Rocket Gibraltar 1988

A man's family comes for his 77th birthday and while he loves all of his children and their children, he and his children don't exactly connect. However, he connects with his grandchildren. And he tells them what he wants for his birthday and they do what they can to give it to him.

Gibraltar 1938

A British officer poses as a traitor in order to infiltrate a team of terrorists who are sabotaging ships, while a seductive cabaret dancer is working for the mysterious genius who runs the enemy spy ring.

Gibraltar 2013

16mm film opening up dialogues concerning bio-anthropology, history, tourism, folklore and spectacle.

Gibraltar 2011

The Rock of Gibraltar has been at the centre of a fiercely contested diplomatic dispute that has stretched over the centuries. For the past 300 years Spain has fought to regain this tiny British territory but in true David and Goliath style, the small community on the rock has fought back, choosing instead to remain British. In the summer of 2010, the director Ana Garcia returned home to Gibraltar to get married. Coming back to the most unique of British territories, she finds herself compelled to find out more about the history of her family and her birthplace. As she prepares for her wedding, we are taken on a very personal journey that uncovers the inspiring story of how a small community has fought for its homeland and identity. At times funny, at times tragic, this is a surprising tale of struggle and victory in the name of home and family.

Souvenir of Gibraltar 1975

Jo, a former American G.I., settled down in Welkenraedt, a small Belgian town, as a butcher. He married Tina, a girl he had met in Belgium and who now works with him in their shop. She has given him two sons, Armand, who besides being an amateur boxing champ, is employed by his parents as a butcher, and Henri, who dreams of becoming a filmmaker and who is now busy filming a documentary about Armand. 'Souvenir of Gibraltar" is the amused chronicle of this oddball family.

Goodbye Gibraltar 1993

Goodbye Gibraltar, directed by Ulrika Bengst, is a film about reconciliation, encountering different lifestyles and dreams.

The Sailor from Gibraltar 1967

Alan, after quarreling with his girlfriend Sheila, becomes intrigued by Anna, a mysterious widow who's searching for a sailor she had known many years before. Alan and Anna begin the search on board a yacht bound for Greece, but they don't find the sailor. After a stop in Africa, Louis de Mozambique joins the party and suggests that the sailor may never have existed other than in Anna's mind.

Gulls at Gibraltar 2015

Seagulls hover and dip on the rocky coastline of Gibraltar Point. Tilting and multiple horizons camouflage the birds, splintering and gathering the lone gull to the flock.

El Niño 2014

Two youths, Niño and Compi, enter the world of drug smuggling in the Strait of Gibraltar; while two police officers, Jesús and Eva, try to eradicate the contraband.

Admiral Dewey Landing at Gibraltar 1899

George Dewey was an admiral in the U.S. Navy who is best remembered for his victory at Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War, which he won without the death of a single person in the battle. Needless to say since he was a big hero in this country Edison decided to film him at various stages and release them to make some money.

General, The. Attempt at Gibraltar 2009

The film presents the last days of Gen. Sikorski, right before the Gibraltar catastrophe. The commander is accompanied by his daughter Zofia and a group of closest collaborators. They are all guests in the palace of the Governor of Gibraltar, Mason Macfarlane, who is supposed to persuade Sikorski to give back documents on the murder of Polish officers in Katyn. When Sikorski refuses, a plan of attempt on his life comes into action. Who stood behind it? Who executed it and how? Was Zofia on board of Liberator too?

I Was Monty's Double 1958

The incredible but true story of how an impersonator was recruited to impersonate General Montgomery to mislead the German's about his intentions before the North Africa campaign.

Gibraltar Britain In The Sun 2013

Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun is a British documentary broadcast on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom. It first broadcast on 11 June 2013 and series one ended on 16 July 2013. The programme experienced higher than average and expected ratings, peaking just below 1.90 million viewers on most episodes. It has been re-commissioned by Channel 5 for a second series.

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