Beneath the Skin 2005

A stalker tackles three women in London. First 23-year old likable schoolteacher Zoe Haratounian, who beats off a thief and gets declared a local heroine by the press, gets scary anonymous letters, but because she runs off from the police station when the desk officer cheerfully calls her 'our poster girl' to a colleague when recognizing her on a press cutting, it takes days before the police can even send over PC Andrew Stadden, a detective in training. She breaks up with her 'not sensitively supportive' hunky boyfriend, gardener Fred, who even gets investigated as a suspect and only has his soccer mates Maurice 'Moz' 'Hack' ...

Beneath the Skin 2015

After his family falls apart Joshua (writer/co-director/star Aaron Ellis) is forced to move to Canada. It is there he meets Jay (Justin Liles), a local tattoo artist who fled the violent actions of his parents back home in Alabama. Both young men, abandoned and lonely in their own way, find themselves falling for one another... until a pair of high school brats intrude on the boys' growing relationship. This LGBT film has won numerous awards at film festivals, including Best LGBT Feature Film at the Accolade Competition and the Independent Filmmakers Showcase IFS Film Festival, as well as Best Leading Actor and Narrative Feature at the IndieFEST Film Awards.

Beneath the Skin 1981

"Relating a tale told by a girl on a swing, Beneath the Skin explores the contrast between the impersonal horror of a news story heard on television and the involvement of the storyteller in a nightmare, which gradually becomes more familiar and commonplace as the tale unfolds. The straightforward approach of the teller is humorously or frighteningly contrasted by a bombardment of visual images which mock or intensify the macabre flavor of the work."

The Cranberries: Beneath the Skin - Live in Paris 2002

International superstars The Cranberries perform in their first concert film since 1994, recorded at the Palais Omnisport Arena in Paris, France, on December 9, 1999. With no overdubs, this performance features all the band's biggest singles and more! Songs: Promises, Animal Instinct, Loud and Clear, Ode to My Family, The Icicle Melts, Linger, Wanted, Salvation, Desperate Andy, Go Your Own Way, Pretty, When You're Gone, I Can't Be With You, Waltzing Back, Free to Decide, Zombie, Ridiculous Thoughts, Dying in the Sun, You and Me, Just My Imagination, Delilah, Dreams.

Skin 2003

Skin is a television serial drama which aired at 9:00 p.m. Monday on Fox in 2003. It followed the tale of two teenagers who came from feuding families on opposite sides of the moral and legal spectrum. Adam is the son of the Los Angeles District Attorney, and Jewel is the daughter of a pornographer. The show is a modern-day take on the Romeo and Juliet story. Even after an incredible amount of advertising, the show was cancelled after only three episodes due to poor ratings and less than favorable reviews. It was reprieved in 2005, when SOAPnet acquired broadcasting rights to all eight episodes and aired the last five episodes for the first time.

Skin Wars 2014

An hour-long competition show that seeks to find the most talented and versatile body painters in the country.

Sensitive Skin 2005

Bittersweet comedy about a 61-year-old former model trying to cope with life in London.

Skin Tight 2016

We follow two people who have lost massive amounts of weight and are about to undergo a full body transformation through skin removal surgery. Each episode culminates in dramatic reveals for both individuals.

Skin to the Max 2011

This travelogue series takes viewers on an international journey to the hot and erotic world of real sex clubs.

Sensitive Skin 2014

Davina and her husband Al try to revamp their lives as they struggle with the uncertainties of middle age.

Skins 2007

Irreverent comedy drama which follows the messy lives, loves, delirious highs and inevitable lows of a group of raucous teenage friends in Bristol.

Blue Skin 2010

Summer is almost over and Germán invites his friends for a few days of fun, sun and sex on his luxurious yacht. The dream vacation quickly turns into a night when the group of friends go for a swim and forget to attach the ladder to the side of the boat.

Painted Skin 2011

Painted Skin is a Chinese television series adapted from the 2008 film of the same title, which is loosely based on a classic short story in Pu Songling's Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. It was first broadcast on TVS4 on March 3, 2011 in mainland China.

The Skin Horse

The Skin Horse is a documentary by and about disabled people and their sex lives. Not their secret longing and private thoughts, although these are part of the film. This is a documentary about sex, sex among the disabled, sex between the disabled and the able.

Skins 2011

A wild ride through the lives of a group of high school friends stumbling through the mine field of adolescence... and stepping on most of the mines as they go.

My 600-lb Life: Skin Tight 2018

After morbidly obese people lose hundreds of pounds using methods ranging from gastric bypass surgery to strict dieting and workouts, there is still a constant reminder of their once much heavier selves. "Skin Tight," a companion series to TLC's popular "My 600-Lb. Life," presents profiles of people who go through extensive surgeries to remove up to 50 pounds of excess skin. Hourlong episodes introduce a variety of candidates who can't achieve personal fitness goals or have intimate relationships, and many feel even more uncomfortable than when they were obese. Using modern technology and reconstructive surgical options, massive amounts of skin are removed, creating a full-body transformation. The reveals not only improve each subject's self-image but also change lives forever.

The Frank Skinner Show 1995

The Frank Skinner Show was a television chat show hosted by comedian Frank Skinner, which lasted nine series on British television between 1995 and 2005. As well as celebrity interviews, the shows included an initial stand-up routine, various sketches throughout the episode and usually concluded with a comedic song featuring Frank and the guest stars. The Frank Skinner Show became notorious over the years for the unconventional nature of the interviews, including some shocking revelations from the guests. The programme ended in 2005 after nine series. It was screened on BBC One from its first episode on 10 September 1995 until 3 June 1999. In 2000, the show moved to ITV. The programme was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award in 2001.

Skinnamarink TV 1997

Skinnamarink TV is a children's television show that aired from 1997 to 1999 and aired on CBC in Canada and The Learning Channel in the US. It was created by Lynn Harvey and Richard Mortimer for Skinnamarink Entertainment in association with Craftsman & Scribes Creative Workshop, The Learning Channel, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures 2011

Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures is an American teen sitcom that premiered on Nickelodeon on July 1, 2011. The first half of the first season ended on October 7, 2011. After a five-month hiatus, the second half premiered March 17, 2012. Ashley Argota confirmed on July 5, 2012 that Nickelodeon has cancelled the show. According to Argota, it is unknown if the rest of the episodes will air in the US, however all episodes were broadcast in other countries. On December 22, 2012 TeenNick aired the previous never before seen in the US, Christmas episode. Starting March 27, 2013, the previous 7 never before aired in the US episodes aired on TeenNick in the US.

Shirts & Skins 2008

Shirts & Skins an American 6 episode television reality series premiered September 15, 2008 on Logo. The show explores the lives of the San Francisco The Rockdogs, "an all-gay basketball team trying to uphold its three-generation legacy of international Gay Games gold medals, and U.S. national tournament wins". After their 2006 Gay Games victory, the Rockdogs split up due to weakened team morale and interpersonal conflict amongst the team members. In the series, many team members return to San Francisco and stay in a refurbished firehouse where the teammates live and practice for the Chicago National Championship. The show focuses on six players of the team and lives on and off the court: Mike Survillion, Rory Ray, Peter Hannibal, Chris Johnson, Jamel Lewis and DeMarco Majors. With only a month to train before the national championship, all of the men will have to put aside their differences and learn to become a team again. Guest appearances in the show include professional basketball athletes John Amaechi and Sheryl Swoopes. Sports Illustrated described the series as "The Rockdogs have talent, and the show's basketball action is strong. On and off the court someone like [Shavlik] Randolph could learn a few things from Shirts".

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