Varg Veum - Sleeping Beauty 2008

After extricating 17-year-old Lisa Halle from a life of prostitution in Copenhagen, private investigator Varg Veum becomes ensnared in a tangle of parental neglect and bad love when he is hired to locate Lisa's boyfriend, Peter Werner.

Varg Veum - Bitter Flowers 2007

Karsten Aslaksen, chief engineer of a large chemical company, disappears without trace. His married lover, a successful politician named Vibeke Farang, approaches private investigator Varg Veum to track him down discreetly.

Varg Veum - Fallen Angels 2008

Jakob Aasen has hired his old friend, private investigator Varg Veum, to spy on his wife Rebecca, whom he suspects of infidelity. Against his better judgement Varg accepts the job, and in an ironic twist he and Rebecca rekindle their former love. Meanwhile a serial killer is targeting members of Jacob's band and their families...

Wolf 2008

A story from the wilderness, where conditions of survival challenge the rules of modern society, Wolf is a contemporary drama set in northern Scandinavia. Klemens (Peter Stormare) and Nejla (Robin Lundberg) own a small herd of reindeer. Klemens lives in tune with nature and according to the rhythm dictated by his work. His young nephew, Nejla admires him and wants to follow in his footsteps. But neither his mother nor society will allow that to happen. The herd is attacked and they react without regard for the law. A well aimed stroke of the axe puts relationships to the test. What are the consequences and who will take the blame?

Varg Veum - Buried Dogs 2008

Racial tension is running high in Bergen after a young black asylum seeker dies at the hands of the Police. Shortly afterwards, a right-wing politician is targeted by a gunman at a public rally and his wife is fatally wounded. Another member of the right-wing party, Marit Holm, approaches private investigator Varg Veum, insisting she is being stalked.

Varg Veum - Cold Hearts 2012

Varg Veum is going to be a father. In a way he could never imagine, life takes on a new direction while he is searching for a missing pair of siblings in the prostitution circles in Bergen. Varg realizes that life will never be the same when he has to make a decision: Let the criminals go free or expose Karin to mortal danger.

Varg Veum - Woman in the Fridge 2008

An international oil drilling company hires private investigator Varg Veum to find their missing systems designer, Arne Samuelsen. Varg discovers the headless body of a woman jammed into the fridge in Arne's apartment - and is promptly knocked unconscious. When he wakes up the body is gone and the Police has arrived.

Varg Veum - The Writing on the Wall 2010

Varg Veum is no longer working as a private investigator. He's got a permanent job as a teacher, and has calmed down his life, enjoying the domestic bliss with his new girlfriend Karin, but the idyll doesn't last long. Veum gets a brutal meeting with the past, when "The Knife" is released from prison, determined to take revenge on those who got him convicted for the murder of a teenage girl.

Varg Veum - Yours 'till Death 2008

Private eye Varg Veum is on a routine mission searching for his client Jonas Andresen's stolen car. The car is found having been used in a brutal robbery and not long after that the client himself turns up dead.

Hour of the Wolf 1968

An artist in crisis is haunted by nightmares from the past in Ingmar Bergman's only horror film, which takes place on a windy island. During "the hour of the wolf" - between midnight and dawn - he tells his wife about his most painful memories.

Vultures 2018

In an attempt to fix his financial problems, Erik recruits his brother, Atli, to help him import a shipment of cocaine into Iceland. Erik thinks he's got things all figured out, until the young Polish “mule” they've hired is unable to pass the drugs through her system.

Katalin Varga 2009

In the beautiful, otherworldly Carpathian Mountains a woman is traveling with a small boy in a horse and cart, looking to punish those who once abused her. For years, Katalin has been keeping a terrible secret. Hitchhiking with two men, she was brutally raped in the woods. Although she has kept silent about what happened, she has not forgotten, and her son Órban serves as a living reminder.

Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter 2012

The Swedish tabloid Kvällspressen has set their crime reporter, Annika Bengtzon, to monitor a complex murder case. The victim is a colleague and the only witness is a 15-year-old boy. Bengtzons inquiries may be an unexpected turn when the tracks leading to a 40 year attack on an airbase.

Raising Victor Vargas 2003

The film follows Victor, a Lower East Side teenager, as he deals with his eccentric family, including his strict grandmother, his bratty sister, and a younger brother who completely idolizes him. Along the way he tries to win the affections of Judy, who is very careful and calculating when it comes to how she deals with men.

Luna Varga 1991

In trying to find a way to repel a hostile attack on her castle, Princess Luna of Rimzbel stumbles upon an ancient power. This allows her to summon a dinosaur demon that obeys her commands. Unfortunately, when the creature is around, she is attached to its head and acts as its brain. Her younger sister is then captured, and she must journey to find and save her.

I Named Her Feriha 2011

Adını Feriha Koydum is a Turkish television drama series produced by Med Yapım. The series broadcast on Show TV and it is written by duo Melis Civelek and Sırma Yanık.

Komiks Presents: Varga

Varga is a fantasy series on ABS-CBN adapted from the creation of Mars Ravelo. It's the second installment of the anthology Mars Ravelo's Komiks Presents. Varga is an alien princess ghost who finds herself drawn to planet Earth. Gifted with beauty, superpowers and a voluptuous body, she meets a young girl named Olga, and together transform into the hero Varga, where they defeat evil and save the world.

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