Disconnect 2012

Disconnect interweaves multiple storylines about people searching for human connection in today’s wired world. Through poignant turns that are both harrowing and touching, the stories intersect with surprising twists that expose a shocking reality into our daily use of technology that mediates and defines our relationships and ultimately our lives.

No Greater Love 1995

When her parents and fiancé are lost in the Titanic disaster, young Edwina Winfield (Rutherford) shoulders the responsibility of raising her three younger siblings and taking over the reins at her father's newspaper. Although she has no shortage of new would-be suitors, the memory of her lost love continues to haunt her, so she focuses instead on providing a stable home for the children, rather than marrying. But her forcefulness alienates some of the kids, who have plans of their own and rebel against her. Can she hold her fractured family together, and will she ever overcome her ghosts to shake herself out of martyrdom and have a real life of her own?

El-Haya Montaha El-lazza 2005

Hanan has been unhappy due to the passing of her father, while her husband Sharif has been eyeing Ghada, the young daughter of his driver. They are friends with a married couple, Ahmed and Mona, but Mona has been chatting online with her ex-boyfriend. All of their lives change when Sharif's driver finds out that Ghada as run away from home to be with Sharif and Ahmed finds out what Mona has been doing online.

The White-Haired Girl 1972

The 1971/72 released film adaptation of China's famous revolutionary ballet, The White-Haired Girl (白毛女).

Think German! 2003

Daniel lives in Bernau, a small town north of Berlin.This film tells this 21-year-old’s story and describes the radical right-wing milieu in which he grew up. In his candid portrait of how right-wing radicalism breeds, Daniel explains how difficult it is to break out of a vicious circle of violence, self-hatred and a right-wing extremist frame of mind.

Rebellion 1957

In the mist of the warring age (Sengoku Era), the Kyushu based Hayato Clan is faced with a monumental battle to determine their survival.

The Fighting Men 1950

Saverio Luparello is the manager of Sicilian baron Occipinti's estate. The cunning greedy man intentionally lets the land turn into a wasteland, hoping that his employer, discouraged by its low returns, will sell his earth to him for next to nothing. His plans are thwarted by a share cropper, Diego Costa, who farms his lot zealously and to good results. Luparello's three sons try to scare the Costas out of their farm but they are defended by Don Salvatore, the innkeeper and leader of the local Mafia. The next day, Andrea, the oldest son, indirectly causes the death of Diego and Wanda Costa. Don Salvatore has him eliminated and has Saro Costa, the honest share-farmers' ten-year-old son,sent to America. Fifteen years later, Saro, now a handsome well-built young man, is back.

Wild Animals 1997

Two Korean ex-pats in Paris are recruited by a French mobster. The duo find themselves at war with their mobster recruiters and each other.

The Things of Life 1970

The mind of Pierre Bérard, a successful middle-aged architect, is torn between his unstable present with Hélène, his younger lover, and his happy memories of the past with Catherine, his ex-wife; but his true destiny awaits him at a crossroads on his way to Rennes.

The Odyssey of Rita Hayworth 1964

This episode of the television series "Hollywood and the Stars" tells the story behind the making of Hollywood's original "love goddess," actor Rita Hayworth.

Haydn - Il mondo della luna 2010

Il mondo della luna (The World on the Moon), Hob. 28/7, is an opera buffa by Joseph Haydn with a libretto written by Carlo Goldoni in 1750, first performed at Eszterháza, Hungary, on 3 August 1777. Goldoni's libretto had previously been set by six other composers, first by the composer Baldassare Galuppi and performed in Venice in the carnival of 1750. It was then adapted for Haydn's version of the opera, which would be performed during the wedding celebrations of Count Nikolaus Esterházy, the younger son of Haydn's patron, Prince Nikolaus Esterházy, and the Countess Maria Anna Wissenwolf. It is sometimes performed as a singspiel under its German title Die Welt auf dem Monde.

Widerstand in Haiderland

This film is an essay about the struggle to define the borders of democracy in Austria between the rise to power of the far right wing leader Jörg Haider in 2000, and the situation today. The film aesthetic of the anti-Haider activists contrasts to today's official news footage. This gives emphasis to the multilayered clash of different political visions that occurred throughout the decade. In this sense the archive footage does not just transport information about the events it depicts, but though the contrasting materiality encapsulates the tensions between its many creators.

Bernice Bobs Her Hair 1976

Bernice, a shy young woman, leaves her safe home to go visit her flapper cousin. When her cousin tries to teach Bernice how to be much more modern, Bernice gives her much more than she bargained for.

Calixto the Landlord 2003

The film tells the story of a ruthless landowner who commandeers property (both land and other men's wives) and leaves a path of human suffering and death in his wake. The film describes an intersecting universe of entrenched power--in which the landowning class, colluding priests, corrupt government officials, violent police, and U.S. businessmen--conspiring to rape the land for their own profit and to suppress the local farmers. In contrast, the working peasants cherish the land as their own and struggle to break free from oppression to build homes and better lives for their families.

Este año no hay cosecha 2000

This documentary introduces us on the daily life of a group of kids who live on the street. Through the narrative and experiences of the protagonists, we discover the Latin American marginality hidden beneath a contemporary city like Santiago de Chile. The camera turns into another one of the group, eventually becoming part of this type of family life born from the tight friendship with which these kids survive.

Ritorno di Haircut 2013

Our hair is part of us, yet we cut them and throw them. What happens to them when they are no longer on our heads? The history of this heartbreaking separation seen from a new perspective: that of the hair - Haircut. - wildsoundfestival

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