Little Tailor 2010

There’s Evelyne who loves Albert, who loves Arthur, who loves the girl who plays the actress, who loves the man driving the convertible. There’s the night which only loves itself and death which only loves once. It would take more breath to kiss everyone and more time not to displease anyone.

The Tailor of Panama 2001

A British spy is banished to Panama after having an affair with an ambassador's mistress. Once there he makes connection with a local tailor with a nefarious past and connections to all of the top political and gangster figures in Panama. The tailor also has a wife, who works for the Panamanian president and a huge debt. The mission is to learn what the President intends to do with the Canal.

Brave Little Tailor 1938

When a giant threatens the land, the cityfolk mistake Mickey's boast of killing seven flies with one blow to be giants. He is then forced to fight the giant for real.

The Four Little Tailors 1910

The opening scene is in a tailor's shop, showing the four assistants more or less in love with their employer's daughter. After some time, the tailor says he will give his daughter to the one who shows himself to be the cleverest. Some very amusing incidents follow. The various feats accomplished during the contest are clever examples of trick photography. (Moving Picture World)

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress 2002

During the Cultural Revolution, two young men are sent to a remote mining village where they fall in love with the local tailor’s beautiful granddaughter and discover a suitcase full of forbidden Western novels.

Queen Sized 2008

An overweight girl, Maggie Baker, is elected Homecoming queen by the mean girls in the high school.

Taillefer & filles

Taillefer and Filles is a television series is hosted by Claudette Tailefer and Marie-Josée Taillefer and produced by Guy Cloutier. This series was made in 1994 under the name "Bon appétit!" and later renamed to "Taillefer & Filles", in 1998.

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