The Child 2005

Bruno and Sonia, a young couple living off her benefit and the thefts committed by his gang, have a new source of money: their newborn son.

Itinerary of a Spoiled Child 1988

A foundling, raised in the circus, Sam Lion becomes a businessman after a trapeze accident. However, when he reaches fifty and becomes tired of his responsibilities and of his son Jean-Philippe, he decides to disappear at sea. However, he runs into Albert Duvivier, one of his former employees. He comes to realise that he has ignored the important things in his life.

The Wild Child 1970

In 1798, a feral boy is discovered outside the town of Aveyron, France. Diagnosed as mentally impaired, he is relegated to an asylum. A young doctor named Jean Itard, who specializes in ear-nose-throat physiology and the education of deaf-mutes, becomes convinced that the boy has normal mental capacity, but that his development was hindered by lack of contact with society. He brings the boy home, names him Victor, and begins an arduous attempt at education over several years.

L'Enfant Secret 1979

Jean-Baptiste, a filmmaker, and Elie, an actress, fall in love. To fight their unhappiness, they cling to their children: Jean-Baptiste to his film and Elie to her young son.

L'enfant prodige 2010

On the keyboard, the young hands fly rapidly and the melody rises. For the child, nothing is easier; he hears the sounds in his head. These hands belong to 6 years old André Mathieu. He won his audiences and fired up concerts halls in London, New York, Paris and around the world. Adulated, hailed, praised, the child prodigy seemed to have everything to succeed. From the top of his vertiginous successes, to depths of torment, the life of the "Little Canadian Mozart" blends into his music. A romantic and passionate composer wishing for happiness, his story is nevertheless played on tragic notes.

Enfant chéri 2016

A car trip will be an opportunity for a son to at last tell his father everything that is weighing on his heart.

Sister 2012

A drama set at a Swiss ski resort and centered on a boy who supports his sister by stealing from wealthy guests.

You, Me and Us 2012

Aya and Louis separated a long time ago. Their little girl, Lina, is now 7 years old. Today, Aya lives with Victor, with whom she’d like to have a baby. Louis is with Gaëlle, who’s his girlfriend but nothing more. Through nine secret meetings organised by Aya, the film tells the story of how a woman and a man, torn between romantic charades and the quest for a «permanent» harmony, take a fresh start at being lovers.

A Child in the Crowd 1976

Deserted by his father, and dislocated by the Second World War, Paul is a boy who wants affection and attention and cannot find it at home. For a while, he becomes the pet of some German soldiers, running errands for them. Later, he helps the Resistance, and when the Americans come to stay, he is really in his element with them.

Enfant Terrible

When two employees at an art gallery realize they've thrown out a piece of contemporary art, thinking it was trash, they race to recreate the piece before anyone finds out.

The Fox and the Child 2008

A young girl of about 10 years lives in a solitary peasant's house on the edge of the jurassic mountains in the East of France. One day in autumn, when she is on her way to school through the forest, she observes a hunting fox. Of course, the fox flees from her, but the girl feels a strong desire to meet the fox again.

Louis, the Child King 1993

History buffs will glory in the riches of Louis, Enfant Roi, others will perhaps find this complex story of intrigues and betrayals in the court of the young king tough sledding. When Louis the Fourteenth (1638-1715) was born, the power of government was shared between the monarchy, the church, the nobility, and the Parlement. His predecessor had greatly centralized the powers of government following the advice of Cardinal Richelieu. Louis XIV (often called "The Sun King" for the brilliance of his rule) followed the advice of Richelieu's successor, Cardinal Mazarin (Paolo Graziosi), and brought the powers of government under the sole sway of the monarch. He expanded the territory and influence of France in a series of wars throughout his reign. How he came to be so autocratic and ruthless both personally and politically is the subject of this biographical drama.

The Child Woman 1980

Elisabeth, a 11 year old girl, visits Marcel, a mute gardener every morning with whom she shares a very particular friendship. During three years, their bond grows stronger, as Marcel seems to be the only person she can connect to.

The Holy Child 2010

Marc (Lambert Wilson) is a man of the cloth who's gained a bit of celebrity for his public espousal of religious celibacy. In fact, he's even written a book about the subject. But Marc's 15 minutes of fame could be up when a bratty teenager turns up claiming to be the priest's son. Together, they forge a pact that will keep the "secret" under wraps … but all bets are off when the celibate priest finds himself falling for the boy's mother.

Enfant et chien 1896

A small boy feeds his dog sugar cane by making him perform high jumps.

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