I See You 2017

Lea is a tour guide in Japan who suffered from temporary blindness and if not cured in a few weeks could be permanent. Tonyo who lives right across from Lea is persistent and determined to be her friend. They then become closer and Lea has seen the true character of Tonyo.

The Other Dream Team 2012

The incredible story of the 1992 Lithuanian basketball team, whose athletes struggled under Soviet rule, became symbols of Lithuania's independence movement, and – with help from the Grateful Dead – triumphed at the Barcelona Olympics.

Three Resurrected Drunkards 1968

Three students spend their holidays at the seaside where they are mistaken for Koreans, a minority which is looked down on in Japan. The action develops into a crime story.

Paano Kita Iibigin 2007

Fired from her job and evicted from her apartment, Martee (Regine Velasquez) brings herself and her asthmatic son to Zambales for a vacation. In a dilapidated resort, owned by Lance (Piolo Pascual), Martee finds work as a manager whose duties entails plans on how to increase the resort’s clientele. At first, Martee finds difficulty adjusting to the slower provincial lifestyle, but eventually she finds the laid-back pace more favorable.

If I Knew What You Said 2009

Deaf dancing boy meets troubled rocker chick in a Baguio camp for Deaf and hearing kids where find that they have more in common with each other including a love for music.

I Need You 2002

Celebrity chef Carl returns from New York to marry his supermodel fiancée, Chrissy. But the bride-to-be is delayed in Europe, and as Carl makes wedding plans with her family, he finds himself falling for Chrissy’s sister Lena. Preparations for the nuptials progress, but will there still be a wedding? And if so, whose wedding will it be?

Cinta Kita 1995

Since her love was destroted by Remy, Tifa vowed not to trust man anymore. She was disappointed when Remy whom she trusted played second fiddle. Tifa changed her image from being lady-like by not trying herself as a 'tomboy' the leading character in the novel she once read. Even then, Tifa could not help falling in love with Arman, the writer of the novel. Her chance ,eeting with Armat at a hotel, soften Tifa's heart. However, Tifa had to stick to her principle "not to fall in love again". Their relationship become more intimate. Arman tries to change Tifa's character back to her old self though it was very tough task for Tifa was a stubborn girl. Remy's sudden return with the intention of making a mend to his relationship with Tifa clouded the situation.

Cerita Kita 2013

Kamal, who used to wash cars for a living, decides to turn his life around upon the advice of Ika, the girl he is in love with. In order to do that, he takes a risk and makes an illegal loan to open a burger stall without Ika's knowledge

I Worship You 1982

Strong-willed and sophisticated, Divina takes over the business of her late father Don Ferrer who had requested Divina to ensure that his daughter Nora with his mistress is cared for. But Nora wins the love of Jerry, the only man who has captivated Divina’s discriminating heart. From the start. Jerry is attracted to Nora whose steadfast suitor Oscar respects and honors her chastity, only to find out that she has fallen in love and has given herself to Jerry.

As Long As I'm With You 1995

European Princess Marinella escapes the monarchy she belongs to, believing that it is depriving her freedom to live life and explore the world in her own will. She runs away from her guard, and accidentally comes across with Alex, a jeepney driver. Alex has always been angry to the world; he grows up believing that his mother abandoned him. His frustration intensified when he became the guardian of his younger half-brother Paolo. Now, with another unwelcomed person coming in to his life, he takes Ella with him not knowing her real identity. He makes her his maid in exchange of free lodging and food. Isabella enjoys her new life despite her downgraded lifestyle. Moreover, she is also pleased serving her ‘master’ Alex. Alex, on the other hand learns to offload his frustration in life because of Ella. Eventually the two fell in love. But what will Alex do if he learns that he and Ella are worlds apart?

Hanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin? 1997

Lisa Reyes and Mike Reyes lives a happy life with a with a great family until one day when the promotions in the company they both work for chose Lisa instead Mike to be promoted. Due to this event their lives change when Mike's pride got the better of him causing both trouble in work as well as in the family.

Kita Versus Korupsi 2012

"Kita versus Korupsi" is an Omnibus about fighting corruption in our daily life: in workplace, in our family, in school.

Three Women of the North 1945

The story of an airport and its air traffic control crew in a remote and northern Japanese town. Three of the air traffic controllers are female with one of them (Hara, Setsuko) working with her dead fiance's sister. The engaged man had gone to war and never returned.

Type Kita… Walang Kokontra 1999

Isabel Torres went to the Philippines to meet her Filipino penpal Primo. Primo, on the other hand, asked his cop cousin Victor to pretend to be him for he lacks enough confidence to woo his foreign lover. Victor, who is very much focused on doing his job perfectly, thoughtlessly granted his cousin’s request. However, as Victor gets to spend time with Isabel, he finds himself diverting his concerns in finding out if Isabel is the right woman for him. Isabel, on the other hand, couldn’t help but fall in love with Victor too. Primo got jealous with the blooming romance of his cousin and penpal, who is associated to Vernon, a drug lord who is plotting something against Victor.

Godain Kita Dong 1989

Kasino and Indro work at their uncle’s chicken farm. They are jealous of Dono, son of the uncle who studied in America, and returns with an American girlfriend, Madonna. But Dono is already arranged to marry Ayu Sukoco by his parents. The comedy is played out in the chicken farm, Madonna’s awkwardness in a village environment, Dono running away with his girlfriend because his parents disapprove of them, an auto repair shop, and a dream about entering Indian territory.

How Much I Love You 1993

A man whose face is burned beyond recognition, facing multiple operations, despairs, but is brought back to the land of the living by the love of a woman and his faith in God.

Once, I Loved You 2000

Experiencing problems in their marriages, two people (Sharon Cuneta, Richard Gomez) unexpectedly meet and fall and love.

I Won't Forget You 1993

A story about an unusual relationship between a brother and sister. Carmina, an ambitious lass is accepted on a scholarship in Manila. Her brother Aga struggles to support her all throughout her school years. But Carmina, influenced by her peer, is disgraced by her brother's illiteracy and what was once a harmonious relationship is suddenly ruined. A compelling drama of a brother-sister relationship

Basta't Kasama Kita 2003

Basta't Kasama Kita was an ABS-CBN primetime series starring Robin Padilla and Judy Ann Santos. The show also aired worldwide on ABS-CBN's The Filipino Channel and on a two-week delay on the International Channel in the United States. The TV series re-aired on the defunct Pinoy Central TV in 2005-2006 and in 2010-2011 it re-aired on Kapamilya Channel, an affiliate of ABS-CBN's The Filipino Channel

Sinasamba Kita

Sinasamba Kita or All for You is a Philippine drama that aired on GMA Network. The series is the first instalment of Sine Novela, a series of remake of films. The original movie was released back in 1982. The series was aired internationally, with a two-week delay, from May 14, 2007 until August 10, 2007 on GMA Pinoy TV.

Ganyan Kita Kamahal

Ganyan Kita Kamahal is a Philippine television series produced by Viva Television, aired over GMA Network, and directed by Jay Altarejos. This series is about family, politics, love, friendship, sacrifice and deception.

Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita

Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita or Sweet Revenge is a Filipino drama television series created by Gilda Olvidado, developed by Don Michael Perez and produced by GMA Network. The series is a remake of a 1989 movie with the same title and stars Yasmien Kurdi, JC de Vera, Marvin Agustin, Angelika dela Cruz and Dina Bonnevie and directed by Joel Lamangan, it aired on GMA Network from March 24, 2008 until June 27, 2008. From March 31, 2008 until July 4, 2008, the series was aired internationally, with a one-week delay, on GMA Pinoy TV.

Ina, Kasusuklaman Ba Kita?

Ina, Kasusuklaman Ba Kita? or A Mother's Sacrifice is a Sine Novela produced by GMA Network starring real-life mother and daughter, Jean Garcia and Jennica Garcia with Iwa Moto, Dion Ignacio and Ariel Rivera. It is a remake of the drama film in the 1980s which starred Lorna Tolentino and the Rita Gomez. It is the 18th installment of Sine Novela. It is internationally aired through GMA Pinoy TV, which started on January 29, 2010, and ended on May 27, 2010.

Lagot Ka, Isusumbong Kita

Lagot Ka... Isusumbong Kita! was a situational comedy television show in the Philippines aired every Monday evenings by GMA Network. The show was part of the network's GMA KiliTV block.

Hinahanap-hanap Kita 2019

The series centers on Helen (Maja) whose husband suddenly stops communicating with her but continues to send support to his family. Helen then decides to go to Dubai to look for her husband, finding support and help from her friends Joy (Hannah), Lawrence (Geoff), Margot (Pamu), Homer (Pepe), and Reggie (Prince) who are working in Dubai. The group’s journey in searching for Helen’s missing husband also serves as a journey to self-discovery, acceptance, and freedom from the personal burdens that they carry in their hearts.

Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin

Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin is a Philippine television drama broadcasting on ABS-CBN and worldwide on The Filipino Channel. The series premiered on September 2, 2013 on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida block, starring Dawn Zulueta and Gerald Anderson. It centers around the life of lawyers, politicians, jail breakers and how much mothers are willing to do to protect their sons.

Kita Yoshio's Tomorrow 2008

Can a coward commit suicide? Meet Kita Yoshio, a very unlucky man who has chosen his close friend's death anniversary as his suicide date, which is 11 days away. The number 11 has been quite significant throughout his life: he was born on November 11th; his roll call number at school was #11; and 11 years ago, he and his wife, Mizuho, went through a divorce. Debt-laden and feeling unneeded to the world, he sells off all his belongings and plans for his death date. However, on the 1st day, he meets Yashiro Heita as well as numerous other characters who will cause him to experience the most eventful 11 days of his life.

Asa ga Kita 2015

Towards the end of the Edo era, in the town of Kyoto, there lived a wealthy merchant by the name of Imai Tadamasa. He was blessed with 3 children, Hatsu, Asa and Kyutaro. His eldest, Hatsu, was a traditional girl who loved to play the koto and sew. Whilst his second daughter, Asa, was an impish hoyden who loved sumo wrestling. Asa was engaged to be married to the second son of a distinguished family who ran a money changer business in Osaka, Shirooka Shinjiro. Although Asa was furious when she had first heard about the betrothal, when she met up with Shinjiro for the first time, his charisma greatly attracted her and she fell in love with him in no time.

Konohana Kitan 2017

Konohana Kitan is the heartwarming story of a new apprentice named Yuzu, and the other fox girls who work at a hot spring hotel called Konohatei. The staff at Konohatei live by one belief: no matter who one may truly be, no matter what, anyone who is a guest is a god. Of course, that includes you. Let the hospitality of Yuzu and the Konohatei heal your tired soul.

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