Armed and Very Dangerous 1977

America’s Wild West of the last third of the 19th century. Thousands of people rushed here in pursuit of enrichment. Among them was Gabriel Conroy, a man absolutely helpless in the world of business. When fountains of oil started gushing on his plot of land, the local moneybags Peter Damphy decided to appropriate the land, and succeeded in it by blackmailing Conroy’s wife and his former mistress Julie... Based upon stories by Francis Bret Harte.

Dangerous Charm 1984

He is well educated, charming, and gallant - a dream for each lonely lady. In reality he is a skillful swindler, who robs naive women. Cheating merchants with guilty consciences are his targets as well. This is the elusive protagonist of the movie. He constantly changes his name, stages his own death, and travels from town to town. His exploits are myriad and his life is an endless adventure. Yet, he remains an amiable swindler, an unrealized actor, whose only goal is make his life more interesting.

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