Mysteries of Lisbon 2011

Follows a jealous countess, a wealthy businessman, and a young orphaned boy across Portugal, France, Italy and Brazil where they connect with a variety of mysterious individuals.

A Song of Lisbon 1933

Vasco is a medical student in Lisbon, supported by his rich aunts, whom he had falsely told he had already graduated. In fact, he devotes himself to a bohemian life, preferring the popular fairs and pretty women, especially Alice, a seamstress from the Castelinhos quarter, which rather upsets her ambitious father, tailor Caetano, who is familiar with Vasco's debts. After failing yet another final exam, he is surprised by his aunts' announcement that they will visit him in Lisbon to see his practice.

Taxi Lisboa 1996

The documentary follows Augusto Macedo, the at that time oldest taxi driver in the world, through his hometown Lisbon, creating a portrait of the city and it's inhabitants.

Espionage in Lisbon 1965

An international gang pretends to have the means to destroy a small country in 30 seconds. The authorities have reason to believe this may be true, and the spying battle is on.

Lisbon-Province 2010

A nurse takes care of a patient in her house. Maria do Céu has been a nurse for more than forty years, working at an old Hospital in Lisbon. She was sixteen, when she arrived to Lisbon, coming from a small village in Alentejo. At the Hospital, she reads the file of an old patient who was also her friend. The file is then closed. Maria do Céu returns to her village, where she sings at the people’s house choir.

Mariza: Concerto Em Lisboa 2005

Mariza is known as a thrilling live performer, and it seems clear that she responds to the audience as powerfully as they respond to her. The live album medium seems ideal for such an artist, and with Concerto em Lisboa, Mariza delivers what is undoubtedly the finest album of her still-young (though internationally renowned) career. The accompanying DVD is both full of fascinating historical information about fado music, as well as an inside look at Mariza herself, who comes across as humble, kind and incredibly down-to-earth.

Here in Lisbon 2015

Welcome to Lisbon: there are mermaids by the Tagus and birds flying over the old city; there are mad scientists and singing fish; lost tourist guides and lost tourists; fado and sad guitars. What a weird city you may think - but no. Lisbon is about being different, sarcastic, welcoming to foreigners even in an economic crisis. Different directors became fascinated by our strangeness. We became fascinated by these directors. The city is never the same in these four episodes, here in Lisbon.

Room in Lisbon 2016

Maria always lived alone. One day she needs to rent her own room to a student. But living with another person will only add to her own loneliness.

Dinner in Lisbon 2007

Directed and animated by André Carrilho; Script and music by J. P. Simões; Produced and edited by Nuno Amorim; Inbetweening, tracing and colouring by Cathy Douzil; Sound by Paulo Curado; 3D modelling and rendering by Vitor Costa 1997-2007