The Debt 2011

Rachel Singer is a former Mossad agent who tried to capture a notorious Nazi war criminal – the Surgeon of Birkenau – in a secret Israeli mission that ended with his death on the streets of East Berlin. Now, 30 years later, a man claiming to be the doctor has surfaced, and Rachel must return to Eastern Europe to uncover the truth. Overwhelmed by haunting memories of her younger self and her two fellow agents, the still-celebrated heroine must relive the trauma of those events and confront the debt she has incurred.

The Debt Collector 2018

A classically-trained martial artist goes to work as a debt collector for the mob. The job seems easy enough, until one “client” pulls him into a situation deeper than could ever be expected.

Love & Debt 2019

When you're up to neck in's not about the money. A drama full of the comedy of life. A story for our times that examines the durability of marriage and family, the price of telling the truth and discovering what matters most.

The Debt 2015

Set against the backdrop of an international finance deal in New York and Peru, Oliver's Deal is an intense political drama which explores how far people will go to get what they want.

The Debt Collector 1999

Mean, gritty, dirty and low and that's just the Policeman Gary Keltie (Ken Stott) out for retribution for the horrendous crimes against the helpless people of Edinburgh during the nineteen seventies, by notorious, torturous, and killer, debt collector Nickie Dryden (Billy Connolly).


A mysterious pair descend upon a small town with a mission and come face to face with their own mortality.

Ambition's Debt 2017

Adapted from William Shakespeare's epic tale of honor, ambition, betrayal, hubris, and the supernatural. The story follows the downfall of Rome's most honored citizen, Marcus Brutus, as he conspires to assassinate Julius Caesar, in order to forestall tyranny and preserve democracy.

The Debt 1993

In the midst of the current recession, a series of disastrous telephone messages triggers a major domestic crisis fro the Kosnicks, a yuppie couple at the end of their rope. In the height of their despair, a door-to-door salesman tries to sell them a book about positive thinking, but for the Kosnicks it may be too late...

The Debt 2015

A young man seeks revenge for the murder of his girlfriend.

Money as Debt 2006

Paul Grignon's 47-minute animated presentation of "Money as Debt" tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being created

Killed By My Debt 2018

In January 2015, Jerome Rogers, a popular nineteen year old from a council estate, finally got what he’d been working for – a new motorbike and his first real job, as a courier. But in the hands of bailiffs, two £65 traffic fines rose to over a thousand pounds. Some weeks, take-home pay in his zero hours job was as low as £12. Under the pressure of his debt, Jerome went to the woods where he’d played as a kid, and took his own life. This is his story…

Bound by Debt 2017

Dylan James is an underground fighter who is estranged from his family. After he refuses to fight for the mob, his niece is kidnapped and he is forced to reunite with his brother to save their family.

Debt Comes Due 2016

A desperate man seeks out his own payday, until a vengeful stranger offers a larger reward and a chance at justice.

The Micro Debt

For decades Microcredit has been hailed as the #1 solution to eradicate poverty. However, interest rates from 30 to 200 % makes it impossible for most poor loan takers in Mexico, India and Bangladesh to pay back their loans. The poor are under extreme social pressure from the other members of their groups - not to mention how cruel and rude some of the loan officers behave when it comes to defaulting a single weekly payment.

Debt of Honour 1936

A Colonel's daughter steals from the regimental mess funds to pay off her gambling debts. One of the officers, who is love with her, takes the blame, and is sent to Africa.

Paying The Debt

In this fantasy role-play Sarah Shevon plays a girl who has to pay off her boyfriend's debts with the most valuable thing she has on her, her body. Her clothes are quickly stripped away and she is made to pay the price that her boyfriend couldn't.

The Kiss Of Debt 2000

Tino Mariano, an aspiring opera singer indebted to a Mob boss. Money is no object, but when you are in debt there's no turning back.

The Wolf of Debt 1915

Bruce Marsden, a former millionaire fallen on bad times, marries Helen Stanhope against her mother's wishes. The ambitious Mrs. Stanhope encourages Anthony Stuart, a rich broker and rejected suitor of her daughter, to win Helen away from Marsden, and Stuart consequently hires Marsden to work in his firm. As Marsden works, Stuart lavishes his attentions on Helen, who sternly rejects all his advances. Undaunted, Stuart sends Marsden away on a business trip and invites Helen to attend an elegant reception.


Debt is an American game show hosted by Wink Martindale, which aired on Lifetime from June 3, 1996 to August 14, 1998. The show featured contestants who were trying to earn money to get out of debt.

The Debt 2003

Geoff Dresner is a retired safe-breaker who's turned his back on crime to make an honest living as a baker. But his past comes back to haunt him when he's forced to take on one more job in order to help his family.

A Matter of Life and Debt 2017

Documentary series about credit unions and responsible lenders across the country, telling the stories of people whose lives have been transformed by an ethical loan.

Til Debt Do Us Part 2005

Til Debt Do Us Part is a Canadian television series produced by Frantic Films for Slice in Canada, Zone Reality in the United Kingdom and AmericanLife TV Network and CNBC in the USA. It is hosted by Gail Vaz-Oxlade, who each week visits a couple who are in debt and having relationship troubles. The participants are given weekly challenges, some of which are to help bring the finances and debt under control, with the others meant to help the couple's relationship. At the end of one month, Vaz-Oxlade gives the couple a cheque for an amount up to $5,000, depending on how well they did during the challenges.

Father's Fruit: My Darling Debtor 2013

The drama My Darling Debtor brings us a young freelance photographer that specializes in portraits that helps the burning habits of young shopper girl that falls unconscious at bank (played by Toey Jarin) to start the story.

The Debtor’s Shack 2018

1940. Three little boys find mysterious package from another dimension including the potion allowing the human beings live much longer they do. One of them suddenly dies in the river while others drank the potion. Now they are able to live million more years but still they will never forget what happened with their friend.

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