Don't. Get. Out! 2018

Taking his kids to school with the car, Berlin real estate developer Karl gets a call from a blackmailer: If he doesn’t pay up, the car will blow up. A deadly race against time begins.

Not My Day 2014

When Banker Till (Axel Stein) is kidnapped during a bank robbery, he has the time of his life...

Single By Contract 2010

A love connection clicks for Lila when she moves back to Berlin and meets Christopher -- never realizing that she's fallen for a rock star who's signed a contract to remain single for life.

If Not Us, Who? 2011

In the early 60s, Bernward Vesper and fellow university student Gudrun Ensslin begin a passionate love in the stifling atmosphere of provincial West Germany. Dedicated to the power of the written word, Bernward and Gudrun found a publishing house whose first publication is, paradoxically to many, a controversial past work of Bernward's ostracized father, an infamous Nazi author. Bernward defends his father's writing ability, even if he is haunted by his father's suspicious past.

What Doesn't Kill Us 2018

As a divorced father of two teenage daughters, with a head-strong ex-wife for a best friend, too many peculiar patients to keep up with and a new dog, psychotherapist Max certainly doesn't need another challenge. But when Sophie, a compulsive gambler with a boyfriend problem, regularly shows up late for her appointments, she rocks his world in ways he's not ready for.

As Green As It Gets 2018

Georg "Schorsch" Kempter is a gardener in a small Bavarian town, working day-in, day-out in his nursery, which is facing bankruptcy. He doesn't like to talk much. He never has. His marriage has long lost all its magic and on top of that, he has trouble to connect with his daughter. Only when he is flying in his own rickety biplane, Schorsch feels truly free. When the owner of the local golf course tries to cheat Schorsch for his money, claiming the shade of green of the grass Schorsch has planted on the golf course is not right, insolvency seems unavoidable. So just when his airplane is about to be impounded, Schorsch grabs the control stick and flies away in an attempt to save his plane and himself. He embarks onto a journey into the unknown, to places he has never seen before, full of odd and special encounters - and with every take-off and every landing, this tough man's heart slowly warms up to what you might call an idea of happiness.

Nicht alle waren Mörder 2006

Based on the childhood memories of actor Michael Degen, the movie deals with the everyday struggle to survive as a Jewish boy in Nazi Germany. As his father had died in 1940 after being released from the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Michael and his mother fear to be deported themselves. They manage to live in Berlin with false names and faked papers, hidden by several, often broken, people...

Schoolgirl Report Part 1: What Parents Don't Think Is Possible 1970

A teenage girl is caught petting with the bus driver during an outing. The school's parent council discusses her punishment. One parent, a psychologist, suggests that her behavior is not abnormal or worthy of expulsion. He describes teen girls' experiments with sex, and these dramatized vignettes, interspersed with man-in-the-street interviews with young women about their attitudes and experiences, make a case for 60's generation's attitude of independence. The girls argue for telling the truth in the face of post-war German convention. In the end, will Renata be expelled or recognized as a girl from a new era?

Julia 1974

A young woman discovers that there's more to do than ski when in the Swiss Alps.

Big Girls Don't Cry 2002

Kati and Steffi have been best friends since they were six. Now they're both 17 and enjoying the ups and downs of becoming adults together. While Kati's parents are religious and conservative, but argue constantly, Steffi comes from what appears to be a harmonious and liberal family. But the girls discover how quickly their attractive world can fall apart when, at a hip nightclub, they happen to see Steffi's father in the arms of another woman. Steffi is shocked, her trust in her small perfect world shaken to the core. She can only think of one thing: revenge.

Heiratsschwindler küsst man nicht 2012

It's an affair that the married business woman Thea bitterly regrets: Since she got involved in a vacation with Benedict, she is not only plaguing her conscience. In addition, she is blackmailed by the supposed charmer with a shared sex video. Thea thinks about revenge. That's when it makes sense for her to find an ally in the bona fide bookseller Babette. This was led by Benedict only to the altar and then left with credit debts. When it comes to money, love ends - but the fun begins in this revenge comedy starring Katrin Sass, Petra Kleinert, Jasmin Schwiers.

Never Ever Do This at Home! 2012

Tempting fate, fearless hosts Wigald Boning and Bernhard Hoecker ignore warnings and restrictions on various items to see what happens when they do.

Agathe kann’s nicht lassen 2006

Agathe kann’s nicht lassen was an Austrian and German detective comedy television series which ran between 2005 and 2007. It was based upon Agatha Christie's Miss Marple.

Es muss nicht immer Kaviar sein 1977

Es muss nicht immer Kaviar sein is a TV adaption of a novel of the same name by Austrian author Johannes Mario Simmel. Directed by Thomas Engel Siegfried Rauch walks in the footsteps of O. W. Fischer who played the protagonist "Thomas Lieven" already in 1961, just one year after the bestseller had been released. The series is unique for providing a little cooking show at the end of each episode. The book also includes recipes because "Thomas Lieven" is an accomplished amateur cook.

Ein echter Wiener geht nicht unter 1975

Ein echter Wiener geht nicht unter is a classic Austrian television series. It was produced by Österreichischer Rundfunk, Austrian Television, and ran for 24 episodes from 1975 to 1979. The script writer was Ernst Hinterberger; the series was based on his 1966 novel Das Salz der Erde. The producer was Hans Preiner, who initiated the project in his series Impulse, which centered on development of new program formats and training of new, young directors. Ein echter Wiener geht nicht unter starred popular Austrian actor Karl Merkatz as the main character, Edmund "Mundl" Sackbauer. Mundl lives in a typical Vienna Gemeindebau at Hasengasse, in Vienna's 10th municipal district. The series used Viennese dialect and became successful after an initial campaign against it by the Krone newspaper as too "common."

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