Awkward Hands 1970

Peter is whipped (twice) and chased away from his sweetheart, but his rescuer leaves him with a Chinese master who teaches him how to seek revenge on his tormentors.

Torpedo Bombers 1983

In 1944 a Soviet marine air force unit stationed near Murmansk is fighting off the German bombers attacking the British navy convoys supplying the Soviet Union with war materials under the lend-lease agreement.

Torpedo Run 1958

A submarine commander is on a relentless pursuit of a Japanese aircraft carrier in the South Seas during World War II.

Downtown Torpedoes 1997

Jackal (Takeshi Kaneshiro), Cash (Jordan Chan) and Sam (Charlie Young) form the core of ATM (Available Tactical Mercenaries), an industrial espionage unit that utilizes high-tech gadgetry to steal technology and fence it on the black market. However, they're blackmailed by the Hong Kong government (led by Alex Fong Chung-Sun) to snatch some counterfeit plates called SN2 from the British MI5. Naturally stuff goes wrong, our heroes are framed for SN2’s disappearance, and then they must set about clearing their names with whatever hi-tech gadgets they have leftover.

Safe Men 1998

Two untalented singers are mistaken for a pair of major league safe crackers in Providence, Rhode Island. The two are pressed into service by the local hoodlums and quickly find themselves in conflict with their professional colleagues. Romantic interest is added by the daughter of the underworld leader who won't date the men she knows are gangsters.

Watch Your Stern 1960

When the details of a secret torpedo are destroyed by an incompetent seaman, the crew of the ship rally round, when the Admiral needs the plans to show to a visiting scientist.

Kaiten - Human Torpedo War 2006

Koji Namiki is a young pitcher who has shown great promise on the diamond by winning the National High School Basketball Championships. Shortly after entering college, however, Namiki's athletic career is called into question after he suffers a severe elbow injury. But despite a disheartening diagnosis, Namiki is determined to make a comeback. With a little help from his teammates it appears that he is getting back on track, too. Recently, he's even developed a new slow ball that he and his teammates have christened "the magic pitch". Fate can be a cruel mistress though, and when World War II breaks out Namiki the entire team join the navy and begin a training regiment specifically designed to prepare them for the ultimate darkness, an submarine attack method also known as "The Human Torpedo".

Torpedo Bay 1963

An Italian submarine captain tries to navigate his sub through enemy waters while being stalked by a British warship. They both make it to the neutral port of Tangiers where they agree a truce.

Torpedo Boat 1942

Richard Arlen and Phil Terry star as Skimmer and Tommy, two lifelong buddies who've invented a lightweight, high-speed torpedo boat (hence the title). Their copacetic business relationship is strained when nightclub singer Grace Holman (Jean Parker), having been jilted by Skimmer, marries Tommy on the rebound.

Torpedo Squadron 1942

John Ford splices together footage of Torpedo Squadron 8, all but one of whom were later shot down and killed in the Battle of Midway.

Torpedo 2008

After her mother's death, 15-year old Mia moves in with her aunt, the actress Cleo, who lives with her son Fritzi in a shared apartment in Berlin. Mia lingers for stability and attention but in between Cleo's rehearsals at the theatre and her relationally disturbed housemate Elisa, she finds herself in a world of adults who themselves seem to be unable to cope with life.

Human Torpedoes 1968

Story of loyal sailors giving their lives for their country as human torpedoes towards the end of the War.

Our Fighting Navy 1937

Trouble is brewing in the banana republic of Bianco for both His Excellency, El Presidente, and the British Consul, Brant. Rebels, led by Diego De Costa, the trusted "Minister of the Marines and the Customs" and Lieutenant Enricquo, the gunnery officer of the small republic's one battleship, have taken over the battleship, and the town. Most of the British citizens have taken refuge at the Consulate or have been evacuated to the small cruiser in Bianco's port, the "H. M. S. Audacious." But there are two major issues; the Consul's daughter, Pamela, and Canadian Lieutenant Bill Armstrong have been kidnapped by the rebels and now held hostage on the battleship "El Mirante," and El Presidente was visiting the consulate when the war broke out and is now under the protective custody of the British Empire.

Her Torpedoed Love 1917

A wealthy invalid tries to add his hard-working cook to his will, but the conniving butler gets in the way.

The Human Bullet 1968

A soldier has been in the Japanese military for the entirety of WWII, and in that time, his dedication to the army has never faltered. However, as the war draws to a close, his commanding officers become increasingly desperate and push their men to ever more absurd extremes. The ridiculousness of the orders from above peak when the hero of the story is assigned to drive a one-man submarine straight into the hull of an enemy battleship.

The Torpedoes 2014

Sonny is released from prison where he got a romantic relationship with one of the employees Camilla. He is getting ready to live a normal life and move in with her, but a last minute bid on the house is getting in the way.

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