Shooters 2002

Gilly comes out of prison after serving a six year stretch and decides that he will now turn his life around and go straight. But when he returns to his South London home and visits his old colleague J, in hope of obtaining his share of the proceeds from the job that landed him inside, J soon talks him into getting involved in one last scam.

Straight Shooters 1947

Donald runs a shooting gallery. His nephews come by and he offers them a free shot, but when the first one hits all the targets, the notoriously cheap Donald switches a cheap prize for the correct one. He then gives the other two boys gimmicked guns; the last one is empty, but the targets break anyway because one boy is hitting them from behind. Donald chases them off; they use the mystic's booth next door to get revenge.

Shooters 1989

A group of misfit U.S. Army soldiers are chosen to represent their base at the annual war games competition where they are not expected to win.

Hooked on the Game 2009

After a stunning victory at a cyber sport tournament, the winning gamers are awarded CDs with a brand new game. After playing this game, each of them is affected with some force, turning their gaming abilities into real ones. They each become the best fighters, shooters and racers in real life. However, this does not go unnoticed. Through blackmail, cheating and bribes, authorities offer the gamers a "job". But as soon as the lies are revealed it becomes clear that they are not heroes saving their country but nothing more than paid assassins. Moreover, the producer of the game is keeping many more of the same CDs, so many more "heroes" like themselves could also be produced. Now the gamers have to find the CDs and either destroy them or create an army of gamers and rule over all. The team becomes divided into two, each pitted against the other

Half Shot Shooters 1936

The stooges are discharged from the army after WW I, and promptly administer some revenge to their mean sergeant. Years later they wind up in the army again, and of course the same sergeant is their superior. The sergeant plays various tricks on them, and when the stooges go crazy with a cannon, blowing up a house, a bridge, and a smoke stack, he blows them up.

Triple Tap 2010

Champion competitive marksman Ken comes across an armored van robbery. He sees a policeman held hostage and shoots and kills four of the robbers. One of the robbers escapes and the policeman survives. The case is handled by Jerry Chang, whom Ken knows from having recently beaten him in a shooting match. Ken is found not guilty in court. Soon after, Ken is attacked by the escaped robber Pang Tao. Their confrontation reveals a very different background story and brings about a myriad of lies and traps and changes in relationships as Jerry and Ken try to outsmart each other.

Active Shooters 2015

In a time of corruption, four brothers are deputized to apprehend the man behind all of it. Until everything goes terribly wrong.

Six Shooters

The story of the South Bronx in the 70’s and 80’s is one that is too often told by outsiders looking in, sensationalizing and distorting the reality. It’s a story that is rarely heard from those who were there, from those who lived it. The "Seis del Sur", Joe Conzo, Ricky Flores, Ángel Franco, David González, Francisco Reyes and Edwin Pagán, are 6 Puerto Rican photographers who documented the South Bronx from within.

Sharp Shooters 1928

A "love-'em-and-leave-'em" sailor hooks up with a dance-hall girl in Paris while waiting for his ship to sail. She falls in love with him, and when his ship leaves port she decides to show up at its next stop and reunite with her lover. However, when she arrives at the ship's next destination, she discovers that her "lover" has already found another local girl to spend his time with. Complications ensue.

Blazing Six Shooters 1940

The story revolves around a valuable silver deposit, located between two ranches. Villain Lash Bender (Dick Curtis) cooks up a scheme to gain control of both ranches so that he may have a clear field to the silver lode.

Looters, Tooters and Sawn-Off Shooters 2014

Ex-gangster Charlie Thompson returns to London after the tragic death of his young nephew Danny which he believes to have been caused by the same callous hands that killed his brother George many years ago. Taking the law into his own hands Charlie meets up with former acquaintances ready to settle old scores and save his last remaining nephew Frankie the last of the Thompson bloodline. However, Charlie has been out the game for a while and he soon realizes that a lot has changed.

Arrival of Prince Henry (of Prussia) and President Roosevelt at Shooter's Island 1902

Here we show Prince Henry and President Roosevelt walking together up the gangway on Shooters Island, N. Y., on their way to the stand on which Miss Alice Roosevelt christens the German Emperor's yacht Meteor. Following Prince Henry and the President are Mr. Wallace Downey, owner of the ship building firm of Townsend & Downey, the sailors and marines from the Hohenzollern, officers from the United States Army and Navy, and the President's invited guests. A most brilliant and interesting picture.

Aballay, the Man without Fear 2010

Aballay was a bad tempered gaucho. After killing a man, the terrified look of the victim's son raised his consciousness about his savagery. Years go by, that kid's look doesn't leave him. Aballay knows that the kid will look for him.

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