Don't Worry, I'm Fine 2006

A 19-year-old searches for her twin brother after he runs away from home, following a fight with their father.

Tout Va Bien 1972

A strike at a French sausage factory contributes to the estrangement of a married filmmaker and his reporter wife.

Beloved 2011

From Paris in the 1960s to London in the first decade of the third millennium, Madeleine and her daughter Véra flit from one amorous adventure to the next, living for the moment and taking all the opportunities that life offers. But not every love affair is without its consequences, its upsets and its disappointments. As time goes by and gnaws away at one’s deepest feelings, love becomes a harder game to play.

The Good Girls 2019

A well-to-do socialite and her husband must wrestle with the impact of Mexico's 1982 economic crisis.

Diên Biên Phu 1992

Vietnam, 1954. An American reporter finds himself in the middle of the battle of Điện Biên Phủ, between the French army and the Vietminh.

Not For, or Against (Quite the Contrary) 2003

"Ni Pour, Ni Contre" tracks the fall of a young TV camerawoman, Caty, after she becomes involved with a group of petty criminals and their enigmatic leader, Jean. The gang lives hand-to-mouth until the day Jean plans a daring bank robbery. Although other gang members feel out of their league, Jean persuades them to take part and Caty finds herself in a hellish world of betrayal, violence and murder.

Downside Up 2013

Vivian Bruchez explores his backyard on several steep adventures in a winter of exceptional snow, in the company of a few talented friends. Previously impassable and unthinkable routes become a tangible reality when skill, experience and conditions align.

Is This Reasonable? 1981

A young journalist comes from Nice to Paris to meet with the famous judge, Simon, hoping he would help her to understand one case. She does not know that, according to the will of fate, in the office of judge was fugitive criminal. The couple hits the road.

Gente de bien 2014

Eric moves in with his father, a man he barely knows, and they have trouble bonding until Maria takes Eric under her wing.

A Good Man 2013

Louis Caron is a good man - vegetarian, he feeds the homeless, takes care of animals and is concerned with the ecological future of the planet. But his altruism has a sinister edge.

Repose-toi bien 2013

Short film by Pascal Grandmaison for a song by Forêt.

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