Jet Stream 2013

A TV weatherman tries to prove his theory that a series of unexplained catastrophes are the result of powerful winds found in the upper atmosphere coming down to ground level. His claims attract the attention of government scientists, who need his help to control the phenomena before it destroys all life on Earth (


A breakthrough in technology makes telepathy possible; But is Dr. Saul Aaron's invention a path into the world of the mind? Or a glimpse into something far stranger?

The Stream 2013

A long time ago... in the summer of 1981, a tragedy of epic proportions (a broken plastic bat) sends five friends on an epic adventure to the mall. All they have to do is follow The Stream and back.

The Seventh Stream 2001

She's a beautiful stranger lost in his world. Can they find a place in each other's hearts?

Silver Stream 1931

Michiki gets pregnant after a rape. She marries a boring business partner of her father to avoid the shame. Later she meets the rapist again who is now a union leader in opposition of her husband.

Night Stream 1996

Night Stream, a short experimental film about rebirth and fertility, succinctly evokes the flow of tension and trance within the dream state.

Stream Dream 2014

Filmmaker Rob Van Alkemade (Training for the Apocalypse, What Would Jesus Buy) pairs up with Devolver Digital to (rather hilariously) investigate the booming democratization of the gaming media via the suddenly hugely popular and important YouTube and Twitch streamers such as Pew Die Pie, Smosh, Angry Joe, and more. How have these personalities, who have gone from shows in their bedrooms to Beverly Hills studios and Disney representation, changed the way people learn about new games from big publishers and indie developers alike? And how are they tied to the wave of new global indie development talent changing the landscape of content creation for games? Will money and fame spoil the party?

Single Stream 2014

Single Stream explores a recycling facility in the Boston area, where hundreds of tons of refuse are sorted daily. Blurring the line between observation and abstraction, Single Stream plunges the viewer into the steady flow of the plant and the waste it treats, examining the material consequences of our society's culture of excess.

Stream Line 1976

The film is a continuous, "real time" tracking shot of a stream bed. The length of the track was ten yards. The camera was suspended in a motorized carriage running on steel cables three feet above the water surface. The camera pointed vertically downwards recording the contours of the stream bed and the flow of water along its course. The sound of the water was recorded synchronously from the moving carriage.

Stream Line 1976

Rome, October 16, 1943. The Germans deport the relatives and friends of the little Giacomo Treves who fortunately escapes capture. The child is entrusted by a priest, Don Luigi.

A Wild Stream 2018

Chilo and Omar seem to be the only two men on earth. They live on a solitary beach and their constant activity is fishing to survive. Their friendship, surrounded by sensuality, becomes a kind of a love story. Through their conversations and their relationship, the film explores and portraits human condition.

Stream of Love 2013

Love and desire fill the minds of villagers in a Hungarian speaking village in Transylvania, Romania, even in their old age. Time has stood still here, and although most of the village’s inhabitants are elderly, they are refreshingly young at heart.

The Stream

The Stream is a daily television programme on Al Jazeera English. It is branded as a “Web community With a Global TV show”. On television and online The Stream taps into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news. The Stream is an aggregator of online sources and discussion, seeking out unheard voices, new perspectives from people on the ground and untold angles related to the most compelling stories of the day. Previously, the show was hosted by Derrick Ashong and Imran Garda. Lisa Fletcher replaced them as the new presenter. On June 25, 2012, the Stream was relaunched with a new studio and opening graphics. Femi Oke replaced Fletcher when Fletcher was picked to host a version of The Stream on Al Jazeera America.

2nd Streamy Awards

The 2nd Annual Streamy Awards were held on Sunday, April 11, 2010, at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Paul Scheer served as the host of the presentation. Over 1,500 audience members were in attendance. The show was broadcast live by multiple distributors including and

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