Anna Karenina 2012

Trapped in a loveless marriage, aristocrat Anna Karenina enters into a life-changing affair with the affluent Count Vronsky.

Anna Karenina 1997

Anna (Marceau) is a wife and mother who has an affair with the handsome Count Vronsky (Bean). Based on the novel by Tolstoy.

Anna Karenina 1935

In 19th century Russia a woman in a respectable marriage to a doctor must grapple with her love for a dashing soldier.

Anna Karenina 1967

The plot of the film is the love of a married woman, Anna Karenina, and a young officer, Alexei Vronsky. Anna leaves the family in search of happiness to her beloved person. She has to take a very serious step in her life - to part with her son. The attitude of the high society towards her is changing. All this brings a lot of pain and humiliation to the main character. The tragic story of love and betrayal, the fate of a woman, for the sake of passion who decided to change her life irrevocably.

Anna Karenina 1948

Stefan and Dolly Oblonsky have had a spat and Stefan has asked his sister, Anna Karenina, to come down to Moscow to help mend the rift. Anna's companion on the train from St. Petersburg is Countess Vronsky who is met at the Moscow station by her son. Col. Vronsky looks very dashing in his uniform and it's love at first sight when he looks at Anna and their eyes meet.

Karenina & I 2017

The actor Gøril Mauseth goes on a 11.000 kilometer travel with the Trans-Siberian to play Anna Karenina in a new language in Leo Tolstoj's Russia, discovering the language, and the reasons Tolstoj wrote what he wrote, changing her forever.

Anna Karenina 1976

The film is a Bolshoi Ballet version of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina with choreography by Maya Plisetskaya who also took on the titular role. Anna Karenina is a young wife of an older husband. She has an affair with the handsome Count Vronsky. By following her desires Anna complicates her life.

Anna Karenina Musical 2018

A STORY OF DUTY, DESIRE, AND DESPAIR. Beautiful noblewoman, Anna Karenina, lives with her respected husband and loving son. She encounters the dashing Count Vronsky among Moscow's high society and their undeniable attraction for each other forever changes the landscape of Anna's seemingly perfect world - Experience Tolstoy's classic like never before with the live-performance film of Anna Karenina the Musical.

Anna Karenina 1911

Countess Anna Karenina is torn between her lover Vronsky, and her husband, Count Karenin. Anna's love to Vronsky causes her much pain and social pressure. Her passion to Vronsky drives Anna to leave her husband, but Vronsky goes to war, leaving her helpless. Anna feels so meaningless and lonely, that she becomes suicidal and throws herself under a train.

Anna Karenina 1918

The 1918 Hungarian silent version of Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina.

Anna Karenina. Vronsky's Story 2017

There is no single truth in love. Each treads their own path. Which should take precedence – passion or duty? How do we choose? And who gets to judge? These are the eternal questions, remorselessly thrust upon us by life. Anna Karenina made her choice, leaving her son Sergei to grow up struggling to understand why his mother took such a tragic and terrible path, and Count Vronsky haunted by the memory of the woman for whose death he still blames himself 30 years later. In 1904, in the aftermath of one of the battles of the Russo-Japanese war, Sergei Karenin and Alexei Vronsky find themselves thrown together in a remote Manchurian village, where fate offers them a chance to return to the events long past and, finally, to find the answers both have long been seeking.

Love 1927

In Imperial Russia, Anna Karenina falls in love with the dashing military officer Count Vronsky and abandons her husband and child to become his mistress.

Anna Karenina 1914

An adaptation of the novel by Leo Tolstoy. Anna Karenina is having an extramarital affair that causes her grave consequences.

Anna Karenina 1953

The performance of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky based on the novel of the same name by L. N. Tolstoy, staged for the stage by one of the founders of the theater V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko.

Anna Karenina 2013

Anna and Kitty. Two lives. One of desperate passion that ends in tragedy, the other, an existence made real through love. Two destinies that interweave, giving rise to two, so very different stories, yet lived in pursuit of the same desire- to find a love that lets them fully be themselves, to live without having to conform to society’s pretenses.

Anna Karenina 2000

Anna Karenina was a four-part British television adaptation of Tolstoy's novel. It was directed in 2000 by David Blair and aired in America on PBS Masterpiece Theatre in 2001. It starred Helen McCrory as Anna, Stephen Dillane as Karenin, and Kevin McKidd as Vronsky.

Anna Karenina 1977

Anna Karenina was a 1977 BBC television adaptation of Tolstoy's novel.

Anna Karenina 1996

Anna Karenina is a Philippine drama series produced by VIVA Television and GMA Network starring Antoinette Taus, Sunshine Dizon, Kim delos Santos and Tanya Garcia. It is a story of four girls with the same name, and a mother searching for her daughter, which is the true Anna Karenina. Antoinette Taus who plays Anna Karenina "Anna" Serrano was the missing Anna Karenina in the story, despite leaving the show in 2000.

Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina is a Filipino drama series created by RJ Nuevas and produced by GMA Network. It premiered on June 3, 2013 on GMA Telebabad block, replacing Indio and June 4, 2013 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. The series concluded its sixteen-week run on October 25, 2013, with a total of 80 episodes, and replaced by Kahit Nasaan Ka Man on its timeslot. The series features Krystal Reyes, Barbie Forteza and Joyce Ching. It is based on the 1996 original television series of the same title under the production of Viva Television starring Antoinette Taus, Sunshine Dizon, Kim delos Santos and Tanya Garcia.

Anna Karenina 2017

In late-19th-century Russian high society, St. Petersburg aristocrat Anna Karenina enters into a life-changing affair with the dashing Count Alexei Vronsky. An eight part adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" from Vronsky's point of view.

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