The Gay Parisian 1942

In a Paris nightclub setting, the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo performs to the music of Jacques Offenbach.

Parisian Blinds 1984

An animation that investigates the nature of spectator perception by tourists and travelers.

Parisian Dreams 2009

A “making of” who talk about the themes and the use of Paris as a mythical place for romance.

A Parisian Scandal 1921

Without social or romantic interests, young Basil Hammond goes to Paris to study paleontology and to bring back a report to his guardian on the manners and moral character of her granddaughter, Liane. At first he is disgusted by her attempts to vamp him, but eventually, he falls in love with her.

A Parisian Romance 1932

The Baron is an aging, cynical lady's man. He has a key-chain with about 50 keys to different women' apartments in Paris. He selects one at random to see who he will sleep with at night. His adversary is a young Parisian artist (the next Picasso), Victor. Victor believes in love and he's going to marry his girlfriend Claudette as soon as he sells his first painting. The Baron seduces Claudette, seemingly to teach Victor a lesson. However, as might be predicted, he soon falls in love with Claudette himself.

The Parisian Cobbler 1927

This little known Russian movie, from the director of the following year's Oblomok imperii/ A Fragment of Empire is both surprising and accomplished. The mute cobbler is interested in the local girl but she is already pregnant by one of the gang of sailor suit toughs. The Soviet Youth League secretary's only assistance to her is a book about sex in Russian literature and things turn nasty.

Parisian 2019

The story of a businessman Egor, from whom all his relatives had long since turned away. To open a new business and move forward, an entrepreneur will have to go into an alternate reality and face the many ghosts of the past.

Η Παριζιάνα 1969

Seamstress neighborhood Pelagia (Rena Vlachopoulou), struggles to satisfy its customers. But by her sister Helen (Erika Broyer) finds no understanding. But to the nut job the Elenitsa is brilliant inspiration to settle in Kolonaki, to open a fashion house and sew the rich ladies. So call Leonidas (Chronis Exarchakos), a crazy painter to take office to do the modellers. Purchased fabrics, Leonidas and Pelagia begin to learn French and manners and fashion show for the first pick Mykonos. In Mykonos starting to knit and romances with Helen George (Kostas Karras) but Pelagia and the Greek-American deaf Jim (Jim Kallivokas) ...

Parisian Pleasures 1927

Gabrielle (Helene Hallier), an ambitious but innocent would-be young chorine, trumps a music hall publicity stunt to become the new Parisian nightclub Cinderella. But this lighter-than-champagne-bubbles story is only a pretext for LA REVUE DES REVUES's white-hot, non-stop procession of outrageously and scantily attired exotic dancers, showgirls, and acrobats.

Parisian Life 1977

Two young Parisians, Raoul de Gardefeu and Bobinet, are in love with Metella, a beautiful young woman aspiring to high society. Metella rejects them both in favour of a richer and older man.

A Parisian Love Story 1987

A very unusual love story indeed the one that unites for a while Marie, a young French woman born in Algier, whose dream is becoming a top model and Ali, an Algerian from Clichy, recently released from prison, who hopes to become ... an astronaut!

The Story of a Little Parisian 1928

Totte works in Paris when she meets the wealthy Renato. Renato's father wants him to marry so to fool him he proposes to Totte.

La vie parisienne 1936

A rich Brazilian, Mendoza, visited Paris in 1900 and was romantically involved with the star of Offenbach's 'La vie parisienne' which was playing at the time. Thirty five years later, he returns with his son and granddaughter, who is engaged to a young Frenchman. But Mendoza's puritanical son forbids the marriage. Mendoza and the actress's friends conspire to change his mind and convert him to 'Parisian life.'

Total Romance 2002

Martina and Andy are golden icons of the jet set whose game consists of winning and breaking as many hearts as possible, each trying to be more cruel and scheming than the other. One day Martina realizes that one of her lovers has the audacity to leave her for a young brainless virgin, Angie. So she gives Andy a vengeful assignment: to lead her new rival astray. Andy, however, has more ambitious plans: he proposes to seduce the prudish Christina, a young pianist whose musical talent is equaled only by her unwavering chastity. In frustration, Martina challenges, Andy: if he succeeds she will be his at last. But when Andy falls in love, the two seducing accomplices turn into ruthless rivals.

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