The Dictator 2012

The heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.

The Great Dictator 1940

Dictator Adenoid Hynkel tries to expand his empire while a poor Jewish barber tries to avoid persecution from Hynkel's regime.

Dear Dictator 2018

When political turmoil forces a British-Caribbean dictator to flee his island nation, he seeks refuge and hides with a rebellious teenage girl in suburban America, and ends up teaching the young teen how to start a revolution and overthrow the "mean girls" in her high school.

Dictator 2016

Chandu lives a normal life with his in laws in Hyderabad. One fine day, he comes across an aspiring actress and helps her in a critical situation. The problems gets big and Chandu lands himself in a huge mess. He also takes the blame for a crime committed at the store. While in prison, he learns secrets about his life, but he is hiding a secret and there's another world where people fear even the mention of his name. Why is he living in hiding?

The Dictator 1935

he film depicts a dramatic episode in Danish history: the tumultous relationship between King Christian VII of Denmark and his English consort Caroline Matilda in Eighteenth century Copenhagen and the Queen's tragic affair with the royal physician and liberal reformer Johann Friedrich Struensee.

The Dictator 1978

Ficticious interview with a fictitious dictator.

Bringing Down a Dictator 2002

A student group called Otpor! ("Resistance!" in Serbian) forms part of the nonviolent opposition movement that toppled the regime of Slobodan Milosevic.

The Dictator Hunter 2007

An account of the brutal torture, imprisonment and murder carried out by Chadian dictator Hissene Habre during the 1980s.

The Little Dictator 2015

Yossi Kleinmann, a dull history professor and expert on the political leaders of totalitarian regimes, feels unappreciated both by his students and his domineering wife. One weekend, at the 90th birthday party of his wife’s grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, Yossi finds himself in a surreal situation that forces him to face up to himself and his family.

The Benevolent Dictator 2016

A Viennese Jew who left Austria in 1938 under the Kindertransport scheme, Norbert Abeles became a British colonial civil servant in Africa in the 1950s. Now in his nineties, he lives in Malawi, where he remarried, after working many years for organisations such as Unesco, but also African despots. The filmmakers film the present day, without recourse to archive material, and create a tension between the testimony of this previously abused child, who had to toughen up to survive, and images of his current life.

Granito: How to Nail a Dictator 2011

Granito is a story of destinies joined by Guatemala’s past, and how a documentary film intertwined with a nation’s turbulent history emerges as an active player in the present. Its characters sift for clues buried in archives of mind and place and historical memory, seeking to uncover a narrative that could unlock the past and settle matters of life and death in the present. Each of the five main characters whose destinies collide in Granito are connected by the Guatemala of 1982, then engulfed in a war where a genocidal “scorched earth” campaign by the military exterminated nearly 200,000 Maya people. Now, as if a watchful Maya god were weaving back together threads of a story unraveled by the passage of time, forgotten by most, our characters become integral to the overarching narrative of wrongs done and justice sought that they have pieced together, each adding their granito, their tiny grain of sand, to the epic tale.

North Korea's Deadly Dictator 2017

The assassination of Kim Jong-nam occurred on 13 February 2017 when two women attacked him with VX nerve agent, a lethal chemical weapon, at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. Kim was the eldest son of deceased North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and the half-brother of current North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. North Korean diplomats objected to any form of autopsy being conducted on Kim's body, but the autopsy proceeded as the they did not submit a formal protest. Following Malaysia's refusal to release the body immediately, North Korea's ambassador Kang Chol accused Malaysia of collaborating with the country's enemies over the assassination of Kim Jong-nam.

Nadia Comaneci: The Gymnast and the Dictator 2016

A documentary portrait of legendary Perfect Ten gymnast Nadia Comaneci after becoming an icon in the 1976 Olympics, during her Romanian period, and her challenging years under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu.

Dictator: One Crazy Job

How dictators acquire, abuse and thrive on power is the focus of this documentary showing similar obsessions among Hitler, Idi Amin and others.

Romania: Death of a Dictator 1990

The story of the events that led up to the revolt against, overthrow and eventual execution of murderous longtime Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu.

Nadia Comăneci: The Gymnast and the Dictator 2016

The Montreal Olympic Games, 18th July 1976: an angel-faced young gymnast storms onto the international sports scene, quickly becoming a legend. Everyone can recall the little Romanian pixie with red ribbons in her hair. In a few jaw-dropping routines, Nadia Comăneci rose to the rank of universal idol. Behind the scenes, she was forced to maintain a relationship with a strange dictator.

Bringing Down a Dictator

Bringing Down A Dictator is a 56-minute documentary film by Steve York about the nonviolent defeat of Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic. It focuses on the contributions of the student-led Otpor movement. The film originally aired on national PBS in March 2002. It was narrated by Martin Sheen and won the George Foster Peabody Award. Other awards include: ⁕ABCNews VideoSource Award --- The International Documentary Association ⁕Silver Chris Award --- Columbus International Film and Video Festival ⁕Bronze Plaque: Scriptwriting --- Columbus International Film and Video Festival ⁕Silver Plaque --- The Chicago International Television Festival ⁕Gold Remi --- Worldfest Houston International Film Festival ⁕Best Documentary --- Sedona International Film Festival Bringing Down A Dictator was broadcast several times in the former Republic of Georgia in the fall of 2003 and was credited with helping the citizens there organize their nonviolent protest against the electoral fraud linked to Eduard Shevardnadze, in what was called the Rose Revolution. In a February 9, 2011 news piece on the Al-Jazeera-English channel, members of the youth leaders of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 are seen watching Bringing Down A Dictator during an organizational meeting.

The Dictator's Rulebook 2018

Learn how six dictators, from Mussolini to Saddam Hussein, shaped the 20th century. How did they seize and lose power? What forces were against them? Learn the answers in these six immersive hours, each a revealing portrait of brutality and power.

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