Police Academy 1984

New rules enforced by the Lady Mayoress mean that sex, weight, height and intelligence need no longer be a factor for joining the Police Force. This opens the floodgates for all and sundry to enter the Police Academy, much to the chagrin of the instructors. Not everyone is there through choice, though. Social misfit Mahoney has been forced to sign up as the only alternative to a jail sentence and it doesn't take long before he falls foul of the boorish Lieutenant Harris. But before long, Mahoney realises that he is enjoying being a police cadet and decides he wants to stay... while Harris decides he wants Mahoney out!

Vampire Academy 2014

Rose, a rebellious half-vampire/half-human guardian-in-training and her best friend, Lissa -- a mortal, royal vampire Princess - have been on the run when they are captured and returned to St. Vladamirs Academy, the very place where they believe their lives may be in most jeopardy. Rose will sacrifice everything to protect Lissa from those who intend to exploit her from within the Academy walls and the Strigoi (immortal, evil vampires) who hunt her kind from outside its sanctuary.

Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol 1987

A new batch of recruits arrives at Police Academy, this time a group of civilian volunteers who have joined Commandant Lassard's new Citizens on Patrol program. Although the community relations project has strong governmental support, a disgusted Captain Harris is determined to see it fail.

Police Academy: Mission to Moscow 1994

The Russians need help in dealing with the Mafia and so they seek help with the veterans of the Police Academy. They head off to Moscow, in order to find evidence against Konstantin Konali, who marketed a computer game that everyone in the world is playing.

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment 1985

Officer Carey Mahoney and his cohorts have finally graduated from the Police Academy and are about to hit the streets on their first assignment. Question is, are they ready to do battle with a band of graffiti-tagging terrorists? Time will tell, but don't sell short this cheerful band of doltish boys in blue.

Police Academy 6: City Under Siege 1989

Our favourite police men are called together to deal with a gang who rob banks and jewelers. Using their various talents as well as their extraordinary luck, the crooks stand no chance against our men and women wearing blue..

Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach 1988

The Police Academy misfits travel to Miami, Florida for their academy's commanding officer, Lassard, to receive a prestigious lifetime award pending his retirement, which takes a turn involving a group of jewel thieves after their stolen loot that Lassard unknowingly has in his possession.

Police Academy 3: Back in Training 1986

When police funding is cut, the Governor announces he must close one of the academies. To make it fair, the two police academies must compete against each other to stay in operation. Mauser persuades two officers in Lassard's academy to better his odds, but things don't quite turn out as expected...

Dance Academy: The Movie 2017

This 2017 movie follows the original dance academy TV show and tracks where the characters are in their lives now.

Kickboxing Academy 1999

A young former kickboxer is needed for his old school as they prepare for competition against a rival school for ownership. But, the young kickboxer is afraid after nearly killing someone in a earlier tournament. He must now make his try to put his past behind him or his friends lose their school.

Combat Academy 1986

"Police Academy"-style comedy set in a military school. Two errant high-school students are ordered by a judge to spend a year at a prestigious military academy, where one of the cadets finds out who is responsible for a spate of midnight thefts. Written by Mark Lennon

Stripper Academy 2007

The owner of a strip club decide to create a stripper academy, where anyone can enter and learn to dance like a pro, but only a few will be selected as strippers.

Bikini Model Academy 2015

When T. J. and Benji, two California twenty-something best buddies, lose their girlfriends, they start a home grown bikini modeling academy to make money and meet new girls. With a little help from T.J.'s Uncle Seymour (Gary Busey), the guys begin recruiting pretty girls, until a rival modeling school owned by their old grade school enemy tries to shut them down.

Intern Academy 2006

Follows the misadventures of a group of young interns at a hospital/medical school - dealing with the pressures of school and love.

Daddy and the Muscle Academy 1991

Tom of Finland is one of the gay world's few authentic icons. His drawings have had an enormous influence on gay identity. Tom's ultimate leather men are known and seen everywhere. They are symbols of gay pride and friendship. The documentary includes some titillating 'enactments' inspired by Tom's art work.

Ninja Academy 1990

"Police Academy" styled film offers its laughs at the expense of students of the obvious school for ninjas.

Witch Academy 1995

Members of an exclusive college sorority (where sadomasochism seems to rule the day) seek twisted new ways to humiliate a new pledge named Leslie Perkins, who they feel will never, ever fit in since she's something of a nerd and a prude. However the Devil has other plans and helps transform Leslie into a bodacious babe smokin' as all Hell. Only why is the Devil helping Leslie? You just got to know he has ulterior motives in mind.

Mister Academy 2019

Jack, an almost famous musician, who loses his band, his wife, and his job, enrolls in a school for men to learn how to get his wife back.

The Princess Academy 1987

Cindy Cathcart is a student out of place at an exclusive Swiss finishing school, Von Pupsin Academy. A poor orphan, Cindy is attending on a scholarship, and is resented by her snobby peers as well as Fraulein Stinkenschmidt. She soon finds allies: her British roommate, an outgoing Texan, Lulu Belle, an Italian Mafiosi's daughter, Isabella, and most crucial, the school's headmistress, Countess Von Pupsin.

Vice Academy 5 1996

What starts as a dirty computer game, becomes a hilarious series of crimes, when the commissioner's son, Irwin, accidentally unleashes a Virtual Reality Hooker from his computer. Vice Academy's officers Candy and Traci have to stop the spreading of sexually transmitted computer viruses. Meanwhile, poor Ms Devonshire will do anything to save her marriage. Even if it means comically appearing on a sleazy talk show and airing out the Commissioner's dirty laundry!

Dance Academy 2010

At Sydney's National Dance Academy, a few talented youngsters are recruited for the excruciatingly tough course. It follows Tara Webster, a sheepfarmgirl who's ambition is to be the next best ballerina. Jewish long line of doctors' heir Samuel 'Sammy' and minor juvenile offender Christian are the outsiders but gradually fit in, making new kinds of friends. Star ballerina's daughter Kat also introduces them in the circle of last-year brother Ethan, who already aspires a career as choreographer. Also Abigail, a smart young girl who'll walk over dead bodies to reach the stars tries to sabotage everything and everyone.

Greenhouse Academy 2017

When teen siblings Hayley and Alex enter an elite boarding school, they find rivalry, romance and a mystery related to the recent loss of their mom.

Skylanders Academy 2016

Follow the heroic adventures of the Skylanders team, a group of heroes with unique elemental skills and personalities who travel the vast Skylands universe, protecting it from evil-doers and showing the next wave of Academy cadets how to do things the “Skylander way.”

The Academy Awards 1953

The Academy Awards or The Oscars is an annual American awards ceremony honoring cinematic achievements in the film industry. The various category winners are awarded a copy of a statuette, officially the Academy Award of Merit, that is better known by its nickname Oscar. The awards, first presented in 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, are overseen by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). The awards ceremony began in 1929 and was first televised in 1953, making it the oldest entertainment awards ceremony.

Police Academy: The Series 1997

Police Academy: The Series is a syndicated 1997 television series spin-off from the Police Academy series of films. Michael Winslow was the only actor from the Police Academy films to have a recurring role on the show, although several of the film's cast made occasional guest appearances. The series was written by Paul Maslansky and produced by James Margellos and Gary M. Goodman. Music by Ari Wise and Jim Guttridge

Pup Academy 2019

Welcome to a secret world where pups learn to be a human's best friend: PUP ACADEMY. Follow three unlikely puppies - and their human friends - as they work together to discover the power of friendship and create everlasting bonds between dogs and humans.

Academy Fantasia 2004

Academy Fantasia is a reality show held in Thailand. It is a singing contest, judged through popular votes.

Police Academy 1988

Police Academy: The Series, also known as Police Academy: The Animated Series, is a 1988 American animated television series based on the Police Academy series of films. The show was produced by Ruby-Spears Productions for Warner Bros. Television. It aired weekdays and lasted two seasons for a total of 65 episodes. Some episodes feature a crime boss named Kingpin. His keen intelligence, girth, and stature are very similar to the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Other new characters were added to the show as well. Among them were a group of talking police dogs called the Canine Corps. They were made up of Samson, Lobo, Bonehead, Chilipepper, and Schitzy. The theme song is performed by the Fat Boys who also make an appearance in two episodes as House's Friends: Big Boss, Cool and Mark. While the character of Carey Mahoney did appear in the show, he did not appear in either Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach, Police Academy 6: City Under Siege, and Police Academy: Mission to Moscow.

WITS Academy 2015

Now a Guardian in training at WITS Academy, the Magic Realm's most esteemed school for Witches and Wizards in Training, it seems like Andi’s dream has finally come true. But as the best friend and unofficial Guardian to the Chosen One, she’ll have to work hard to prove that she can live up to expectations as the first (and only) human Guardian. Plus, she’s in charge of getting the Magical Realm’s toughest witch and wizard to graduation day, one of which is Jax's little sister Jessie! Along the way she’ll have to decide who is a friend, who is a foe and who may be more…

Prank Academy 2016

YouTube's most sensational pranksters, Jesse and Jeana of PrankvsPrank and BFvsGF, take their mischief to the next level and put their expertise to work as they mentor celebrity guests, teaching them how to pull off their most ambitious and complicated pranks yet with the help of some of YouTube’s biggest stars.

Fame Academy

Fame Academy was a German reality television program and casting show launched on RTL II in 2003 under the same format of the international TV franchise Star Academy in search of a boy band to be launched by the programme from a number of contestants applying. The programme was not successful in comparison to the more successful counterparts like the Spanish Operación Triunfo or the French Star Academy. The reception however was lukewarm in Germany with an average of 900,000 tuning in. The series was discontinued after initial season. Winners went on to form the band Become One.

Star Academy

Star Academy was a Bulgarian reality television show produced by the Dutch company Endemol, based on the Spanish format called Operación Triunfo. It consisted of a contest of young singers. It was broadcast on Nova Television. After the end of the season, the contestants went on tour around Bulgaria. A second season of the show was announced to start in 2007, but it was never released. The reality show was hosted by Maria Ilieva and featured guest stars such as Sonique, Filip Kirkorov. Star Academy Bulgaria started on April 11, 2005 on Nova Television and ended on July 18, 2005. It was produced by Global Films. The show was filmed in the former then Big Brother House. It was redecorated as an academy. The Housemates from Big Brother 2, VIP Brother 1, BB3 and VIPB2 lived there, too. The winner of the first season was Marin Yonchev. He won 150 000 leva. In the first season, the Students were originally 14. Later, 2 new Students entered the Academy. Here are all the participants from the first season of Star Academy Bulgaria: ⁕ ⁕Marin Yonchev - Winner on Day 99 ⁕Ivailo Kolev - Runner-up on Day 99 ⁕Viktoria Arsova - 3rd place on Day 99 ⁕Viara Pantaleeva - 4th place on Day 99Georgi Kostov - 12th evicted on Day 93Deyan Kamenov - 11th evicted on Day 86Valentina Alexandrova - 10th evicted on Day 78 Daniel Georgiev - 9th evicted on Day 71Vesela Valkova - 8th evicted on Day 64 Alexandra Ovcharova - 7th evicted on Day 57Mariela Petrova - 6th evicted on Day 50Dian Panov - 5th evicted on Day 43Liudmila Manolova - 4th evicted on Day 36Klavdia Draganova - 3rd evicted on Day 29Natalia Taneva - 2nd evicted on Day 22Axinia Chenkova - 1st evicted on Day 15

Great Men Academy 2019

Love has always been a fan of the popular guy Vier of the famous Great Men Academy but has never had the chance to meet him. One day she sees the mystical unicorn rumored to fullfil wishes and wishes for her love for Vier to get a chance. Unfortunately the unicorn interpreted her wishes in a different way and Love wakes up to find herself...as a guy?

The Academy 2007

The Academy is a reality television series that provides a behind-the-scenes look at police recruits of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Academy as they go through an 18-week training course to become deputies of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The program premiered in May 2007 on Fox Reality Channel with class 355. As of fall 2007, the series is also aired on MyNetworkTV. There were 111 recruits to start out and 24 were separated. Separations occur when recruits fail make-up exams, simply decide to resign due to injury or by personal choice, or when the instructors feel the recruit shouldn't continue with training. The lead drill instructor was Deputy Miley a.k.a. "The Ramrod". Class 355 was mostly made of recruits for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, but there were recruits for other agencies as well such as the Los Angeles Port Police, Torrance Police Department, Inglewood Police Department, Redondo Beach Police Department, and the Pomona Police Department. The finale for the first season was on Thursday, August 2, 2007. Fox Reality started taping the second season of the show in early November 2007 at the STARS Center, the Los Angeles County Sheriff academy. The second season premiere aired on May 24, 2008, and the second season finale aired on July 26, 2008. The third season of The Academy, which premiered on October 24, 2009 provides a behind-the-scenes look at recruits of the Orange County Fire Authority, California.

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