The 400 Blows 1959

For young Parisian boy Antoine Doinel, life is one difficult situation after another. Surrounded by inconsiderate adults, including his neglectful parents, Antoine spends his days with his best friend, Rene, trying to plan for a better life. When one of their schemes goes awry, Antoine ends up in trouble with the law, leading to even more conflicts with unsympathetic authority figures.

Coups de pompe 2017

Marion Ichard 's film tells the story of Monsieur Icard, a real go-getter of a boss, who is visited by his shareholders.

Gunshot 1939

A vindicative and spiteful captain carefully plots his vengeance against his best friend who lured away from him the woman he loved.

Le club des 400 coups 1953

An orphan's grandmother dies. Alone in the world,he is going to be confided to the health and social security services. His pals decide to kidnap him so that he can stay with them.

Wrestling Madness: Punches and Passions 2009

Since 2000, there has been a revival of interest for wrestling "made in France". Who are today’s wrestlers? What is their profile? Are they high-level sportsmen, actors, showmen? This documentary also takes us into the universe of feminine wrestling.

The Ax 2005

A chemist loses his job to outsourcing. Two years later and still jobless, he hits on a solution: to genuinely eliminate his competition.

Land of the Blind 2006

A soldier recounts his relationship with a famous political prisoner attempting to overthrow their country's authoritarian government.

The Golden Bowl 2000

An intricately plotted tale of thwarted love and betrayal, "The Golden Bowl" tells the story of an extravagantly rich American widower and his sheltered daughter, both of whom marry only to discover that their respective mates, a beautiful American expatriate and an impoverished Italian aristocrat, are entangled with one another in a romantic intrigue of seduction and deceit.

After the Ball 2015

After the Ball, a retail fairy tale set in the world of fashion. Kate's dream is to design for couturier houses. Although she is a bright new talent, Kate can't get a job. No one trusts the daughter of Lee Kassell, a retail guru who markets clothes "inspired" by the very designers Kate wants to work for. Who wants a spy among the sequins and stilettos? Reluctantly, Kate joins the family business where she must navigate around her duplicitous stepmother and two wicked stepsisters. But with the help of a prince of a guy in the shoe department her godmother's vintage clothes and a shocking switch of identities, Kate exposes the evil trio, saves her father's company -- and proves that everyone can wear a fabulous dress.

Donkey Punch 2008

Three hot girls, four guys, and one mega-swanky yacht collide for a serious night of drugs and sexual deviancy. One debaucherous act goes too far though, turning this teen joy ride into a weekend of bloody bedlam.

Cutthroat Island 1995

Morgan Adams and her slave, William Shaw, are on a quest to recover the three portions of a treasure map. Unfortunately, the final portion is held by her murderous uncle, Dawg. Her crew is skeptical of her leadership abilities, so she must complete her quest before they mutiny against her. This is made yet more difficult by the efforts of the British crown to end her pirate raids.

Girl Shy 1924

Harold Meadows (Lloyd) is a shy, stuttering bachelor working in a tailor shop, who is writing a guide book for other bashful young men, "The Secret of Making Love," chapters from which are portrayed as fantasy sequences. Fate has him meet rich girl, Mary (Ralston), and they fall in love. But she is about to wed an already married man, so our hero embarks upon a hair-raising daredevil ride to prevent the wedding.

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