Phantom Thread 2017

Renowned British dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock comes across Alma, a young, strong-willed woman, who soon becomes a fixture in his life as his muse and lover.

The Red Thread 2016

Seven years after their first infatuated encounter, Abril and Manuel meet again. Despite the fact that they are both married, it is soon apparent that their attraction has only grown.

Thread 2017

Niki is a resistance fighter living in a nightmarish dictatorship in Athens, 1972, and Lefteris is her son, who will be forced sooner or later to cut the thread that binds them together.

The Slender Thread 1965

Alan is a Seattle college student volunteering at a crisis center. One night when at the clinic alone, a woman calls up the number and tells Alan that she needs to talk to someone. She informs Alan she took a load of pills, and he secretly tries to get help. During this time, he learns more about the woman, her family life, and why she wants to die. Can Alan get the cavalry to save her in time before it's too late?

Scarlet Thread 1951

Tale of Cambridge college exploits of two smash-and-grab thieves on the run.

Thread 2009

Surfing well is a lifetime's pursuit that's expressed in subtleties: the pull of shoulders, the timing of breath. Unfolding on distant shores, each wave and location with its own flavor, Thread sews together experiences, offering a meditative look at the most fluid of the arts. Featuring Joel Tudor, Taylor Knox, the Long brothers, The Campbell Brothers, Ray Barbee, Joe Curren, Tom Carroll, Jim Denevan and more.

Thread 2000

A motorcyclist draws a red line in the middle of the desert. The line must never be broken, nor be passed.

Subarnarekha 1965

After an old college friend offers him a job at an iron foundry, the upright and honest Ishwar leaves a shanty town on the outskirts of Calcutta where he lives with a group of refugees from East Bengal. With plans to forge a solid living for himself, sister Sita and Abhiram, an orphaned boy he offers a home to, Ishwar is accused of selling out and deserting his people.

The Thread of Destiny 1910

The orphan girl of San Gabriel meets and is attracted by a Spanish stranger. The Spaniard is accused of cheating and set to be lynched, but is saved by the girl's ruse, who later becomes his bride.

The Thread 2015

The Thread is a groundbreaking documentary that exposes the undeniable impact amateur internet writers are having on journalism today. Following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, amateur internet sleuths took to Twitter and Reddit, intent on identifying the individuals responsible. The ensuing investigation led to an innocent young man being charged with the crime, thus changing the face of journalism forever. Directed by Greg Barker (Manhunt) and executive produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Jonathan Chinn (American High) and Academy Award-winning producer Simon Chinn (Man on Wire).

Occam's Thread 2001

Hand-painted step-printed film about the Razor's Edge as a thread.

Exit Thread

Tom Decker is a clergyman in his late twenties with a rural church outside of a small college town. Laura Carlisle is a mid-thirties history professor who has recently begun a romantic relationship with Tom. Abigail Scott is a mid-twenties graduate student studying under Carlisle who is also Tom's oldest and closest friend from childhood. The three realize that they have interconnecting relationships when they find themselves at the funeral for Laura's former mentor. Unbeknownst to Laura, Tom and Abigail have a past that extends beyond friendship - they were once lovers. While Abigail longs for a return to that passionate relationship, Tom struggles with his continuing attraction to her, even as he falls further in love with Laura. Observing all of this at a distance is Rev. Ezekiel Hartt, a clergyman in his mid-sixties who has returned to town after a long absence with a secret that threatens to destroy them all.

Broken Thread

Ram, a London-based businessman of Indian and English descent, has been experiencing mind-shattering nightmares of a mysterious masked woman who torments him. As Ram mourns the loss of his father, he is assaulted with images, seemingly lost memories for which he has no explanation.

Cloud Thread 1976

Understood as an extension of Reckless Daydream (1974), abstract forms are transfigured. This version includes the intended processing of the blue hue and the animation’s timing, as instructed on the film’s original can.

Threads 1984

Documentary style account of a nuclear holocaust and its effect on the working class city of Sheffield, England; and the eventual long run effects of nuclear war on civilization.

The Red Thread 2008

Mei has been in love with Yuya all her life. They've grown up together. But when they reach their second year of middle school, Yuya suddenly professes his love for her older sister, Haruna.

The Solar Thread 1963

Presentation of polymer chemistry-based synthetic fiber, and the manufacturing facilities and production process used by Toray, Japan’s leading textile maker. Also depicts the textiles being sold throughout Europe and the US.

Red Thread of Fate 2008

Akai Ito is Japanese television drama series based on a popular mobile phone novel written by Mei about two soulmates - junior high school students Mei and Atsushi - who must overcome drugs, rape and attempted suicide in order to be together. The love story was an online hit in 2006 and later published as a series of five books which sold 1.8 million copies.

Threads 1984

Threads is a British television drama produced by the BBC in 1984. Written by Barry Hines and directed by Mick Jackson, it is a documentary-style account of a nuclear war and its effects on the city of Sheffield in northern England. Filmed in late 1983 and early 1984, the primary plot centres on two families, the Kemps and the Becketts, as an international crisis between the United States and the Soviet Union erupts and escalates. As the United Kingdom prepares for war, the members of each family deal with their own personal crises. Meanwhile, a secondary plot centered upon Clive J. Sutton, the Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council serves to illustrate for the viewer the United Kingdom government's then-current continuity of government arrangements. As open warfare between NATO and the USSR-led Warsaw Pact begins, the harrowing details of the characters' struggle to survive the attacks is dramatically depicted. The balance of the story details the fate of each family as the characters face the medical, economic, social, and environmental consequences of a nuclear war.

Threads 2017

The internet is the world's largest confessional - from online communities and message boards to chat rooms and web forums (think Reddit), the internet is a communal vault for our biggest secrets and most traumatizing moments. Inspired by real threads, this anthology series brings the most outrageous stories to life.

Uncommon Threads

Uncommon Threads is a TV craft show on the DIY Network, hosted by Allison Whitlock. The series focuses on the art of needlecrafts, including appliqué, crochet, embroidery, patchwork, quilting and rug making. The host is joined on each show by a different needle arts group, club, or designer from around the United States. Viewers get to know the guests as they share their ideas, specialties, techniques and creations.

Talking Threads

Talking Threads is a new, magazine style programme, targeted specifically at the ever-increasing market for textile art that aims to inspire people to be creative with fabric. Shown on The Country Channel, on Sky TV, Talking Threads has a potential audience of fifty million people across the world, with a large percentage of these being UK based.

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