Fuji 1974

A live action footage of a smiling, bespectacled (presumably) Western tourist set against the familiar cadence of an accelerating train revving up as it leaves the station sets the mesmerizing tone for the film's abstract panoramic survey of an Ozu-esque Japanese landscape of electrical power lines, passing trains, railroad tracks, and the gentle slope of obliquely peaked, uniform rooflines as Breer distills the essential geometry of Mount Fuji into a collage of acute angles and converging (and bifurcating) lines .

A Young Warrior on Mount Fuji 1961

The epic battles between the Heike and Genji (Taira and Minamoto clans) take centerstage as the defeated leader of the Genji, Minamoto Yoritomo resolves to end his clan's exile and avenge the brutal loss in December, 1159 as they had fought under the white banner of the Emperor, while the Taira fought under their red flags in a battle to the death. The fight only took one day, with the Genji suffering utter defeat which led to their exile. His father, Yoshitomo, took responsibility for the loss and rather than live in humiliation, he decides to commit suicide with all his sons following him. However, the bravest warrior among them, Yoritomo stands tall and declares that he will not kill himself, but rather will fight to restore the clan.

Jirocho - The Chivalrous 1960

The exciting story of Jirocho and his yakuza gang that controlled the area of the Tokaido during the latter days of the samurai era. Awesome fighting from Katsu Shintaro as One-Eyed Ishimatsu highlights this great tale taken from Japanese history!

Mt. Fuji: A Visual Poem 2006

At 3,776 m high, Mt. Fuji is Japan's highest mountain. With nothing comparable surrounding it, the beautifully shaped Mount Fuji towers in splendid isolation and has become the symbol of Japan. But do you know the real beauty of Mount Fuji? NHK knows Mt. Fuji as well as anyone. Masterfully capturing Mt. Fuji in high-definition, this program presents Mt. Fuji as a splendid visual poem. Sheathed in orange, red, brown, blue, white, black and sometimes shimmering like a diamond, Mt. Fuji shows her many faces, which change with the time of day, season and weather. In this program, you will see and enjoy Mt. Fuji as you never have before.

Fuji Family New Year Special 2017

here is a small old-fashioned shop called ‘Fuji Family’ at the foot of Mt Fuji that is a convenience store in name only. It is run by three sisters who are known for their beauty. Dependable Oguni Takako (Yakushimaru Hiroko) is the eldest sister, free-spirited Nasumi (Koizumi Kyoko), the second sister, is the complete opposite of Takako in both personality and lifestyle, and tactful Tsukimi (Mimura) is the youngest sister. Although Nasumi lived and got married in Tokyo, she abruptly came back with her husband Kinoshita Hideo (Yoshioka Hidetaka), but died suddenly of illness eight years ago. Takako finally wed Haruta Masao (Takahashi Katsumi), with whom she has had an enduring but difficult relationship, this year. The newlyweds now live in an apartment nearby but Takako constantly comes to ‘Fuji Family’.

Albert Collins and the Icebreakers - The Iceman at Mount Fuji 2005

The Iceman at Mount Fuji is a live recording from the 1992 Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival, capturing Albert Collins at the height of his powers in the year before his death. Collins was always an electrifying performer whether at a large festival or a small club, and this recording has his guitar way out front, as it should be.

Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji 1955

Set during the Edo period, Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji is a tragicomic road movie of sorts, following a samurai, his two servants – including spear-carrier Genpachi (Chiezô Kataoka) – and the various people they meet on their journey, including a policeman in pursuit of a thief, a young child and a woman who is to be sold into prostitution.

Jirocho Fuji 1959

An all-star cast from Daiei Film Company has made "the ultimate Jirocho movie" about the legendary yakuza Shimizu no Jirocho, the biggest Boss in the Tokaido area. Telling the story of Jirocho and his 28 henchmen, some of the greatest actors in movie history play these valiant warriors as they travel the unruly path from a 'Fire Festival' in Akiba to the decisive battle by the Fujigawa River. With a huge budget to make this film, Daiei has put together an outstanding cast including, Hasegawa Kazuo, Ichikawa Raizo, Katsu Shintaro, Yamamoto Fujiko, Wakao Fumiko leading the way to help create this marvelous piece of work under the director, Mori Issei. A true Daiei classic, a must have for any collector of jidaigeki gems!

Fuji Family 2016

At the foot of Mt Fuji, there is a small old-fashioned shop ‘Fuji Family’ that is a convenience store in name only. It is run by three sisters who are known in the neighbourhood as beauties. Oguni Takako is the dependable eldest sister who supported the family in place of their parents when they died young and is the breadwinner who works at a department store. Uninhibited second sister Nasumi is the complete opposite of Takako in personality and lifestyle.

Shadow Over Fuji 1956

The year is 1805. Napoleon ruled Europe. Ienari is the 11th Tokugawa Shogun. An incident, which was an open official secret, took place on the foothills of Mt. Fuji. Fearing attacks from within and without, the Shogunate planned to build a training castle utilizing the most advanced techniques. One of Ichikawa Utaemon’s finest performances, a true classic!

Love and Death at Fuji Speedway 1972

The movie was inspired by real life test driver Yukio Fukuzawa, who on 12 February 1969 lost control of his Toyota 7 at Fuji Speedway near Nakahinata, Japan and fatally smashed into a signpost. In the movie Kei Kiyama’s pop singer character meets Tôru Minegishi’s doomed racer when he happens along as she’s throwing her own records into the sea. From there things get even cheerier.

All Night Fuji

All Night Fuji was a popular Japanese television show in the mid-1980s. As the name implies, it went on all night. It generally featured young Japanese men and women smiling and laughing at sexual jokes, stories and videos. As the show went on, the sexual content declined. The show lost viewership, and eventually it was cancelled. The name All Night Fuji has been adopted by a musical group.

Izakaya Fuji 2017

Eiichi Nishio (Kento Nagayama) is a young actor. He is not very popular and only receives offers to play dead bodies. One day, he wanders around Nakameguro, Tokyo and recognizes the restaurant/bar Izakaya Fuji. He saw pictures of Izakaya Fuji on a woman's Instagram account and decides to go in.

Fujiko F. Fujio's Parallel Space 2008

Nagasawa Masami stars as a woman working at her family's antique shop. One day, a man shows up at the store with a mysterious camera that has the power to reveal a person's future worth.

Shōnen Ninja Kaze no Fujimaru

Shōnen Ninja Kaze no Fujimaru, also known as Samurai Kid, is a Japanese anime series produced by Toei Animation. 65 episodes aired from 7 June 1964 until 31 August 1965. It tells the story of a ninja's pupil that controlled the wind. It was inspired by the manga 'Kaze no Ishimaru' by Sanpei Shirato and was animated by Yasuji Mori and Hayao Miyazaki. The anime was renamed "Kaze no Fujimaru" in order to associate it with its sponsor, Fujisawa Pharmaceuticals. The opening theme, 'Shōnen Ninja Kaze no Fujimaru' and the closing theme, 'Tatakau Shōnen Ninja', were both performed by the Nishirokugo Boy's Choir. The series originally ended with a repeat of the opening; the separate ending song came later.

Rock Fujiyama

Rock Fujiyama is a Japanese music variety television show that was broadcast by TV Tokyo from April 3, 2006, to March 26, 2007. It is the substantial remake of "Mr. Heavy Metal" that was broadcast in 2005. Despite the title, the key genre in the program is heavy metal, just like "Mr. Heavy Metal."

Outbreak Company 2013

Shinichi Kanou's father writes novels and his mother illustrates erotic video games, so it's not unsurprising that he'd turn out a fan of comics and science fiction. However, rather than channeling his efforts into creating like his parents, he has instead become one of the world's foremost experts on "moe," with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things cute and adorable in every conceivable form of animation and media. This sort of explains Shinichi's recruitment as an ambassador for moe to the Holy Erudanto Kingdom, a parallel world where things that previously only existed in anime actually exist! How will a hot blooded young otaku react when dropped into a world with actual cute and adorable elf maids and dragons? More importantly, how will they react to this drooling devotee with diplomatic credentials? And even more to the point, exactly why does the Japanese government feel that sending someone to represent Japan's moe interests is a good idea in the first place?

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