The Lives of Others 2006

A tragic love story set in East Berlin with the backdrop of an undercover Stasi controlled culture. Stasi captain Wieler is ordered to follow author Dreyman and plunges deeper and deeper into his life until he reaches the threshold of doubting the system.

Life Eternal 2015

Brenner returns to Graz, the city where he grew up. When confronted with his old friends, his former girlfriend and the major sin he committed when he was young, murders and a fateful gunshot to the head result. After Brenner comes out of a coma, he begins to search for the person who tried to kill him - however, everybody claims that he himself is responsible. In the beginning Brenner was at the end of his rope, but he could face a new beginning in the end.

The Taste of Life 2017

What does life taste of? For joyful Nikki the answer is clear: of pleasure. Delightfully she enjoys this at every possible occasion, as she drives through the country looking for people and their stories for her video-blog.

Two Lives 2014

Europe 1990, the Berlin wall has just crumbled: Katrine, raised in East Germany, but now living in Norway for the last 20 years, is a “war child”; the result of a love relationship between a Norwegian woman and a German occupation soldier during World War II. She enjoys a happy family life with her mother, her husband, daughter and granddaughter. But when a lawyer asks her and her mother to witness in a trial against the Norwegian state on behalf of the war children, she resists. Gradually, a web of concealments and secrets is unveiled, until Katrine is finally stripped of everything, and her loved ones are forced to take a stand: What carries more weight, the life they have lived together, or the lie it is based on?

My Blind Date with Life 2017

An ambitious young man struggles to achieve his dream of becoming an employee in a Munich luxury hotel despite being strongly visually impaired.

Dive: Leben im Schiffswrack 2012

Let yourself be enchanted by this exciting diving adventure! Down into the deep blue, down into a beautiful and alien world. Meet unique creatures such as the spotted eagle ray, the Hawaiian Prussian fish, moray eels and, of course, the popular clown fish. Swim through coral reefs with an extraordinary fauna in the beautiful Egyptian Red Sea.

Lebe dein Leben 2012

The talented young entrepreneur Finn Sieveking has to cope with the death of his mother Maria, who was always at his side in the management of the traditional Hamburg family business. Out of nowhere the adventurer Jonathan Clark appears, who introduces himself as his biological father. Finn has to cooperate with him unwillingly, because Maria has bequeathed both of them half of their business shares. Only gradually does Finn begin to understand what his clever mother intended.

Leben um Leben 1916

Silent Film Drama by Richard Eichberg. Starring Ellen Richter.

Eight Miles High 2008

Achim Bornhak's movie focuses on the restless life of Uschi Obermaier, the icon of the 1968 movement in Germany and groupie. At the age of 16, Uschi is bored by her job in a photo lab, but soon becomes the "it girl" of Munich's club scene. When she gets to know Rainer Langhans, they move to Berlin and live in "Kommune 1", the first politically-motivated commune in Germany. While the other occupants claim she isn't political enough, Uschi just wants to have fun, works as fashion model and leads international music stars in temptation.

Verspieltes Leben 1949

Germany, 1914: The bourgeois austerity of the small, northern German town in which Ulyssa lives conflicts sharply with her desire to flirt with and be ensnared by charming, young men. That she's married is irrelevant; it's a marriage which exists only on paper. Among all the men Ulyssa flirts with, there is one for which she has genuine affection: Stefen Marbach, an upright and sincere man, far superior to her other men. And, indeed, the two are honest with one another about their feelings, but the outbreak of the First World War separates them. Sometime later, Ulyssa finds out that not only her husband, but Stefan, too, has fallen in battle. The news of this disaster leads her to reconsider and eventually give in to the constant urgings of the Viennese merchant Reindl. Ulyssa joins Reindl in Vienna and lives a life of wealth and comfort, until one day, Stefan shows up.

From the Life of the Marionettes 1981

Made during Bergman's tax-related exile in Germany, the film continues the story of Katarina and Peter Egermann, the feuding, childless, professional couple who appear in one episode of "Scenes From A Marriage." After Peter perpetrates a horrendous crime in its first scene, the rest of the film consists of a non-linear examination of his motivations, incorporating a police psychological investigation, scenes from the Egermanns' married life, and dream sequences.

Five Years 2013

How Murat Kurnaz ended up in Guantanamo Bay is a mysterious story. 5 YEARS investigates the psychological aspect of this endless and unjustified "imprisonment" where Kurnaz had to endure never ending physical and psychological torture.

To Life! 2014

Fate has taken its toll on the aging cabaret singer Ruth and the young but terminally ill Jonas. Yet despite their great age difference and their entirely opposite experiences in life, they form an intense bond and give each other a reason and purpose to live.

Half a life 2009

A young woman is found raped and bludgeoned to death. Her father can’t reconcile himself with her death, and even less with the fact that the murderer was never found. Half of his life he continues the search. Finally, after more than 20 years, as DNA-analysis becomes a factor in forensic medicine, new perspectives open.

Dies rigorose Leben

Mayhem and tangled love knots in the Southwest U.S. desert are the scourge of a group of stranded German immigrants living in a few mobile homes at the crossroads of two desert highways. Joe loves Rosa, and kills someone she had slept with because he thought their union was consentual (a rape), and he gets five years for the murder. When he is released from jail, his first priority is to attend his mother's funeral -- a death that has upset his sister so much that she is on the verge of a breakdown. His sister is supposed to marry a Mennonite, but is stuck on Joe and so that plan is scotched. Meanwhile, Rosa has taken up with another trucker, who is jealous of Joe and tries to kill him. The next thing anyone knows, the trailers and nearby buildings are going up in flames -- will Joe and Rosa survive to continue their desert saga?

Intervention 2005

People whose uncontrollable addiction to drugs, alcohol or compulsive behavior has brought them to the brink of destruction and has devastated their family and friends are presented with a life-changing opportunity of intervention and rehab. Each addict must confront their darkest demons in order to begin their journey to recovery in the hopes that they can turn their lives around before it’s too late.

Mein Leben & Ich 2001

Mein Leben & Ich is a German situation comedy produced by Sony Pictures in association with RTL Television for RTL. The series was created by Paula A. Roth and loosely based on ABC's 1994 teen drama My So-Called Life. The series focuses on the life of student Alex Degenhardt, who deals with everyday life and sometimes frustrating friends, Claudia and Niko, as well as her family; her little brother Basti and her Hippie-parents Hendrik and Anke. A sixth Season was produced in 2006 but not shown until late 2009. It is also telecast in Finland by Nelonen, in France and in Spain.

Twice in a Lifetime 1999

Twice in a Lifetime is a Canadian mystery/drama series that originally aired from 1999 to 2001. Created by Steve Sohmer, the series aired on CTV in Canada and PAX in the United States.

Best Friends 2007

Best Friends follows the life of a group of friends at their high school ‘Spangalis College’. Inside and outside of school exciting and challenging experiences take place. Growing up is never easy; every character has its own, unique story of love, friendship, loneliness, sorrow, discovery. There is drama and joy in school, family, teachers, parents, divorce, bullying, and always dreams for the future.

This Is Us 2016

Follows the lives and families of three adults living and growing up in the United States of America in present and past times. As their paths cross and their life stories intertwine in curious ways, we find that several of them share the same birthday - and so much more than anyone would expect.

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