Stripped 2013

Four friends head to Vegas for a 21st birthday in hopes of finding adventure, debauchery and memories that will last them a lifetime.

Stripped Naked 2010

When exotic dancer Cassie happens upon a drug deal gone bad, she steals the money and the drugs thinking she now has the funds to make her dream of moving to Paris come true. But waiting three days to get her passport proves tougher than she thought when everyone she knows from her ex-boyfriend, to her drug addict boss, to her lesbian lover, to the rightful owner of the money decides to get in on the action.

Stripped 2014

A documentary on comic strips, with never-seen-before interviews from Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes), Jim Davis (Garfield), Jeff Keane (Family Circus), Cathy Guisewite (Cathy) and dozens more. The film asks a central question: Where do comic strips go when newspapers die? Everybody loves comics, but will they survive in a digital world?

Eddie Izzard: Stripped 2009

The surreal comedian performs his stream of consciousness style of monologue on his latest live outing. Eddie ponders among other things, the history of the world, cows in cars, and the existence of God.

Stripped to Kill 1987

A Los Angeles policewoman's partner has her pose as a stripper to lure a killer of strippers.

Stripped 2001

Documentary about strippers and stripping.

Stripped 2009

Perfect light, beautiful footage, amazing locations, professional riders, loud helicopters, dangerous cable cams, and the tightest editing of all time. This is STRIPPED; the killer new mountain bike film that you’ve probably never heard of. We’re here to find a place on your regular DVD rotation, and find a place we will. Imagine a combination of Kranked, The Collective, and Ride to the Hills, with a $10 budget and the will to destroy.


A straight male stripper starts to question his sexuality when he meets the new guy at work.

Life Stripped Bare

What happens when three young households have all their belonging taken away, from clothes to phones? Do they discover the secret to happiness?

The Rolling Stones: Totally Stripped 1995

Totally Stripped is a newly revised version of the documentary that was originally made to coincide with the release of The Rolling Stones Stripped album released in November 1995. It tells the story of the two studio sessions and three live shows that made up the Stripped project. This followed the conclusion of the mammoth Voodoo Lounge tour and found The Stones reimagining tracks from their back catalogue in pared back versions alongside a couple of carefully chosen covers in the studio and doing smaller scale club gigs to showcase these versions, which was a marked contrast to the huge arenas and stadiums that had hosted the Voodoo Lounge tour. This new version of the documentary includes previously unseen footage and lays bare the inner workings of both The Rolling Stones and of some of their best loved tracks. Revealing, intimate and moving, Totally Stripped is unmissable.

Stripped to Kill II: Live Girls 1989

When the razor blade slasher begins his reign of terror in the alleys behind the Los Angeles strip clubs, the most famous stripper in the spotlight must walk a tightrope between her own fragile sanity and the inescapable murderer's blade.

AMERICA STRIPPED: Naked Las Vegas 2010

Photographer Greg Friedler brings together 173 naked persons to photograph for his final book in his critically acclaimed "Naked" series in Las Vegas.

Christina Aguilera: Stripped - Live in the U.K. 2004

Stripped Live in the U.K. is the second concert DVD by Christina Aguilera, and documents the premiere UK performances of her Stripped World Tour. The DVD does not include "Make Over" which was situated after "Can't Hold Us Down". An extended version of "What a Girl Wants" can be seen on television broadcast of the concert.

Caged Heat II: Stripped of Freedom 1994

King Lim is the oppressive ruler of a country on the verge of revolution. The CIA arranges a fake assassination to get him safely out of the country, but his daughter is captured in the ensuing melee and sent to The Rock, an island penitentiary known for its harshness. Agent Amanda commits a local crime in order to infiltrate the prison and rescue Princess Marga. Within, she predictably encounters official corruption, shifting allegiances, and a sleazy warden that make her task more challenging.

The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Suitors—Even 1966

Gloria Katz's "The Bride Stripped Bare" is a split screen faux-docu "happening" around a piece of performance art that confronts male attitudes toward women as sex objects.

VH1 Metal Mania: Stripped Across America Tour Live 2006

Hair metal had gone the way of hair-crimping and spandex when VH1 resuscitated the genre for its 2005 album series METAL MANIA, which featured stripped-down, acoustic versions of hair-metal ballads and anthems like "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and "Rock You Like a Hurricane." METAL MANIA was so successful that it spawned its own concert tour, Stripped Across America Live, captured here in this February 2005 concert recorded at the Hollywood Key Club and boasting UNPLUGGED-like acoustic performances from album contributors Don Dokken, Kip Winger, Warrant's Jani Lane, Ratt's Stephen Pearcy, and White Lion's Mike Tramp.

Stripped 2017

People's relationships with their personal belongings are exposed as they forego everything they own - clothing, furniture, money and all coveted possessions - for 21 days.

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