A Pistol for Ringo 1965

Giuliano Gemma stars as a cool, cocky mercenary enlisted by a sheriff to infiltrate a ruthless gang of outlaws. Ennio Morricone provided the score to this early spaghetti western hit.

A Gun in Each Hand 2012

J. is depressed. E. lives peacefully. S. tries to get back with his wife. G. resorts to anxiolytics. P. plays seduction games. MarĂ­a and Sara exchange their husbands. L. calls his lover in a peculiar way.

The Weekend Murders 1970

A large family meet at the family estate for the reading of their father's will. Each expects to be the recipient of a tidy sum, but apart from the local constable and a few other small awards to the help, the entire estate goes to the favorite daughter.

Shango 1970

Shango is a Texas Ranger who finds himself up against a former Confederate officer and his gang of thugs who have been terrorizing a local border town in search of gold.

Man with the Golden Pistol 1965

Doc McGregor, former surgeon become player, is wrongly accused of murder and pursued by Slade, a bounty hunter. In his escape he finds Larry Kitchener's corpse and decides to impersonate him. But his problems get worse as Kitchener was a famous gunslinger hired as sheriff for the people from Baldosas to stop Reyes, a Mexican bandit who has terrorized them.

Gunman of One Hundred Crosses 1971

A grim, merciless gunfighter known as Santana protects a young woman from the murderers of her family members and at the same time pursues a revenge against a traitor responsible for the death of his fellow soldiers years before.

God Will Forgive My Pistol 1969

Johnny Texas is asked to inquire about the death of Prescott, a rich landowner accused of having robbed a postal wagon. His investigation upsets Prescott's neighbor, Martin, who will use all possible means to stop him.

My Brother's Gun 1997

A teenager finds a gun loaded with three bullets and shoots at the guard of a supermarket when he discovers it stealing a comic. In his escape along the road he meets a girl who has tried to commit suicide without success and both decide to take a trip to nowhere, escaping from their lives. Meanwhile, a police inspector starts the investigations of the case, interrogating the boy's family.

El rey de la pistola 1962

Western heist movie; a complicated bank job goes bad, and two groups of thieves fight the sheriff and each other.

A Man, a Horse, a Gun 1967

The Stranger happens across a murdered postal inspector and a gang of bandits set on a prize of stolen gold which should be transported in a stagecoach. The Stranger, a sharpshooter named En plein and a treacherous postal agent try to get their hands on the gold. Source: SWDB www.spaghetti-western.net

A Gun for One Hundred Graves 1968

At the end of the Civil War, Jim Slade, a young confederate soldier and conscientious objector, returns to his ranch to find his parents murdered and the ranch practically destroyed. He finds and kills three of the murderers and learns the name of the fourth, a certain Corbett. Finally he discovers Corbett as the leader of a gang that has plans to rob a local bank and is invited to help defend the town from the bandits. Teaming with a preacher, who has an agenda of his own, the two take a stand against Corbett.

I Am Sartana, Trade Your Guns for a Coffin 1970

Sartana, bounty hunter and gunfighter, witnesses the robbery of a shipment of gold. He finds his way into town where he meets with a lot of suspicious stares from the locals. He also meets with Samuel Spencer, who seems to own the company in this company town. The gold shipments are being stolen, so Spencer agrees to hire Sartana to protect the next gold shipment. Numerous dull-witted villains make attempts on Sartana's life, but he survives. Eventually, Sartana's nemesis Sabbath (he of the white coat and parasol) rides into town. With a showdown inevitable, Sartana and Sabbath square off to settle the score.

The Man with the Golden Gun 1974

A golden bullet has 007 engraved on it as it smashes into the secret service headquarters. The bullet came from the professional killer Scaramanga who has yet to miss a target and James Bond begins a mission to try and stop him.

Por mis pistolas 1968

Fidencio Borer (Cantinflas) an apothecary in a village on the northern border of Mexico discovers some old title of a mine in Arizona and decides to claim them. Trying to cross the border is a border guard intercepted by exaggerating in the line of duty. On the way is captured by a tribe of Apaches and is about to be burned alive, but thanks to the Great Head Horse Lying having toothache and learns that the prisoner it can heal, ordered his release on the condition that the cure. Fidencio would take the wheel and gets the eternal friendship of the Chief apache.

El Padre Pistolas 1961

Feature on the adventures that develop the most perfect of false priest.

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