The Fox and the Child 2007

A young girl of about 10 years lives in a solitary peasant's house on the edge of the jurassic mountains in the East of France. One day in autumn, when she is on her way to school through the forest, she observes a hunting fox. Of course, the fox flees from her, but the girl feels a strong desire to meet the fox again.

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales 2017

The Big Bad Fox recounts the misadventures of a young clumsy Fox and a feisty little red Hen. The Fox, both a little stupid and naïve, tries daily to devour the little Hen, without success. Tired of the repeated humiliation, the Fox is persuaded to steal the Hen’s eggs to raise and then eat. This plan seems perfect, until the moment the chicks hatch…

The Tale of the Fox 1941

In the kingdom of animals, Master Fox is used to trick and fool everyone. So the King, the Lion, receives more and more complaints about him. He orders that Master Fox is arrested and brought to him.

Out-Foxed 1949

Droopy is part of a pack of English hunting hounds trying unsuccessfully to catch a tricky, tea-drinking fox.

Duffy 1968

Half-brothers Stefane and Antony despise their biological father, callous millionaire Charles Calvert. Because Charles refuses to share his wealth with his sons, Stefane and Antony ask hip American thrill-seeker Duffy to help steal the money they believe is their birthright. When Charles decides to move a large portion of his savings from Morocco to France, Duffy has an opportunity to stage a daring burglary attempt at sea.

Crazy Like a Fox 1926

Two rich capitalists want to marry their children, but they don't like the idea at all. She tries to run away, and meets him at the station. They fall in love, unbeknownst to their real identities, and decide each on their own that they have to wreck their parents plan.

The Teeny-Weeny Fox 2016

In the middle of a luxuriant garden, a teeny-weeny fox meets a daring little girl who grows giant plants! By lucky coincidence, they realize that they can grow objects too; the clever little devils think up all sorts of things to do…

A Fox Blood 1996

A story passes in a village and includes four main characters: a boy who is just at the age of the sexual activity, a mad man and two women.

Fox Bay 2009

A cliff overhanging the sea. A teenager's silouhette between the rocks. He is watchng the entrance of a luxurious yatch in the bay. On board is a couple, they seem happy. They are dropping the anchor in the cove. The young woman is very beautiful. The teenager is spying on her as night is falling. An obvious emotion has grown in him. What will he do at night? He looks so powerless and envious.

After the Fox 1966

Criminal mastermind 'The Fox' sets up a phony film production and masquerades as it's director as part of a plan to smuggle a stolen gold shipment into Italy.

The Fox Hunt 1938

Donald controls the hounds (or maybe they control him), and Goofy is riding on Horace Horsecollar, as the fox outwits both of them. Some other Disney characters are seen briefly in the hunting party at the end.

Agent F.O.X. 2014

Super spy and master inventor Agent F.O.X. arrives in Carrot Town with one objective: infiltrate the community of friendly rabbits, locate a mysterious artifact, and return to base immediately. But the mission is turned on its head when the secret agent is discovered... and mistaken for a distant cousin: a long-tailed rabbit. Overwhelmed by their hospitality and friendship, Long Tail is forced to make a difficult choice: abandon his mission or betray his newfound friends. He soon discovers that he is part of a dangerous plot that could threaten the peace between the two animal groups forever. Agent F.O.X. is a high octane animated adventure with lots of laughs, zany action, and a heartwarming story the entire family will enjoy.

The Girl and the Fox 2011

Ilona is a nine-year-old girl who lives in the wilderness with her mother and father. Food is running low, and when a mysterious fox starts killing their livestock, she has no choice but to track down the strange creature in order to ensure the survival of her family.

Le Corbeau et le Renard 1968

"The film, which was made between May and September 1967, includes texts written by the artist and cut-outs of photographs and people from his everyday life (a bunch of flowers, a picture of his daughter, magazine clippings of images by René Magritte). Broodthaers had initially intended to project the film onto a screen printed with his poem inspired by La Fontaine, but he ultimately designed two screens of different sizes. One of the screens had his poem on it, and the other – in a black frame that brings to mind the television sets of the time –, contained excerpts from the fable. The camera moves through the text, sometimes reading from left to right, and sometimes the other way around. It is a work in which Broodthaers was able to merge film, written text (poetry) and typography in an unprecedented way." Continues on:

The Sea Chase 1955

As the Second World War breaks out, German freighter captain Karl Ehrlich is about to leave Sydney, Australia with his vessel, the Ergenstrasse. Ehrlich, an anti-Nazi but proud German, hopes to outrun or out-maneuver the British warship pursuing him. Aboard his vessel is Elsa Keller, a woman Ehrlich has been ordered to return to Germany safely along with whatever secrets she carries. When Ehrlich's fiercely Nazi chief officer Kirchner commits an atrocity, the British pursuit becomes deadly.

Monsignor Renard 2000

Monsignor Renard was a four-part ITV television drama set in occupied France during World War II. It starred John Thaw as Monsignor Augustine Renard, a French priest who is drawn into the Resistance movement. The series was later shown in the U.S. as part of Masterpiece Theatre.

Der Alte 1977

A police department, lead by an older, experienced detective solve crimes together.

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