves the marriage of her daughter? And what happens to her family? To find out, watch "Aise Jalay Jiya" on HUM Classics.

Passion and Power 2016

Pasión y poder revolves around family dramas and corporate powers of two rival families.The rivalry that originated many years ago, when Arturo Montenegro and Eladio Gómez Luna both fell in love with the beautiful Julia Vallado. Eladio ultimately married her. Years later, Julia Vallado is a very unhappy woman having to suffer from abuse and therefore supports the wickedness of her husband, with her only consolation, is the love of his son David, a complete antithesis of his father.

Babe, My Love 2004

Aishiteruze Baby is a shōjo romance manga by Yoko Maki. It was serialized by Shueisha in Ribon from April 2002 and January 2005 and collected in seven bound volumes. It was adapted as a 26-episode anime television series produced by TMS Entertainment and Animax, broadcast in Japan on Animax from April to October 2004. The series is about a teenage boy, Kippei, who becomes the caretaker of his 5-year-old cousin, Yuzuyu, after her mother abandons her. Both the manga and anime have been praised for successfully mixing serious issues with a light-hearted tone.

Junoon – Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq

Junoon – Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq is a soap opera. It premiered on November 5, 2012 and airs on Life OK from Monday-Friday at 9:30pm. The show stars Aditya Redij and Mouni Roy in lead roles. The show completed 100 episodes on March 21, 2013.The story revolves around the love-hate relationship between Prithvi and Meera. This show is currently receiving the lowest trp in Life Ok history The average trp rating for this show is 0.1 - 0.4

Lara Aishah 2016

Malaysian television drama, that is an adaptation of TV Azteca's La Loba produced by Global Station Sdn Bhd.

Love Catharsis 2016

Mia Kurihara works in the public relations department of a company. She falls in love with Kairi Miyoshi. He is the vice president of the company, but he is also married.

Aishiatteru Kai 1989

Fubuki is a young female teacher in a girl's college. Being quite new, she's unexperienced in many ways, eg. advising students on love problems. However, she gets to know three male teachers from a nearby boy's college one day, and these three people are playing as crazily as their students. They go after girls, ... and behave very differently from what a teacher should behave. Though as such, they're in fact good teachers, who always stand by their students, and help them out in every way they can. This gradually changes Fubuki's poor impression of them and touches her heart. --Snowflakes

Fukuie Keibuho no Aisatsu 2014

Assistant Inspector Fukuie does not look like an assistant inspector but once she starts an investigation, she takes no notice of anyone as she searches for the key to find out the truth. She does not care for the hierarchical relationship of the organisation or career advancement. If she has doubts, she will not listen to her superior and will persist in investigating to the end. Fukuie’s boss Inspector Ishimatsu is completely different from her. He places importance on the organisation and discipline, is rigid and strait-laced. Ever since Fukuie became his subordinate, his pride has been in tatters because she loves to disregard his instructions and investigate on her own even though this eventually results in success and he gets credit for her achievements. His principle is to investigate using orthodox methods, but the results that Fukuie delivers goes against this and makes him feel ashamed.

Psych 2006

Thanks to his police officer father's efforts, Shawn Spencer spent his childhood developing a keen eye for detail (and a lasting dislike of his dad). Years later, Shawn's frequent tips to the police lead to him being falsely accused of a crime he solved. Now, Shawn has no choice but to use his abilities to perpetuate his cover story: psychic crime-solving powers, all the while dragging his best friend, his dad, and the police along for the ride.

The Third Eye 2014

A police detective is trying to locate his missing daughter, while solving other cases.


Typical mother Noguchi Satsuki spent her days trying to balance her life as a wife to her hard-working husband Kazuhiko and mother to their only son Tomoya, a seemingly withdrawn fifth-grader with whom Satsuki struggled to communicate. Seiko and Ozawa Hideaki, living in the same neighborhood as the Noguchi family, were raising a rebellious junior high school daughter Mihoko and their first son Kiyotaka a second-grader who was showered with much love and affection by his mother.

I Don't Love You Yet 2019

Mitari Yo is a career woman who works for a shoe company. She finds her work rewarding and has successfully advanced in her career. Her love life, on the other hand, isn't doing as well. Ishida Ren works for a real estate developer and is Yo’s best friend. An ex-classmate from both high school and university days, he understands her best and is the only person she pours her heart out to. On Yo’s 29th birthday, the two friends place a wager to give 300,000 yen as a congratulatory gift to the one who is the first to get married by the last day they are 30. Although they declare that it is impossible for them to fall in love with each other, this wager, as well as advances by Ren’s junior in the company and Yo’s reunion with her ex-boyfriend, lead to gradual changes in the relationship of the two best friends.

Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu 2006

A heartwarming home drama told from the perspective of 11-year-old Kaoru (Nagashima), who says his family is often called weird/unusual. It revolves around the lives of stay-at-home dad (Tamura), lawyer and breadwinner mother (Ito), tomboyish oldest daughter (Uchida) and SNAG oldest son (Tamayama). A mysterious neighbor (Kobayashi) also gets involved.

aiseki MOGOL GIRL 2017

A variety of male guest voice actors banter with Fuyumi and Haruko, two colorful stop-motion mascot characters made out of pipe cleaners, at a table in the Mongol Cafe.

Aisa Des Hai Mera

Aisa Des Hai Mera was an Indian television drama series that aired on Sony Entertainment Television India in 2006 on every Monday-Thursday at 9pm.

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