Remembering the Artist: Robert De Niro, Sr. 2014

Robert De Niro, Sr., was a celebrated painter obscured by the pop-art movement. His life and career are chronicled in the artist's own words by his contemporaries and, movingly, by his son, the actor Robert De Niro.

Forever Flows 2006

The story unfolds around the struggle of Tithi, a young girl from a lower middle-class family in Bangladesh. Tithi becomes a call girl to support her family. Tithi’s brother gets married and surprisingly discovers that working can also give satisfaction. He opens up a business with the capital his sister made as a prostitute. Financially, things are getting better in the family but Tithi slowly becomes aloof and indifferent to everything. Even the touch of her own mother irritates her and makes her recall a man’s lust. She withdraws within herself and takes refuge in solitude.

We're No Angels 1989

Two escaped cons' only prayer to escape is to pass themselves off as priests and pass by the police blockade at the border into the safety of Canada.

Great Expectations 1998

Loosely based on the Charles Dickens' classic novel, "Great Expectations" is a sensual tale of a young man's unforgettable passage into manhood, and the three individuals who will undeniably change his life forever. Through the surprising interactions of these vivid characters, "Great Expectations" takes a unique and contemporary look at life's great coincidences.

Nirona 1968

1968 short by Hakan Dahlstrom

Dooronir Nirola Poja 2017

Hiranya Barua, a Private Insurance employee, shifts to a new town with his family of four. Soon, with son Aditya excelling in studies, daughter Prerna winning accolades in dance and wife Manju deftly managing the household as always, he decides to settle down for good. His long cherished dream of giving his family a simple, honest and fulfilling life seems to be a reality. With myths, facts and facets from the serene land of Axom, Dooronir Nirola Poja, is a stoic reminder of the struggle within many small towns in India.

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