Dead Are Countless 1969

Johnny was mentally traumatised when he witnessed as a child the killing of his father (a deserter) by a group of soldiers. As an adult he randomly kills every soldier he gets hold of, so that the army sends out the brutish Lieutenant Garringo to stop Johnny.

Four Candles for Garringo 1971

A band of outlaws has assaulted the car that carries the state tax. Oswald, the most powerful man in Montana, is celebrating the success of the robbery as an accomplice steal to him $ 300,000. The sheriff is determined to get evidence against Oswald and to judge. All suspect that Roger seeks the sheriff protection, promising evidence against Oswald.

Dig Your Grave Friend... Sabata's Coming 1971

Steve McGowan has proposed to avenge the death of his father, murdered by one of the followers of Chief Miller. This engages the services of a famous gunslinger called Sabata and instructs him to kill Steve. The fate joins Steve and the Mexican bandit Leon Pompero, and together they decide to defeat the murderous gunman.

God in Heaven... Arizona on Earth 1972

A bounty hunter named Arizona helps a group of beleaguered farmers in their fight against a large landowner named Austin Styles and his gang of outlaws.

Sabata the Killer 1970

After giving a ride to a man who recently ripped-off his thieving business partner, Sabata and his buddy are unaware that a group of men have been hired to kill them and bring back the loot!

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