Nouvelle Vague 1990

A hitchiker (Alain Delon) is taken in by a wealthy industrialist (Domiziana Giordano).

Two in the Wave 2010

An in-depth analysis of the relationship between New Wave pioneers François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard, as seen through rare archival footage, interviews, and film excerpts — written and narrated by former Cahiers du Cinéma editor Antoine de Baecque.

Memory Vague 2009

Sourced entirely from YouTube, converted and edited using Windows Media Maker. A comprehensive list of video credits is available at Root Strata, 2009 Pro-duplicated DVD-R in a slimline DVD case with translucent colour cover and transparent insert. Limited to 250 copies.

Wasteland 1960

Director Marcel Carné's 1960 look at juvenile delinquency, a pressing social issue in France at that time. Based on "Tomboy", an American pot-boiler novel by Hal Elison.

Terrain Vague 2001

Interested in architecture and in contemporaries landscapes, Bertrand Lamarche has designed several projects relatives to the site embracing the J.F.Kennedy viaduct site in Nancy. On this archetypal non-place with its unfinished look and chaotic images that were shot the Terrain Vague project, mounted as a long tracking shot that accompanies the circular sweep of the nocturne landscape by the beam of a lighthouse. The artist created a photographic panorama, referring to primitive cinema, that he used to shoot the movie. The video is in fact a tracking shot along a looped picture, which evokes the movement of an automatic security camera.

Terrain Vague 2018

Terrain Vague is the documentation of a live sound work in the Scottish Borders. Showing how sound can re-energise derelict, non-spaces bringing them back to life. The film shows an abandoned cashmere factory in Hawick and the live recordings from a working mill in the same town.

La nouvelle vague par elle-même 1964

Made for Cinéastes de notre temps series. In 1964, several French New Wave auteurs discuss the success and crisis of the wave. Featuring Claude Chabrol, François Truffaut, Jacques Rivette, Jean-Luc Godard, Jacques Rozier, Jacques Demy, Agnès Varda, Jean Rouch, and many others.

Maisie Adam: Vague

Northerner and self-confessed “Slave to the Sesh”, Maisie relays her experiences of navigating the recklessness of youth whilst dealing with a medical condition that required her to be a ‘Sensible Susan’.

La première vague 1968

A “Cinéastes de notre temps” series episode directed by french film critics Noël Burch and Jean-André Fieschi, originally aired in two parts.

La Nouvelle Vague, remède ou poison ? 1964

Second part devoted to the New Wave, it highlights all the problems (from production to exploitation all the way to distribution) faced by young filmmakers in the French film landscape of the 1960s.

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues 1994

Sissy Hankshaw is born with enormous thumbs that help her hitchhiking through the US from a young age. She becomes a model in advertising and her NY agent 'the Countess' sends her to his ranch in CA to shoot a commercial, set against the background of mating whooping cranes. There, she befriends Bonanza Jellybean, one of the cowgirls at the beauty- ranch.

Drown 2015

Len is a Surf Lifesaving champion, a legend in the cloistered surf club just like his father. When the younger, faster, and fitter Phil arrives at the club, Len’s legendary status starts to crumble. Then Len sees Phil arriving in the company of another man. Phil is gay. After the annual awards dinner, Len finds Phil in the Club House locker room and violently attacks him. To Len’s surprise, Phil refuses to rat on Len about the beating. When Phil wins the annual Surf Lifesaving competition, Len’s defeat is final. In an act of revenge, Len gets Phil drunk and subjects him to a series of humiliating acts. But, the hatefulness forces Len to come face to face with a fundamental question: can he accept the truth about his own sexuality.

Killer Wave 2007

Killer Wave is a 2007 joint American-Canadian action-thriller TV mini-series, directed by Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald and written by Tedi Sarafian, George Malko, William Gray.

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