Run If You Can 2010

An independent tragicomedy, Run If You Can is the debut feature for director Brüggemann who, along with his sister, also wrote the compelling screenplay. Forced to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, Ben is deeply desperate, despite his humor and vivaciousness. When he meets Christian, his new assistant, Ben treats him like every other helper he’s had. Things suddenly change when Christian meets Annika, “the cello player” whom Ben has been observing from his window for years. The three become close friends, putting Annika in the middle of an emotional, and somehow dangerous, ménage à trois. While conquering Annika is nothing very serious for career-focused Christian, Ben’s love for Annika reminds him of his past and forces him to face his most remote fears. A character-driven story, Run If You Can owes much of its power to the actors’ performances, especially Robert Gwisdek’s outstanding interpretation of Ben.

Killerjagd. Töte mich, wenn du kannst 2009

A young woman (Alexandra Neldel) begins to work collecting emergency calls when get one that puts she on the trail of a serial murderer who, for some strange reason, she intends to become involved in the case. Furthermore yet another teenager has been kidnapped. Police do not know where to start, but it surely depend to find the victim alive.

Gold: You Can Do More Than You Think 2013

GOLD – YOU CAN DO MORE THAN YOU THINK is the emotional story about three outstanding top Athletes. Henry Wanyoike, a blind Marathon runner from Kenya, Kirsten Bruhn, paralyzed Swimmer from Germany and Kurt Fearnley, Australian Wheelchair racer.

Don't Tell Me You Can't Sing 2018

One day, Claire has to overcome her fears. She leaves her everyday life behind, to find Carla her second half, who desperatly needs her help. It’s the story of a death and of a rebirth.

The Quiet 2006

After her widowed father dies, deaf teenager Dot moves in with her godparents, Olivia and Paul Deer. The Deers' daughter, Nina, is openly hostile to Dot, but that does not prevent her from telling her secrets to her silent stepsister, including the fact that she wants to kill her lecherous father.

The Contract 2006

Attempting to recover from a recent family trauma by escaping into the woods for a peaceful hiking trip, an ex-lawman and his young son stumble across a dangerous contract killer.

GirlHouse 2015

In an attempt to make some extra cash while away at College, Kylie moves into a house that streams content to an X-rated website. After a deranged fan hacks in to determine the house's location, she finds herself in a terrifying fight for her life.

Let It Shine 2012

The film follows a shy, talented musician who pens romantic hip-hop verses only to stand idly by as they're delivered to the girl of his dreams by a proxy, his best friend. Made for Disney Channel movie/

Horsehead 2014

Since her childhood, Jessica has been haunted by recurrent nightmares whose meaning escapes her. This peculiarity has led her to study the psychophysiology of dreams and to follow a therapy with Sean, her mentor and boyfriend, to try and understand the origin of her nightmares. Following the death of her maternal grandmother she hardly knew, Jessica reluctantly returns to the family home. Jessica then begins to wander in a nightmarish world inhabited by twisted versions of her family members. She gradually improves her skills as a lucid dreamer and investigates to solve the mystery that gnaws her and haunts the family home...

The Sentinel 2006

A secret service agent is framed as the mole in an assassination attempt on the president. He must clear his name and foil another assassination attempt while on the run from a relentless FBI agent.

Pawn 2013

A petty robbery spirals into a tense hostage situation after three gunmen hold up a diner that's a front for the mob.

Hide and Seek 2005

David Callaway tries to piece together his life in the wake of his wife's suicide and has been left to raise his nine-year-old daughter, Emily on his own. David is at first amused to discover that Emily has created an imaginary friend named 'Charlie', but it isn't long before 'Charlie' develops a sinister and violent side, and as David struggles with his daughter's growing emotional problems, he comes to the frightening realisation that 'Charlie' isn't just a figment of Emily's imagination.

Quicksand 2019

After a tragedy at a school sends shock waves through a wealthy Stockholm suburb, a seemingly well-adjusted teen finds herself on trial for murder.

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