Silk 2007

Based on the best-selling novel by Alessandro Baricco, this visually stunning film tells the story of a French trader who finds unexpected love far away from home.

Silk 1986

Silk, the toughest cop in Honolulu, busts small time smugglers only to reveal a larger syndicate smuggling Asian mobsters into the States by buying the identities of Hawaiian citizens.

Silk Stockings 1957

A musical remake of Ninotchka: After three bumbling Soviet agents fail in their mission to retrieve a straying Soviet composer from Paris, the beautiful, ultra-serious Ninotchka is sent to complete their mission and to retrieve them. She starts out condemning the decadent West, but gradually falls under its spell, with the help of Steve Canfield, an American movie producer.

French Silk 1994

Television movie about the murder of a televangelist, and the fashion company owner accused of the crime.

The Silk Express 1933

As the demand for raw silk goes sky high, crooked businessman Wallace Myton corners the market with plans to drive up the price. Determined to fulfill his contracts, manufacturer Donald Kilgore imports $3 million worth of silk to Seattle and accompanies it by special train to New York. But when his secretary is found murdered, Kilgore soon discovers Myton has planted three killers on board with orders to stop the express and its passengers dead in their tracks.

Red Silk 1999

Jess Francos own remake of his 1969 picture "Sadisterotica" aka "Rote Lippen" aka "Der Wolf - Horror pervers".

Silk Road 2017

A psychological thriller inspired by the life of Michael S., a small-town boy from Holland, who becomes the world's most wanted cybercriminal.

Iron And Silk 1991

Iron and Silk is a 1990 movie based on the eponymous book by American writer Mark Salzman. It details his journey to China after college to study Chinese wu shu, better known in the west as kung fu, and to teach English. Though not trained as an actor, Salzman starred as himself, as did Pan Qingfu, who claimed no one else could portray him on film. Salzman's experiences occurred in Changsha, Hunan, though the film was shot in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. (Wikipedia)

Silk Road: Drugs, Death and the Dark Web 2017

Documentary looking at the black market website known as the Silk Road, which emerged on the darknet in 2011. This 'Amazon of illegal drugs' was the brainchild of a mysterious, libertarian intellectual operating under the avatar The Dread Pirate Roberts. Promising its users complete anonymity and total freedom from government regulation or scrutiny, Silk Road became a million-dollar digital drugs cartel.

Silk 2 1989

Silk, the smoothest, toughest, and sexiest cop in Honolulu is hot on the trail of ruthless art smugglers who are after a priceless Asian Scroll. Silk will stop at nothing to get her man, even if it means blowing up an entire building.

Silk 2013

Malayalam dubbing of Telugu movie "Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga"

Silk 2013

100% Silk is an independent record label and taste-maker in the expanding and evolving world of electronic dance music. In June of 2012, four core acts from the label, LA Vampires, Ital, Magic Touch and Maria Minerva, embarked a lengthy group tour through the UK, Europe, and beyond. SILK is an expressionistic documentary that chronicles the performances, cultural environments, and global scenes through which the trip traveled. The motivating philosophies and emotions of the artists involved are visually articulated with seven fully staged dance sequences conceived and choreographed by Mecca Vazie Andrews and the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company. SILK is a music documentary, live concert experience, essayistic travelogue and above all, dance film.

Silk 2014

After acquiring a jar of rare silk from the vast desert expanse of Afghanistan, a CIA field operative becomes impregnated by the desert spider hidden inside, and later gives birth to a brood of hungry spiderlings that eat her alive.

Silk 2006

Experimental, 16mm

Silk Hope 1999

Frannie Vaughn (Fawcett) comes back home after being away a long time, only to find that her mother has died. She also finds out that her sister, Natalie (Crow) and her husband, Jake (Bryce), are planning to sell the acres once owned by Frannie and Natalie's family. To buy the land back from her sister, Frannie gets a job and falls in love with a fellow worker, Rubin (Johnson). In the end, Frannie's dreams come true and Natalie comes to her senses and moves in to the old family house with Frannie and Rubin.

Silk Road

A criminal mastermind who unleashed the dark net bent on bringing down the young kingpin's billion-dollar empire.

Silk Scream 2019

Two unlikely heroes team up to solve an ongoing killing spree targeting clients and coworkers of a t-shirt printing business.

Silk Degrees 1994

After she witnesses a mob murder, a woman hides out in a cabin in the woods under the protection of a pair of hardboiled federal agents.

Silk 'n' Sabotage 1994

When someone steals her hottest idea yet for a new video game, a beautiful programmer conspires with her most seductive friends to get revenge

Silk Stalkings 1991

Silk Stalkings is a crime drama television series. The series portrays the daily lives of two detectives who solve sexually-based crimes of passion among the ultra-rich of Palm Beach, Florida.

Silk 2011

Silk is a British television drama series produced by the BBC and first shown in 2011. Written by Peter Moffat, the series follows a set of barristers, and what they do to attain the rank of Queen's Counsel, known as "taking silk."

Silk 2015

SILK is a supernatural epic that spans centuries as we follow the lives of those infected by the WYRM - an evolutionary anomaly that bestows its hosts with certain abilities that seem to keep death at arms length.

Love You Thousands of Silk 2015

Tong Zhi Yuan's father in prison, her mother died, she was reduced to this pure and harmless Cinderella. She then marries a wealthy Thai man.

Joanna Lumley's Silk Road Adventure 2018

Joanna Lumley's grandest and most challenging journey yet, a breath-taking odyssey from Venice to the Chinese border along the veins of the ancient Silk Road. Joanna's odyssey will see her travel through an array of fabulous landscapes. Starting in the Chinese city of Xian, she will cross continents, deserts, mountains and steppe.

Mountain and Silk 2012

Phu Pha believes Prai Mai caused his brother to commit suicide and plans to get revenge.

Strike 2017

A war veteran turned private detective operates out of a tiny office in London’s Denmark Street. Although wounded both physically and psychologically, his unique insight and background as a military police investigator prove crucial in solving complex crimes that have baffled the police. Based on the bestselling novels written by J.K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

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