Cops Cum Dicks and Flying 2014

Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman star in this short about two weathered detectives going to all lengths to save humanity.

Cum to live 2001

Two strangers, a young a man and woman, are stranded in an isolated house in the French Alps during a snowstorm. As they bond and lie to each other about their pasts, their sexual desires become intense. One problem soon becomes evident as they tear the house apart looking for a condom. Will he succumb to the carnal desires of this young nymph? A crazy, fun thriller with lots of quirky French humor! It's not's French. Bone Appetite!

The Way I Spent the End of the World 2006

Bucharest 1989 - the last year of Ceausecu's dictatorship. Eva lives with her parents and her 7 year old brother, Lalalilu. One day at school, Eva and her boyfriend accidentally break a bust of Ceausescu. They are forced to confess their crime before a disciplinary committee and Eva is expelled from school and transferred to a reformatory establishment. There she meets Andrei, and decides to escape Romania with him. Lalalilu becomes convinced that Ceausescu is the main reason for Eva's decision to leave. So with his friends from school he devises a plan to kill the dictator.

Cum Foo 1981

A punk spoof with music by Georg Deitl, lyrics by Robert Huot, performed by George A and The Super Connie featuring Bobby Beethoven. Plus electronic music by Brendt Conrad. Starring the beautiful Ama Zeena and sinister Dick Darth.

Cum On Feel The Noize 2017

Exclusive, long-lost live material from rock's most iconic bands and artists, as well as original interviews with the living legends themselves, including Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Page, Nikki Sixx, David Draiman and more.

The Heights of Cumanday 1965

Calentoso, is a young boy that must transport mules across the mountains. He will be challenged to discover the deep secrets that the summit entails. This film is based on the legend of the ghost of the Ruiz Snow Mountain in the Region of Cumanday in Colombia.

The Last Farmer-Cum-Prehistorian 2012

A film shot "up on top" and "down below" - on a farm and in a cave in the Périgord Noir. A film about the magical appeal of prehistory, the sheer physical pleasure of going deep down into the underground world and discovering paintings and drawings testifying to the artistry of those human beings we once were - when mammoths were legion. The experience is indeed fascinating and extremely gratifying.... even more so when your guide is someone who is madly in love with his cave - the cave that will be cherished forever. The film is a portrayal of Gilbert Pémendrant, the owner of the seventh painted cave to be discovered in the world: Bernifal Cave in Meyrals, Dordogne. (DVD)

The Dilemma 2011

Longtime friends Ronny and Nick are partners in an auto-design firm. They are hard at work on a presentation for a dream project that would really launch their company. Then Ronny spots Nick's wife out with another man, and in the process of investigating the possible affair, he learns that Nick has a few secrets of his own. As the presentation nears, Ronny agonizes over what might happen if the truth gets out.

El cumple de la abuela 2015

A dysfunctional family travels to Cuernavaca, to celebrate their grandmother's birthday. One pretends to have a boyfriend she just met. Another has a girlfriend who is in love with one of his brothers. Another can not stand the way the grandmother treats him but he has been afraid of her for so long...until now.

Home Again 2017

Life for a single mom in Los Angeles takes an unexpected turn when she allows three young guys to move in with her.

How to Murder Your Wife 1965

Stanley Ford leads an idyllic bachelor life. He is a nationally syndicated cartoonist whose Bash Brannigan series provides him with a luxury townhouse and a full-time valet, Charles. When he wakes up the morning after the night before - he had attended a friend's stag party - he finds that he is married to the very beautiful woman who popped out of the cake - and who doesn't speak a word of English. Despite his initial protestations, he comes to like married life and even changes his cartoon character from a super spy to a somewhat harried husband.

How Murray Saved Christmas 2014

One-hour animated special surrounding a surly deli owner Murray Weiner, who is forced to step into Santa's shoes for one Christmas and bumbles his way into doing a great job.

How Videogames Changed the World 2013

From Pong to Grand Theft Auto, Charlie Brooker delves into the history of videogames and pulls out a selection of its most significant titles. From Atari to Angry Birds, How Videogames Changed the World explores how interactive entertainment evolved from a penny arcade diversion into a medium that some believe is art, and shows how it is changing the way we work, communicate and, of course, play. Joined by Jonathan Ross, Dara O'Briain and gaming legends like Will Wright and John Romero, Brooker looks at how videogames have become the most progressive art form of the last 40 years. This humorous and insightful tour will surprise and entertain the uninitiated and dedicated gamers alike.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints 2006

Dito Montiel, a successful author, receives a call from his long-suffering mother, asking him to return home and visit his ailing father. Dito recalls his childhood growing up in a violent neighborhood in Queens, N.Y., with friends Antonio, Giuseppe, Nerf and Mike.

How Do You Want Me? 1998

Following their marriage, Ian and Lisa move back to the village where she grew up, a village still dominated by her family. In order to try to fit in, Ian takes a job as the village photographer, a profession for which he is not really cut out.

How It's Made 2001

Have you ever wondered how the products you use every day are made? How It's Made leads you through the process of how everyday products, such as apple juice, skateboards, engines, contact lenses, and many more objects are manufactured.

How the Universe Works 2010

A users' guide to the cosmos, from the Big Bang to galaxies, stars, planets and moons: where did it all come from and how does it all fit together? A primer for anyone who has ever looked up at the night sky and wondered.

The Borderers 1968

The Borderers is a British television series produced by the BBC between 1968 and 1970.

How to Get Away with Murder 2014

A sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller about a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant, mysterious criminal defense professor. They become entangled in a murder plot and will shake the entire university and change the course of their lives.

The Bob Cummings Show 1955

The Bob Cummings Show is an American sitcom starring Robert "Bob" Cummings which was produced from January 2, 1955 to September 15, 1959. The Bob Cummings Show was the first series ever to debut as a midseason replacement. The program began with a half-season run on NBC, then ran for two full seasons on CBS, and returned to NBC for its final two seasons. The program was later rerun in the daytime hours on ABC and then syndicated under the title Love That Bob. A similar, but less successful, follow-up series, The New Bob Cummings Show, was broadcast on CBS during the 1961-62 television season.

Cumbia Ninja 2013

In a major slum called La Colina, young idealist Hache and his friends will confront the drug dealers who control the neighborhood. They will succeed with the help of music, an old Chinese ninja master and a mythical character who also lives in La Colina. Simultaneously, Juana will find shelter there as she runs away from her family's assassins.

Cumbia Pop 2018

Teen groups “Los malditos de Caja de Agua” and “Los Kings de la Molina” must learn to live together in a correctional facility, resolving their differences to become a musical group and earn their freedom.

Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings 2012

Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings is a weekly American talk show series on E!. The series premiered on November 28, 2012. E! initially ordered six episodes of the series and later agreed for six more episodes in January 2013. The series has been canceled.

The New Bob Cummings Show 1961

The New Bob Cummings Show is an American situation comedy which was broadcast by CBS during the 1961-62 television season. The series was originally titled The Bob Cummings Show when it first appeared on the CBS schedule on October 5, 1961; however, this led to confusion between this program and series stars Bob Cummings' earlier 1955 series, also called The Bob Cummings Show; thus, the title The New Bob Cummings Show was officially adopted beginning with the December 28 episode.

Wuthering Heights 2004

New adaptation of Emily Brontë's famous novel, a story of love and uncontrollable passion, exploring the deepest feelings to the extremes to which love can lead us, especially when there are many obstacles to overcome. A Yorkshire melancholy story about a love stronger than death.

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