Sadness 1999

Based on photographer William Yang's one man stage show, "Sadness" chronicles two diverging narratives through the use of slide photography, oral history and stylised recreation. One story follows Yang's pilgrimage into the heart of the North Queensland sugar cane fields as he investigates the murder of his uncle Fang Yuen. The other is a series of moving portraits of the many friends and lovers Yang has lost to AIDS. Director Tony Ayres skillfully weaves these two separate stories together creating a powerful testament to family, friends, love and loss. Cinematography by Tristan Milani. Narrated by William Yang.

The Sadness 2008

A depraved couple abuse and eventually sell their own young daughter for drug money, where she is then given to a group of psychopathic wannabe satanists who kill her as a sacrifice. From the grave she rises to seek revenge on those who have caused her pain, using evil henchmen to torture and mutilate them one by one in the most brutal, disgusting ways possible.

The Other Side of Sadness 2018

In a hybrid film, both documentary and fiction, five young women describe the feeling of grief when losing a parent at a young age. Anna returns to her father's home, a year after his death. In one weekend, she lives through a storm of emotions as these may come and go in the process of grief.

Triangle of Sadness

Two famous models approach the end of their heyday in the business and look for a way out. The male model finds his prospects shrinking after he begins balding, while the female model is a lesbian and rejects the desires of rich men.

The Sadness of the Trees 2015

Two separate, yet poetically connected films that act as a threnody on nature; with the trees as silent observers to Man's insidious desolation. Mikel Guillen's film is dedicated to the artist, Hiroshi Sugimoto. Scott Barley's film is dedicated to the artist, Vija Celmins.

The Great Sadness of Zohara 1984

A young, orthodox Jewish woman is alienated from her Jerusalem community and drawn into the world of spirit.

The Many Monsters of Sadness

During a jaunt through the woods a few weeks before their senior year of high school, Eleanor and her friends find a mysterious wooden box. As the days pass, unexplainable things begin to happen. Any item put in the box disappears. Wishes, or something resembling wishes, start getting granted. People outside of the group begin disappearing. They begin finding messages in books and magazines; messages that suggest something far more sinister may be at work. When her friends begin to disappear, Eleanor realizes she has to stop whatever is literally tearing her friends apart. The Many Monsters of Sadness is a light hearted film that takes a turn towards darkness, suspense, and drama, about the price of getting everything you want.

Build a Ship, Sail to Sadness 2007

An absurdist semi-mockumentary about a misfit on a moped who wants to launch a mobile disco in the Scottish Highlands, "Build a Ship, Sail to Sadness" won't be pedaling into 'plexes anytime soon, but this film-school grad project does rep an arresting debut for British-based German helmer Laurin Federlein. Shot on the antiquated Hi-8 video format with color and contrast turned up to 11, pic prevails for those responsive to its loopy rhythms on a knockout one-man show by thesp Magnus Aronson. Audience-divider is a fest natural, and cult status is on the cards.

Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness 2012

The package also includes a DVD consisting of footage from two live shows: Tracks 1–11 taken from the group's concert of May 15, 1996 at the Brixton Academy in London, England, originally filmed by MTV Europe, and tracks 12–15 from their show of April 7, 1996 at the Philipshalle in Düsseldorf, Germany that was filmed by the German TV show Rockpalast. The bonus content and special features were curated from the band's archives by Corgan, and have been remastered from the original master tapes by Bob Ludwig

My Last Days: Meet Claire, Finding Beauty in the Sadness

Claire Wineland was born with Cystic Fibrosis. Doctors say she has only a short time left to live, but she never lets that stop her from making the most of every day. Her dream? To be a motivational speaker. Hear her story and watch her get an amazing surprise..

A City of Sadness 1989

Soon after Japan relinquishes control of Taiwan in 1945, the Lin brothers face hardships from the changing culture. Bar owner Wen-heung, the eldest brother, falls foul of local gangsters, Wen-sun disappears, and Wen-leung, scarred by his experiences in the war, ends up in an insane asylum. Deaf-mute photographer Wen-ching, the youngest brother, decides to make a stand and fight the Kuomintang government from China that is assuming power.

Sadness and Beauty 1985

Hugo is a writer whose one great book was based on an affair he had with Lea, a sculptor. Bereft of inspiration for a follow-up, Hugo returns years later to rekindle the flame of romance and creativity. Lea soundly rejects him, and her student Prudence feels a burning hatred for the man who deserted the teacher she admires.

A Tale of Sorrow and Sadness 1977

A model (Yoko Shiraki) must cope with the stress of fame after a marketing executive (Yoshio Harada) transforms her into a sports celebrity.

Habitual Sadness 1997

In World War II Japan forced many South Korean girls into sexual slavery. Known as "comfort woman," they were abducted as teenagers and shipped off to the front to service as many as 30 troopers a day. In 1991, some of them began testifying about their experiences. A "sharing house" was then established for former comfort women and provided the setting for Habitual Sadness, a documentary showing the enduring wounds but strong spirit of these women.

Love in Sadness 2019

The essence of love is fading and is evermore harder to do. In this day and age, will there be love that is woeful and forlorn just for the sake of love itself? Love in Sadness is a love story that encapsulates the mythical-like fate of love that is so coveted that it ignores all bounds. In it, love outweighs what the world thinks, ignores the pain and anguish with it, and pursues its destiny. In the drama, Ma Ri is a beautiful girl, married into wealth with a seemingly perfect life. Ironically, her husband, In Wook, who looks like a more than ideal husband, is an obsessive lunatic who is also violently abusive. When he pushes her too far, she reaches out for help from Jung Won, an honest, smart, handsome plastic surgeon. And when he agrees to help her escape from her husband's hands, they fall in love. But In Wook, who is consumed by his obsession for her, isn't going to let her get away from his grasp. Watch as these two characters struggle to stay on their arduous road to love.

A Farewell to Sorrow 2005

This is a story about the unconditional and all-forgiving love of four brothers who after years of fighting and hatred pull together and reconcile to revive their father's business. The four brothers, each representing different generations, symbolize ordinary people living in today's world: Han Sung-jae, the soft-hearted but incapable oldest brother in his 50s, who shoulders the heavy burden of being the head of the family; Han Sang-kyu, the accomplished but selfish second brother in his 40s, who only thinks of getting rid of his family responsibilities; Han Sung-min, the third brother in his 30s who lost his job due to corporate restructuring; and, finally, Han Jung-woo, the youngest one who has just graduated from college and is yet unemployed. The lives of these four siblings represent the hardships of the unemployed of various generations. This series also asks the question about the genuine meaning of marriage by showing how married couples of various age groups work on their relationships to avert divorce.

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