The Current War 2019

Electricity titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse compete to create a sustainable system and market it to the American people

Against the Current 2009

Struggling with a tragic past, a man with an urgent calling enlists two friends to help him swim the length of the Hudson River.

Current Theega 2014

Shiva Rama Raju (Jagapati Babu), a noted good Samaritan in Parvatipuram who has a bet with Veerraju (Supreet) in the same village that "if any of his 3 daughters fall in love he will either kill them or cut down his ears" and he takes a vow that he will marry off his daughters to the grooms of his choice, neither love marriage nor elopement. Kavita (Rakul Preet Singh) is his third daughter. Raju (Manchu Manoj) is a wayward youth who is in deeply in love with an English teacher Sunny (Sunny Leone) in a junior college. Kavita is one of Sunny's students. Raju uses Kavita as courier to love Sunny; as the things proceed, Raju and Kavita fall in love. The rest of the story is all about what happens when they want to get married.

The Current 2014

Jake loves living in Chicago but when big city violence hits a little too close to home his parents buy a campground in rural Minnesota and move the family there. Jake hates living at the campground until he meets Peter, the boy across the river. The two quickly become best friends and spend a fun-filled summer together on the river. In one of their conversations, Peter shares his Christian faith with Jake. Jake uses his new faith to help a friend through a tragedy.

Current 2009

Sushanth is a happy-go-lucky college student whose philosophy of life is summed up as Forget Yesterday, Enjoy Today & Worry Not about Tomorrow which keeps him happy but worries his parents to no end. A transfer brings the entire family to Hyderabad where he flips for his college classmate Sneha on day one. A determined Sushanth woos her successfully and we are treated to a couple of songs in the bargain. Now, Sneha's philosophy of life runs totally opposite of Sushanth and very soon reality sets in. His attitude ruins his marriage prospects with Sneha and they end up separating. The second half of the movie is all about how they try to fall out of love while making compromises to their philosophies. As expected, it ends well with both accepting that Love is above everything else in life!!!

Bloody Current Exchange 2007

A well dressed old man was waiting on a bed. A telephone rang. A glamorous young lady entered the room. They vaguely introduced themselves and made love. A bloody current exchange in a way.

Into The Current

Daniel Solomon is not having a good day. Somewhere in the stratosphere between Bangkok and Tokyo, the jetliner on which he’s travelling breaks apart, ejecting Daniel and his fellow passengers into the sky. Strapped into his seat thousands of feet above the merciless Earth, time suddenly stops, the wreckage of the plane freezes in place, and Daniel discovers what it means to have your life flash before your eyes. Transporting himself into the past and re-experiencing his memories in real time — but helpless to change the present — he plunges into the detritus of his all-but- concluded life.

Swift Current 2016

Former NHL hockey player Sheldon Kennedy was sexually abused by his junior hockey coach, and has since become one a leading advocate for victims of child abuse. During a speaking engagement at a University in Ontario, Canada, Sheldon met two students who disclosed the sexual abuse they had suffered as children to Sheldon and the audience. The film tells the story of these victims and the challenges they face while attempting to recover from the trauma they suffered as children.

Current Events 1989

Personal-essay documentary. Via the New York Times: "[Director Ralph] Arlyck uses film of his family and friends in upstate New York as well as bits from television news and fund-raising telethons to raise questions about the value of social activism and the way ordinary citizens can know what to be activists about in the first place."

Inferential Current 1971

A mapping of an image of the linear passage of '16mm film frames' and 'emulsion scratches' onto actual 16mm film strip (the unperceived film 'print')/the aural word 'miscellaneous' is extended to a length of 8 minutes by serial fragmentation, looping, staggering and overlaying/a variational but non-developmental strand thru time.

Current Shot 01 2007

At first glance everything seems motionless. A street, passers-by, a sunset, all accompanied by electronic humming: Current Shot 01 consists of a single 15-min shot [...] But the apparent stillness of the shot turns out to be deceptive: while no movement can be seen, the figures' shadows have changed, and a third suddenly leaves the cluster it formed with the other two. As a results of the extreme slow motion, this slight movement can only be recognised after the fact. Like a picture puzzle where you have to look for the differences, the detail oscillates between animated photography, film still and tableau vivant. ~ Alexandra Seibel

Finding the Current 2018

What began with one paddle, a canoe, and one person starting at the headwaters of the Missouri River, became a documentary about 233 days and more than 5,000 miles paddling to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Current Situation 2015

Two simultaneous events—the cutting down of a palm tree and the sound of a demonstration against austerity outside the Portuguese Parliament—become related, in unison, reflecting the present situation. While the trees are being cut due to the red weevil plague, that is affecting specific types of palm trees brought from African ex-colonies, the demonstrations against austerity are identified as the roots of economic crisis.

Current Theega - High Voltage 2014

Current Theega is a Telugu Action Comedy Romance directed by G. Nageswara Reddy. The village headman Sivarama Raju (Jagapathi Babu) has three daughters and the youngest one is Kavitha. Raju is a happy-go-lucky young man who drools over the super-hot teacher (Sunny Leone). He tries to win over Sivarama Raju who is hell-bent on getting his daughter, Kavitha married to a groom of his choice.

The Current: Explore the Healing Powers of the Ocean 2014

Documentary - The Current tells the story of individuals from all walks of life that have faced incredible obstacles, found the drive to overcome their disabilities, and have through water sports become real everyday heroes. - Bethany Hamilton, Missy Franklin, Mallory Weggemann, Anthony Robles, Jesse Murphree

Current 93: Since Yesterday 1995

Since Yesterday is a film from 1995 including stills from Paris, 1993. Tracks 2.1 to 2.3 include live footage recorded in Tokyo at two concerts in 1988. 1 Since Yesterday Featuring – James Mannox, Joolie Wood, Michael Cashmore Other [Filmed By] – Hänzel And Gretzel Japan 2.1 Christ And The Pale Queens Mighty In Sorrow (Excerpt) 2.2 Happy Birthday Pigface Christus 2.3 (This Ain't) The Summer Of Love - 3 Messages From God

The Colour of the Current 2017

In March 2017, the weather phenomenon El Niño Costero devastated many cities and villages in Peru. This film tells the story of Erick Valencia, an artist from one of the most affected rural villages in the country, focusing on his efforts to overcome his plight and his relationship to art.

Anime Current

Anime Current is an Anime Television block running on G4techTV Canada, in which one series is broadcast from beginning to end. It is similar to Anime Unleashed, a former programming block on the American G4 that broadcast Anime. Anime Current started on November 6, 2006 with R.O.D The TV. On January 1, 2007, G4techTV and Geneon Entertainment announced an exclusive deal in which Geneon titles would air on Anime Current. Previously, Geneon's first title that aired in Canada was Samurai Champloo on Razer's Kamikaze block. Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG, S-CRY-ed, The Big O, Rahxephon, Chrono Crusade, Peacemaker Kurogane and Blue Gender were the only shows to air on the block not to be licensed by Geneon. Then on June 25, 2007 the channel announced the lineup would include six series, first being, Serial Experiments Lain, Texhnolyze, Last Exile, Tokyo Underground, Ergo Proxy, and Paranoia Agent. At the end of July 2008 Anime Current reappeared on the channel's schedule, however it still has not aired on the channel. It could be an error or the channel plans to air Anime Current in the near future.

Google Current

Google Current is a brief, once every half hour, television program on the channel Current TV. Selected episodes are also available on the Internet. The series tracks not necessarily what the news is, but what people are searching for on Google. Each episode has a one or two word title, based on one of the websites or search terms highlighted. The top-of-the-hour segments use live hosts, while the middle-of-the-hour segments are presented with text, graphics and music. The hosted segments focus on searches that have recently seen increased popularity. Meanwhile, the segments at half past the hour look at the top five searches featuring a certain word; for example, the top five "twins" searches included the Olsen twins and the Minnesota Twins. The show was hosted by Conor Knighton and Kinga Philipps and featured Brett Erlich, Dave Hill, Eric Ledgin, and Stephen Schneider. Guest hosts included Johnny Bell, Nzinga Blake, and Kendis Gibson. On the UK version of Current TV the main host is Graeme Smith. As of July 10 2007 the hosted segments of Google Current in the US no longer air. The same staff now produces InfoMania on Current TV. The UK continued to run its own version which was filmed daily in London until the end of 2008.

Current Account

Current Account was a BBC Television current affairs series of the 1970s and 80s shown in Scotland. Among its various presenters were Donald MacCormick, George Reid and Kenneth Roy. Transmitted weekly on a Thursday at 20.30 it consisted of a one subject filmed or studio report. Its editor was Matthew Spicer. During the run up to the 1979 Scottish devolution referendum it had a sister programme dealing only with politics called Public Account.

A Current Affair 1971

A Current Affair is an Australian current affairs program airing weeknights on the Nine Network. The program is currently presented by Tracy Grimshaw.

A Current Affair 1986

A Current Affair is an American television newsmagazine that aired in syndication from July 1986 to 1996 before reappearing briefly in March 2005. The show was produced by 20th Century Fox, and long based at Fox's New York flagship WNYW.

ABC News and Current Affairs

ABC News and Current Affairs is the name of the division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that controls content classified as news, public affairs and business and finance. However, the other divisions of the ABC also produce a range of programming within these genres. All such content is covered here.

Court of Current Issues

Court of Current Issues is a nontraditional court show featuring public-affairs debates. The program aired live on Tuesday nights from 1948-1951 on the DuMont Television Network. Originally a half-hour in length, it expanded to 60 minutes in 1949. The series was scheduled opposite Milton Berle's popular Texaco Star Theater on NBC, and hence did not receive a wide audience.


Currents is a daily Catholic news magazine television show on New Evangelization Television, broadcast five days a week from its studios in Brooklyn. The program examines current events through the perspective of the Catholic faith.

Global Currents

Global Currents is a Canadian news television series, which aired weekly on Global Television Network. Hosted by Kevin Newman, the series airs one documentary film each week. The series originally launched in 2005, replacing the newsmagazine series Global Sunday. Initially, there was no umbrella title for the series, with each week's documentary promoted under its own individual title. The title Global Currents began to be used in 2007. The series was shown Saturday evenings at 7 p.m., save for the autumn of 2007 when it was shown at 10 p.m.

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