The Jesus Movie 2010

Based on the art style of the Read and Share® Bible, The Jesus Movie transports children to Nazareth for the story of Jesus’ birth, follows his life and miracles along the shores of Lake Galilee and ends in Jerusalem with his arrest, crucifixion and resurrection—all in one dramatic 80-minute movie. The excitement and joy of Jesus’ life, the danger and conflict with the Pharisees, the challenge and growth of the disciples—it’s all here in a simple, straightforward narrative.

Jesus People 2013

Based on the hilarious and popular web series, the film charts the rise and fall of America's worst Christian pop band! Pastor Jerry gets possibly awful medical news and is determined to reach his rebellious teen while he still can. Jerry forms Cross My Heart, a Christian band, to keep his son on a "righteous" path. He finds four young musicians with varying levels of talent and the first single Save The World! takes off on multiple (and some unexpected) radio formats. But the band starts to unravel!

MTV Movie & TV Awards 1992

The annual film & TV awards show presented by MTV. The nominees are decided by producers and executives at MTV with winners decided online by the general public.

Show Me The Movie! 2018

Hosted by Australia’s triple TV Week Gold Logie award-winning presenter and movie tragic, Rove McManus, Show Me The Movie! features two competing teams captained by acclaimed actor Jane Harber and comedy star Joel Creasey. Each week, Rove, Jane and Joel will be joined by a stellar cast of different actors, comedians and visiting international stars, who will do battle in a series of funny, irreverent and always entertaining rounds. From big-budget Hollywood blockbusters to sci-fi, animation and chick flicks, Show Me The Movie! will celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly of the big screen. The stars, A-list gossip, iconic movie dialogue and classic cinematic moments all get a comedy make-over.

Movie Stars 1999

Movie Stars is an American sitcom that aired on The WB from 1999 to 2000. It stars Harry Hamlin and Jennifer Grant as famous Hollywood actors trying to raise their children.

Critics' Choice Movie Awards 1996

The Critics' Choice Movie Awards are bestowed annually by the Broadcast Film Critics Association to honor the finest in cinematic achievement.

100 Scariest Movie Moments 2004

Featuring interviews, film clips, and production stills, this miniseries explores what went into the making of most bone-chilling moments in cinematic history and searches beyond the conventions of the genre to uncover the number one scary movie moment of all time.

Elvira's Movie Macabre

A revamping, if you will, of the 1980s classic horror movie showcase, hosted by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Moguls & Movie Stars 2010

Each installment focus on a different era of American movie history, from the invention of the first moving pictures to the revolutionary, cutting-edge films of the 1960s.

Movie 4

Movie 4 was a television program that aired at various times, but predominantly weekday afternoons, on WNBC-TV in New York City from 1956 to 1974. The program aired top-rank first-run movies and other future classics from Hollywood, as well as foreign films. As with other movie shows of 90-minute length, films that ran longer were often divided into two parts. Though it achieved a degree of success, for most of its run the show usually ran in the shadow of rival WCBS-TV's The Early Show on weekdays and The Late Show on weekends. Despite its being a major player among the local movie shows for nearly 18 years, the program today is largely forgotten in relation to WABC-TV's better-known The 4:30 Movie. The Movie 4 title was also used at varying times until the 1970s by NBC's two other owned-and-operated stations on channel 4, WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. and KNBC in Los Angeles. The network's Chicago outlet, WMAQ-TV, used the title Movie 5 for its movie shows from the late 1950s up to the 1980s; and during NBC's ownership of Philadelphia station WRCV-TV, their movie umbrella was known as Movie 3.

Movie Surfers 1998

Movie Surfers is a Disney Channel mini-show, that appears in commercial-like form, where teenagers go behind the scenes of Walt Disney-related films. It started out as a TV special that would air when a new Disney movie came out. It was about teenagers communicating with each other via webcams and getting info about the movies. Now, it also appears as 5-minute segments after a Disney Channel movie or series ends. In 1997 when the show began, Mischa, Lindsay, Alexis, and Marcus used the computer to surf the internet to go behind the scenes of upcoming movies. Starting in 2002, they began sitting in a screening room and talking to various actors and actresses of the movie and what inspired the movie. Since early 2005, there's been a brand new cast: Rose, who left early 2006 and was replaced by Stevanna, Josh, Jeryn, and Tessa. They still sit in a screening room but have branched out to do more interactive segments in which they might get to actually get in on some of the filming process themselves. In 2009, Disney XD started airing Movie Surfers. sometimes during commercial breaks.

Movie Lounge 2006

Movie Lounge was a movie and DVD review television show, presented by newspaper columnist and food critic Giles Coren. It was shown on the British terrestrial channel Five.

Movie Magazine 1987

Movie Magazine is a now defunct Saturday afternoon showbiz-oriented talk show produced by LOCA-LOBO Productions and aired over GMA Network. It was originally hosted by Cristy Fermin and Nap Gutierrez and later Jun Nardo, Eugene Asis and Dolly Anne Carvajal with Mario Hernando as a Film Reviewer.

Movie Connections 2007

Documentary series looking at the stories behind the production of popular English films, showing how they tie in with the production of other movies through the actors or actresses.

Movie Underground

We decided to give our resident goof-ball and so-called security guard a show. He’s known simply as the Night WatchMan (we don’t know his real name because HR won’t release his employee file) … so if dissecting movies and gawking at his hottie sidekick sounds like fun… you don’t wanna miss the Movie Underground.

Movie Masti With Manish 2019

The Famous comedian and host Manish Paul is coming with his New Chat Show “Movie, Masti with Manish Paul”. The “Movie, Masti with Manish” is a game show where Bollywood Celebs come and play many entertaining games.

Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a Movie was a cooking and entertainment television program produced in the U.S. by TBS from 1995 to 2011. Each episode included a movie and the preparation of a creative dinner to go with the theme of the movie, generally via a pun. For example, an episode showing Drumline features a recipe titled "The Beets Go On", referencing the Sonny & Cher single "The Beat Goes On", as well as the plot of the movie about a drummer who tries to fit in with a new marching band. The show was hosted by chef Claud Mann and comedian Paul Gilmartin as well as Annabelle Gurwitch from 1996-2002, Lisa Kushell from 2002-2005 and Janet Varney from 2005 to the show's end in 2011. The show's cancellation was announced by Gilmartin on the May 6 edition of his podcast, The Mental Illness Happy Hour.

Movie and a Makeover 2003

Movie and a Makeover is a television program produced in the U.S. by TBS. It is hosted by Mia Butler and is played on weekends. The official description is as follows: "Wake up to host Mia Butler for Movie & A Makeover on weekends for the hottest movies and coolest makeovers. And when we say makeover, we're talking all kinds of makeovers, from stunning fashion and beauty looks to dramatic home and garden projects. We have a team of designers, stylists, make-up artists, landscapers, nutritionists, and other experts to offer fun, innovative and helpful tips on everything from how to look drop-dead gorgeous for a first date to how to re-do a kitchen with the latest painting techniques!"

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