Dust Cloth 2015

Nesrin and Hatun are two Kurdish cleaning women living in Istanbul. While Nesrin tries to survive with her little daughter, trying to understand why her husband left her, Hatun dreams of buying a house in the district where they clean.

The Cloth 2013

Action/horror story centered on a secret organization formed by the Catholic Church to counteract the rising number of cases of demonic possessions across the country. The story follows a young godless man who is being recruited into the cloth in order to prepare a new generation with the tools needed to stop the rise of the ultimate evil; Beelzebub.

Plain Clothes 1988

To prove his brother's innocence, undercover officer Nick enrolls in high school again, dealing with crushes, bullies, humiliations, popularity swings, and quirky teachers and staff to find the real murderer.

The Emperor's New Clothes 1961

The adaptation of Hans Cristian Andersen's tale filmed on a white background. It is also the first Croatian movie in color.

Get Out of One's Clothes 1999

"In fact, I find it very important to be well in one’s clothes that’s why I wear my clothes only once, unless I've had a very good day which I want to remember, in this case I will sometimes wear things longer but after 2 days I wear new clothes that are all fresh." And so begins the film created by the German artist Corinna Schnitt. Here she presents us the relfections of a young woman on her balcony shaking her laundry. The private thoughts of this woman are drowned in her own delirium which is accentuated and framed in by film’s repetitive imagery. The camera slowly zooms out to reveal the urban decor in which the film was made. The anonymous facades of the surrounding apartment blocks pushes us to imagine that behind each one of these buildings hides a collection of unique lifestyles and thoughts. The artist brings this to light through a strange and almost sad sense of humor.

The Emperor's New Clothes 1994

The Emperor of a European country demands new clothes to wear every day, in fact sometimes several times a day. He imposes a heavy tax on the poor citizens to pay for his vanity. An itinerant man and boy come to the capital city and see the injustice, and make friends, but they soon have to flee. They return disguised as Arab tailors, and offer to make the Emperor a new suit of clothes. But only the wise will be able to see it; fools, or those unfit for their public office, will not see anything. The Emperor orders the suit made, and much money is needed to purchase the raw materials. Eventually the suit is ready, and the Emperor and his officials pretend that they can see a wonderful outfit; will anyone prick the bubble of the illusion?

Black Clothes 2017

A glimpse into the life of a middle-aged orthodox priest who struggles with his misdemeaning son.

The Cloth Peddler 1965

Set in Baku at the turn of the 20th century, a young successful businessman Asgar wishes to marry. He wants his bride to be the choice of his heart, however, Azerbaijani tradition restricted him from communicating with the lady as a lover before marriage. So Asgar decides to disguise himself as a mere cloth peddler and the young woman Gulchohra falls in love with him.

Clothes & Blow 2018

In this sharply written and touching comedy, an American voiceover artist in London (David Menkin, Florence Foster Jenkins) finds himself questioning his life of hookups and emotional avoidance when he receives an unexpected visit from his mother (the marvelous Nancy Baldwin, Mamma Mia!). - Frameline 43

Clothes of Deception 1951

Clothes of Deception initiated Yoshimura’s most characteristic vein. This geisha story is often described as a loose remake of Mizoguchi’s pre-war masterpiece Sisters of Gion (1936), but this is inexact. Whereas in Mizoguchi’s study of two sisters, both women had been geisha, in Yoshimura’s film only Kimicho (Kyo Machiko) is, while her sister works in the Kyoto tourist office. Juxtaposing a traditional Kyoto profession with a modern one, Yoshimura shows how life in the old capital was changing in the wake of wider transformations in Japanese society.

On Your Back 1930

On Your Back is a 1930 American drama film directed by Guthrie McClintic and written by Howard J. Green. The film stars Irene Rich, Raymond Hackett, H. B. Warner, Wheeler Oakman, Marion Shilling and Ilka Chase.

The Emperor's New Clothes 2015

Michael Winterbottom, celebrated director of 24 Hour Party People, The Road to Guantanamo, and The Trip, joins forces with actor, comedian, and provocateur Russell Brand for that most unlikely of documentary approaches: an uproarious critique of the world financial crisis. Building on Brand’s emergence as an activist following his 2014 book Revolution, where he railed against “corporate tyranny, ecological irresponsibility, and economic inequality,” The Emperor’s New Clothes pairs archival footage with comedic send-ups conducted in the financial centers of London and New York. Brand spotlights not only how the crisis affected the working class around the world, but also how the uber-wealthy benefited from the downturn. With Winterbottom providing his signature ingenuity and pinpoint directorial control, they generate a riveting, boisterous, and, at times, cathartic riff on the extreme disparities between the haves and have nots in contemporary society.

Aldeia da Roupa Branca 1939

Gracinda, a young laundry washer, lives with her godfather, "Uncle" Jacinto, and together they run a family business, doing the laundry for residents of Lisbon in their small village in the outskirts of that city (Canecas). Unfortunately, the business is not going very well, but that changes when Gracinda decides to go to the city to try to convince Chico, "Uncle" Jacinto's son, with whom she is in love, to return to the village and give new life to the business. The village is preparing for the annual festivities and a dispute erupts between "Uncle" Jacinto and his business rival , the widow Quiteria, when each of them invites different bands to play at the same time during the party and dances

The Emperor's New Clothes 1991

When Emperor Louis offers a reward to the tailor who designs the finest outfit for him to wear for his upcoming celebration, two swindlers convince the Emperor to wear a special design made of a fabric they claim is only visible to the wise.

Notebook on Cities and Clothes 1989

Wim Wenders talks with Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto about the creative process and ponders the relationship between cities, identity and the cinema in the digital age.

Mom's Clothes 2019

Meditations on being in and out of the closet.

A Touch of Cloth 2012

Hannah plays DI Jack Cloth, who is called in to investigate an apparent series of serial killings alongside his new partner, DC Anne Oldman, described as a "plucky, no-nonsense sidekick". Playing with the cliches and conventions of British police dramas, subplots include Cloth dealing with visions of his dead wife and the bisexual DC Oldman coming to grips with her feelings for both her female fiancee and Cloth.


Clothes-Line was an early BBC television programme broadcast live in six parts between 30 September and 3 December 1937. It is notable for being the first television programme dedicated to the history of fashion. It was produced by Mary Adams, and co-presented by the fashion historian James Laver and Pearl "Polly" Binder.

The Clothes Show 1986

The Clothes Show is a British television show about fashion that can currently be seen weeknights on Really. It was formerly broadcast on BBC One from 1986 to 2000.

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