The Rock-afire Explosion 2008

"The Rock-afire Explosion" is the story of a small-town disc-jockey, a struggling inventor, and an animatronic rock band, that quickly becomes an eccentric portrait of childhood memories, broken dreams, and the resilience of the human spirit.

The Dolemite Explosion 2002

This low budget action film, originally titled "The Return of Dolemite", follows Rudy Ray Moore as Dolemite, who returns from Africa with superpowers gained from drinking Voodoo Juice.

Mod Fuck Explosion 1994

West Side Story meets Rumble in the Bronx meets A Clockwork Orange. Bizarre tale of London, a lonely teen yearning for affection and a leather jacket who lives in a dysfunctional family home where the mother keeps popping and sexually playing with her other child, X-Ray, a member of a gang of Mods who are constantly at war with a gang of Asian Bikers. Amidst this turmoil, London and her soul mate M16 search for meaning in a phantasmagoria without it.

The Beatles Explosion 2007

Documentary / Music/Musical - This rare documentary explores the early days of The Beatles with rare interviews, newsreels, press conferences and TV appearances. This celebration of Beatlemania presents a candid look at the Fab Four, detailing their thoughts of fame, the screaming fans and the media's fascination with their hair.

Joe Bonamassa: British Blues Explosion Live 2018

Joe’s salute to the icons of British blues features the unbelievable music of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page! Joe recently paid tribute to his heroes during a short but very sweet tour of Britain – 5 performances only. This show was recorded at Greenwich Music Time at The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London on July 7, 2016.

Here... My Explosion

"Here. My Explosion..." is a free full feature film from Reid Gershbein & the Royal Baronial Theatre. Released under a Creative Commons license, the film can be freely downloaded & shared with others - as a matter of fact, the film creators encourage it! The films soundtrack is also available as a free download (under CC license of course). Written, directed, shot and edited almost entirely by Reid Gershbein in just two weeks, "Here. My Explosion..." is a great example of what a talented filmmaker can do nowadays with little to no money.

Explosion 1970

During the height of the Vietnam war, a hippie and a draft dodger get together and hatch a plan to flee to Canada. They steal a car and head towards Vancouver, but the trip doesn't go as smoothly as they planned, and before long they're being chased by the police, accused of murdering several police officers.

The Latin Explosion: A New America 2015

With more than 50 million Latinos now living in the United States, Latinos are taking their seat at the table as the new American power brokers in the world of entertainment, business, politics and the arts. As Latinos’ influence in American society has soared, they have entered mainstream American culture, and the proof is in the music. Executive produced by legendary music mogul Tommy Mottola, THE LATIN EXPLOSION: A NEW AMERICA features a dazzling array of artists at the center of Latino cultural power and influence, including Marc Anthony, Emilio Estefan Jr., Gloria Estefan, José Feliciano, Eva Longoria, George Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, Los Lobos, Cheech Marin, Ricky Martin, Rita Moreno, Pitbull, Romeo Santos, Shakira, Thalía and Sofía Vergara. Narrated by John Leguizamo.

Disco Explosion - Flashback 2007

Faixas: 01. That´s The Way I Like It 02. Rock Your Baby 03. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing 04. Mr. Big Stuff 05. Le Freak 06. Ain´t No Stopping Now 07. Rock The Boat 08. Best Of My Love 09. We Are Family 10. Boogie Shoes 11. It´s Raining Men 12. Disco Inferno 13. I Will Survive 14. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel 15. 25 Miles 16. December, 1963 "Oh, What a Night" 17. If Can´t Have You 18. More Than a Woman 19. Fhashdance...What a Feeling 20. Get Down Tonight

The Halifax Explosion

The Halifax Explosion was a devastating catastrophe which occurred on December 6, 1917, and this year, 2017 marks 100 years since the disaster. This film recounts the events from that day and includes a number of survivor stories. With much support from near and afar, the event galvanized the community, and eventually led to long term improvements to the region and its citizens.

The Firm - Calorie Explosion 2010

Powerhouse Cardio Circuits for Fast Fat-Burning Results! 4 Express Workouts on 1 DVD! VISIBLE RESULTS IN 10 WORKOUS GUARANTEED! with Master Instructors Alison Davis-McLain, Rebekah Sturkie and Emily Welsh

Cult Explosion

Cult Explosion looks at religions groups considered by some to be cults include Hare Krishna, the Manson Family, the People's Temple, Scientology, Christian Science, Unity, Worldwide Church of God, Jehovah Witness, the Latter-Day Saints, the Unification Church, and Transcendental Meditation.

Population Explosion 1968

A film in cut-out animation depicting the demographic problems of the world. It shows that in many countries freedom from the old scourges of famine and disease has in turn created the new problem of more mouths to feed. The film suggests that wealthier nations might increase all forms of aid to struggling nations to create a better world.

The Paperwork Explosion 1967

The Paperwork Explosion is a four and a half minute film shot by Jim Henson in 1967 for IBM's Magnetic Tape Selectric Typewriter. The film features a number of office workers and other employees (including Frank Oz and the voice of Jim Henson) placing an emphasis on the innovation of machines in the workplace: "Machines should work; people should think." The soundtrack, provided by Raymond Scott, was featured on the album "Manhattan Research, Inc." as a music-only track, the original track with dialogue and other sound effects, and a test reel including improvisational material that would end up in the final film. (Muppet Wiki)

42nd Street Forever, Volume 3: Exploitation Explosion 2008

Synapse Films presents another volume in their best-selling series of classic exploitation trailers! Another mind-numbing, ball-busting, fist-punching and horror filled collection from the bygone days of New York City’s classic 42nd Street theatres. Hold tight to your greasy popcorn and watered down soda because you will have a “blast” watching these amazing film trailers! This explosive collection, transferred in high-definition, will blow you through the back of your home theatre!

Explosion Ma Baby 2016

It’s August. Feel the suffocating heat of the sun penetrating your skin. All around you, an abundance of flesh is spinning. Thousands of men offer up the naked bodies of baby boys to the angelic icon of San Sebastian. Screams, colours, chants and explosions. Money-garlands. Imagine no women except for me. Wait, yes, behind us women are following with devotion, all dressed up in well pressed clothes and their stocking feet. Now, come back here. Imagine how badly I fell in love with this. I desperately want to be part of it. To be there. I wanted to belong. But I know I can’t. And so, I try to capture it on film. I go there and film it every year, over and over, again and again. One day I will tell the story of a poor and sterile man who wants to replace San Sebastian. But more summers will have to pass before our hero appears.

Cash Explosion

Cash Explosion, known as Cash Explosion Double Play from 1989 until 2006, is an official Ohio Lottery TV game show, which is broadcast on television stations throughout Ohio. The show originated in Cleveland and is now taped by Mills James Productions in Columbus, Ohio. Cash Explosion originally aired from February 7, 1987 to September 30, 2006, at which point the Ohio Lottery replaced it with Make Me Famous, Make Me Rich. However, slumping ticket sales and poor ratings prompted the return of the Cash Explosion format a year later, on October 6, 2007, and it has remained on the air since. Cash Explosion is the second longest-running state lottery based game show. As of July 3, 2010, Cash Explosion is the only weekly lottery game show airing in the U.S..

The Now Explosion

The Now Explosion was an early experiment in music video produced in Atlanta, Georgia in 1970, more than a decade before MTV was launched. The program was televised in Atlanta on WATL-TV and, later, WTCG-TV.

Dave and Steve's Video Game Explosion

Dave and Steve’s Video Game Explosion was a television video-game review show. In November 2001, it began airing on TBS as well as the Burly Bear TV network and later was part of a one hour time slot. Dave & Steve were listed on Entertainment Weekly's It List in 2002. The comedy-based variety show was hosted by two accomplished comedy writers, David Mandel and Steve Lookner. VGE was produced by Jack Helmuth and Shawn Valine. The main writers were Craig Digregorio and James Eagan. Between game reviews the hosts often mocked their sponsor, SoBe, or abused their cheerleader Tiffany Holiday. It was produced by the Burly Bear Network, a college television network headed by Lorne Michaels.

Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion 2003

Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion is a two-part miniseries produced in 2003 by CBC Television. It presents a fictionalized version of the Halifax Explosion, a 1917 catastrophe that destroyed much of the city of Halifax. It was directed by Bruce Pittman and written by Keith Ross Leckie. The Film Stars Vincent Walsh, Tamara Hope, Clare Stone, Zachary Bennett, Shauna MacDonald and Ted Dykstra. The series was expensive by Canadian television standards with a budget of $10.4 million. It was heavily promoted by the CBC and paired with a number of non-fiction documentaries. The broadcast drew a sizable Canadian audience of 1.5 million viewers. It drew some praise for the adept use of special effects to show the destruction of the explosion. However the miniseries was poorly received critically. One critic at the Globe and Mail described it as "execrably written and acted" while another strained to find positive elements, "At times, there is a plodding workmanlike quality to Shattered City." The miniseries won some technical awards at the Canadian television Gemini Awards in 2004 but was passed over for any direction or writing awards and won only a single supporting acting award for Ted Dykstra.

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