Darc 2018

To bring down a global human trafficking ring, an Interpol agent recruits the help of a brutal criminal with inside knowledge of the yakuza.

The Trial of Joan of Arc 1962

A reconstruction of the trial of Joan of Arc based entirely on the transcripts of the real-life trial, concerning Joan's imprisonment, interrogation and final execution at the hands of the English.

The Passion of Joan of Arc 1929

A classic of the silent age, this film tells the story of the doomed but ultimately canonized 15th-century teenage warrior. On trial for claiming she'd spoken to God, Jeanne d'Arc is subjected to inhumane treatment and scare tactics at the hands of church court officials. Initially bullied into changing her story, Jeanne eventually opts for what she sees as the truth. Her punishment, a famously brutal execution, earns her perpetual martyrdom.

Joan of Arc 1900

A divinely inspired peasant woman becomes an army captain for France and then is martyred after she is captured.

Joan of Arc of Mongolia 1989

A group of cosmopolitan women passengers aboard the Trans-Siberian/Mongolian Railway are taken prisoner by Ulan Iga, a warrior princess.

Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc 2018

France, 1425. In the midst of the Hundred Years’ War, the young Jeannette, at the still tender age of 8, looks after her sheep in the small village of Domremy. One day, she tells her friend Hauviette how she cannot bear to see the suffering caused by the English. Madame Gervaise, a nun, tries to reason with the young girl, but Jeannette is ready to take up arms for the salvation of souls and the liberation of the Kingdom of France. Carried by her faith, she will become Joan of Arc.

La Merveilleuse Vie de Jeanne d'Arc 1929

This relatively straightforward dramatic biography was one of two films commissioned to honor Joan of Arc on the 500th anniversary of her death, but it was soon undeservedly relegated to obscurity in favor of Carl Dreyer's triumphant 'La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc'. The comparison is unfair: Dreyer was an artist, but director Marco de Gastyne certainly proved himself a distinguished craftsman, and his emphasis on the Maid of Orléans early life in Domrémy serves as a picturesque, matching bookend to Dreyer's impassioned courtroom drama.

Toutes les femmes sont des Jeanne d'Arc 1984

On these rare images of many lettrist protests, the director evokes all the creative women of History through the symbolic figure of Joan of Arc. This film was actually completed by Maurice Lemaître. The soundtrack is in French from the trial of Joan of Arc

Arthur Honegger - Jeanne D'Arc Au Bucher 2007

Born Oscar-Arthur Honegger (the first name was never used) in Le Havre, France, he initially studied harmony and violin in Paris, and after a brief period in Zürich, returned there to study with Charles-Marie Widor and Vincent d'Indy. He continued to study through the 1910s, before writing the ballet Le dit des jeux du monde in 1918, generally considered to be his first characteristic work.

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc 1999

In 1429 a teenage girl from a remote French village stood before her King with a message she claimed came from God; that she would defeat the world's greatest army and liberate her country from its political and religious turmoil. Following her mission to reclaim god's diminished kingdom - through her amazing victories until her violent and untimely death.

Unleashing Mr. Darcy 2016

Fishing for direction in life, Elizabeth gets the opportunity of showing her dog in a fancy New York dog show. The judge, Donovan Darcy, comes across as aristocratic and rude, and a chain of misunderstandings unfold during the competition, complicating their attraction to one another.

Austenland 2013

Obsessed with the BBC production of "Pride and Prejudice", a woman travels to a Jane Austen theme park in search for her perfect gentleman.

Joan of Arc 1999

Joan of Arc is born in 1412 in the village of Domrémy in the war zone of Northern France. During her youth she often witnesses the horrors of war, but her spirit is kept high by the legend of the Maiden of Lorraine. This says that a young maiden one day will unite the divided country and lead the people to freedom.

Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist Knight 2018

The story is set in the 15th century, during the Hundred Years' War between France and England over the succession to the French throne. Montmorency, the son of a noble, immerses himself in the studies of magic and alchemy at a royal knight training school. However, following France's crushing defeat at Agincourt, the school is dissolved. Having lost everything and now a wanted man, Montmorency, who had just become an alchemist, encounters a mysterious village girl named Jehanne.

Darcy's Wild Life 2004

Darcy's Wild Life is an American-Canadian television series, filmed during 2004-2006, and broadcast on Discovery Kids and the Family Channel. The show revolves around Darcy Fields, the daughter of an eccentric actress who decides to move away from Malibu to raise her daughter in a more normal environment. Darcy is slow to adjust to her new home in the country. She gets a job at a local veterinary clinic called Creature Comforts. The show is mostly about the humorous situations Darcy gets into while adjusting to her new surroundings. Darcy's Wild Life aired daily on the Discovery Kids Channel until its cancellation. The show's title is a pun on the word "wildlife", which is the main theme of the show. The title refers to Darcy's eccentric life dealing with wildlife. Many episodes also had titles based on puns, such as "Puppy Love", "Swine Flew the Coop", "Knockin' on Heaven's Doggie Door" or "The Trouble with Truffles".

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