Fiela's se Kind 2019

Fiela Komoetie, a coloured woman living in the arid Karoo, finds a lost white child on her doorstep and takes him in, raising him as her own. Nine years later, Benjamin Komoetie is removed and forced to live in the Knysna Forest with Elias and Barta Van Rooyen, a family of woodcutters who claim that he is theirs. Separated by law and geography, they spend the next decade trying to find each other while simultaneously coming to terms with their individual identities.

Kind Hearts and Coronets 1950

When his mother eloped with an Italian opera singer, Louis Mazzini was cut off from her aristocratic family. After the family refuses to let her be buried in the family mausoleum, Louis avenges his mother's death by attempting to murder every family member who stands between himself and the family fortune. But when he finds himself torn between his longtime love and the widow of one of his victims, his plans go awry.

Be Kind Rewind 2008

A man whose brain becomes magnetized unintentionally destroys every tape in his friend's video store. In order to satisfy the store's most loyal renter, an aging woman with signs of dementia, the two men set out to remake the lost films.

The Fourth Kind 2009

Since the 1960s, a disproportionate number of the population in and around Nome, Alaska, have gone missing. Despite FBI investigations, the disappearances remain a mystery. Dr. Abigail Tyler, a psychologist, may be on the verge of blowing the unsolved cases wide open when, during the course of treating her patients, she finds evidence of alien abductions.

Some Kind of Beautiful 2015

By day, Richard Haig is a successful and well-respected English professor at renowned Trinity College in Cambridge. By night, Richard indulges his own romantic fantasies with a steady stream of beautiful undergraduates. But Richard has grown tired of the game and is looking for something more meaningful and lasting. So when Kate, Richard’s tanned, athletic, 25-year-old American girlfriend tells him that she is pregnant, Richard is thrilled. He looks forward to having a family of his own, being a father his children could be proud of, not some sex-fueled bobcat. There is only one problem. Richard’s not in love with Kate. Richard is in love with Kate’s sister, Olivia. He had been in love with her ever since he first saw her.

Some Kind of Wonderful 1987

A young tomboy, Watts, finds her feelings for her best friend, Keith, run deeper than just friendship when he gets a date with the most popular girl in school.

Our Kind of Traitor 2016

A young Oxford academic and his attorney girlfriend holiday on Antigua. They bump into a Russian millionaire who owns a peninsula and a diamond watch. He wants a game of tennis. What else he wants propels the lovers on a tortuous journey to the City of London and its unholy alliance with Britain's intelligence establishment, to Paris and the Alps.

A Kind of Murder 2016

In 1960s New York, Walter Stackhouse is a successful architect married to the beautiful Clara who leads a seemingly perfect life. But his fascination with an unsolved murder leads him into a spiral of chaos as he is forced to play cat-and-mouse with a clever killer and an overambitious detective, while at the same time lusting after another woman.

Same Kind of Different as Me 2017

International art dealer Ron Hall must befriend a dangerous homeless man in order to save his struggling marriage to his wife, a woman whose dreams will lead all three of them on the journey of their lives.

The Vicious Kind 2009

A man tries to warn his brother away from the new girlfriend he brings home during Thanksgiving, but ends up becoming infatuated with her in the process.

Christopher and His Kind 2011

In 1931 budding author Christopher Isherwood goes to Berlin at the invitation of his friend W. H. Auden for the gay sex that abounds in the city. Whilst working as an English teacher his housemates include bewigged old queen Gerald Hamilton and would-be actress Jean Ross, who sings tunelessly in a seedy cabaret club. They and others he meets get put into his stories. After a fling with sexy rent boy Caspar he falls for street sweeper Heinz, paying medical bills for the boy's sickly mother, to the disapproval of her other son, Nazi Gerhardt. With Fascism rapidly rising Christopher returns to London with Heinz but is unable to prevent his return to Germany when his visa expires. Years later Christopher, now a successful writer, returns to Berlin for a final meeting with Heinz, now married with children.

Some Kind of Hate 2015

When a troubled teen is subjected to severe bullying, he accidentally conjures the vengeful ghost of Moira Karp. Once a teenage girl pushed to suicide, Moira is now an unstoppable force on a mission of gruesome retribution. But when she goes to far, he must prevent her from spiraling out of control in this passionate and vividly violent supernatural thriller.

The Violent Kind 2010

One night at a secluded farmhouse deep in the Northern California woods, a small group of hardened young bikers and their girlfriends are tormented when one of the girls becomes savagely possessed and a gang of "Rockabillies" seemingly from the 1950's descends upon them to collect what is growing inside her.

Two of a Kind 1951

Brandy Kirby (Lizabeth Scott ) and crooked Lawyer Vincent Mailer (Alexander Knox) plan to rob William (Griff Barnett) and Maida McIntyre (Virginia Brissac) by producing a convincing double for their long-lost son. Brandy charms gambler Lefty Farrell (Edmond O'Brien) into impersonating the missing son.

The Fugitive Kind 1960

Val Xavier, a drifter of obscure origins, arrives at a small town and gets a job in a store run by Lady Torrence. Her husband, Jabe M. Torrance, is dying of cancer. Val is pursued by Carol Cutere, the enigmatic local tramp-of-good-family.

Two of a Kind 1983

God throws his hands up at the foolishness of humanity and orders the race destroyed. A trio of bleeding-heart angels strike a deal with him: if they can find just two good souls, the Lord will allow Earth to survive. Unfortunately, the angels have staked the future of the species on a thieving bank teller and an inventor/con-artist

Human Kind Of 2018

When Judy Reilly, a nerdy teenager, finds out her estranged father was an extraterrestrial, surviving a half-alien adolescence seems pretty hopeless. But with the help of a dangerously upbeat mother and a comic book obsessed best friend, Judy is able to uncover her powers, stand up to bullies, and inevitably discover what makes her both alien and human along the way.

Two of a Kind 1998

Two of a Kind is an American sitcom that aired on ABC as part of the network's TGIF line-up, starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The show aired from September 25, 1998 to July 9, 1999. The series was produced by Griffard/Adler Productions, Dualstar Productions, and Miller-Boyett-Warren Productions, in association with Warner Bros. Television. It was the last series to be produced by Miller-Boyett Productions in any of its identities.

Less Than Kind 2008

Less Than Kind is a Canadian television comedy-drama series that stars Jesse Camacho as Sheldon Blecher, a teenager growing up in a loving but dysfunctional Jewish family in Winnipeg. The show's cast also includes Maury Chaykin and Wendel Meldrum as Sheldon's parents, Benjamin Arthur as his older brother Josh, and Nancy Sorel as his aunt, Clara. The Blechers struggle to operate a driving school out of their home in Winnipeg's fading North End. Less Than Kind made its debut October 13, 2008, on Citytv, and moved to HBO Canada in February 2010. The ensemble cast of the critically acclaimed series won Canadian Comedy Awards in 2009 and 2010.Less Than Kind received the 2010 Gemini Award for Best Comedy Program or Series and the inaugural award for Best Comedy Series at the 2013 Canadian Screen Awards. The title sequence and logo for Less Than Kind were inspired by an iconic highway sign at Winnipeg's Confusion Corner intersection, depicting arrows pointing in every direction. The name of the series is found in the first line spoken by Hamlet: "A little more than kin, and less than kind."

A Kind of Loving 1982

Following the story of Vic Brown, a West Riding miner's son. It starts in 1957 with a casual affair with Ingrid Rotherwell, which develops into an emotional crisis.

The Roving Kind

The Roving Kind was a nationally syndicated television show that was distributed by Bill Burrud Productions, which aired on KCOP-TV, Los Angeles, from 1964 to 1968. The series featured producers Milas Hinshaw and Buddy Noonan, who produced, filmed, and narrated the episodes. The Roving Kind travel series was produced for a family audience, showing how families could travel on a budget. During filming, Buddy Noonan and Ginger Noonan traveled with their children throughout the United States including Hawaii, and also on location in Mexico. The series featured ghost towns, national monuments, state parks, tourist attractions, and state historical sites. The series was shot on 16 mm film.

A Kind of Magic 2008

A Kind of Magic is a French animated television series created by Charile Skanker and his animation company Xilam. The story deals with a kid named Tom and his family's problems, including his sister Cindy, who is crazy after every boy she sees, his toad 'His Highness', his evil Aunt Ferocia who wants to turn him evil as well, and his parents who have been exiled from Fairyland and now have to live on Earth. The series has been an instant hit and was rated the most popular series at the 2007 MIPCOM Junior trade show, attracting over 280 buyers.

One of a Kind

One of a Kind is a Canadian children's television series which aired on CBC Television in 1978.

One of a Kind

One of a Kind is a Canadian panel game television series which aired on CBC Television from 1958 to 1959.

Two of a Kind

Two of a Kind was an early TV series for comedy duo Morecambe and Wise. It ran from 1961 to 1968 on ATV.

My Kind of Town

My Kind of Town is an American television game show that premiered on August 14, 2005 on ABC. Part variety show, part game show, the series brings 200 people from a small town in the United States to New York City to compete for prizes and participate in games and assorted gags. At the end of the show, one of the 200 who was preselected prior to the show competes in a game called "Name Your Neighbors" where, if the person is successful in identifying the names of six people featured in the program, the entire audience wins a prize. The show is hosted by English television and radio presenter Johnny Vaughan. The show's executive producer is Michael Davies, who is also the producer of the American version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Despite a lead-in of reruns from ABC's popular Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and a lead-out of reruns from the also-popular Desperate Housewives, the show's ratings were dismal, with the premiere episode receiving just a 2.9 rating among 18-49 viewers, with about 11.4 million viewers. By the third episode, the show received a 2.1 rating, with about 5.1 million viewers. The show has received very little in-network advertising. Only four of seven episodes had aired when ABC canceled the show.

Four of a Kind 2011

Four of a Kind is a reality series that airs on Lifetime in the United States and TVtropolis in Canada. It is produced by Asylum Entertainment. The program follows the Durst sisters, Calli, Kendra, Megan, and Sarah, quadruplets who live in Buffalo, Minnesota. The Dursts are one of about 60 known sets of quadruplets worldwide. The program also features their mother, Naomi, and older brother, Travis. The sisters appeared on several television programs as pre-schoolers, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Today Show. During the girls' senior year, their mother agreed to a proposed reality program for an amount that would considerably cover the sisters' college education. For three months in 2010, a film crew followed the sisters during their senior year of high school, with the resulting series premiering on March 15, 2011. According to Lifetime, the program is intended to portray the lives of the girls as they deal with the usual trappings of adolescence, as well as Naomi facing an "empty nest" as the sisters leave home for college.

Three of a Kind 1981

Three of a Kind was a British comedy sketch show starring comedians Tracey Ullman, Lenny Henry and David Copperfield. Three series were made by the BBC between 1981 and 1983. The show bolstered the careers of Ullman and Henry, as well as being an outlet for young writers including Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, Ian Hislop and Nick Revell. Ullman and Henry went on to greater success after the show, with Ullman initially launching a brief but successful pop career in 1983 before starring in the ITV sitcom Girls On Top in 1985 and then going on to a high profile career on American television. Henry was given his own BBC series The Lenny Henry Show in 1984 and he remains a semi-regular fixture on British television to this day. Copperfield, however, garnered less success and has been seen relatively little since the series ended.

My Kind of Music

My kind of music is a game show in the United Kingdom, produced by LWT for ITV from 8 February 1998 to 29 March 2002. The show's main theme, "My kind of people", where presenter Michael Barrymore sang some of the lyrics when appearing at the very start, was based on the same song by Robert Palmer released in 1991. Three teams of two people would test their musical knowledge against their chosen opponents and rivals, where the surviving team could go on to win £13,000 in the jackpot; later it was increased to £16,000 by the third series. Danny Foster made an appearance on the show, before he was chosen as one of the five members of the short-lived reality TV-formed group Hear'Say. When Barrymore's contract with LWT ended facing a scandal in 2001, they decided not to renew it, and My kind of music came to an end. The final series of six episodes transmitted from 10 February to 29 March 2002, though popular with most ITV regions and viewers, many rejected in showing the series - due to Barrymore's situation at the time. But none of the last six episodes were broadcast in Scotland, due to no time-slot in the schedule being available as Scottish Television and Grampian Television were using their slots for local programmes.

My Kind of People

My kind of people is an ITV television show presented by British entertainer Michael Barrymore broadcast in 1995. Barrymore travelled around the country in his customised sports car visiting shopping centres, where amateurs performed on a stage for the programme unrehearsed. Some acts were simply shown performing together with the audience reaction, whereas others were interviewed by Barrymore or shown inter-dispersed with footage of Barrymore to the side of the stage engaged in foolish behaviour in order to get reactions from the audience. Often, Barrymore would join the act on stage and continue the tomfoolery. Notably, Susan Boyle performed on the show before she became famous worldwide for her Britain's got talent audition in 2009. Barrymore mocked her as she performed "I don't know how to love him" from Jesus Christ Superstar at the Olympia Mall in East Kilbride, lying on the stage beneath her and pretending to look up her skirt as she performed, attempting to sing with her during the end of the song and then staging a kiss with her. The clip was viewed several million times after Boyle rose to prominence, with many viewers criticising Barrymore for his rude and disrespectful behaviour, unfavourably comparing his notoriety since with Boyle's then-newfound fame and vocal ability.

Some Kind of Life

Some Kind of Life is a 1995 TV drama written by Kay Mellor and directed by Julian Jarrold, starring Jane Horrocks and Ray Stevenson.

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