The Grand Seduction 2014

A small fishing village must procure a local doctor to secure a lucrative business contract. When unlikely candidate and big city doctor Paul Lewis lands in their lap for a trial residence, the townsfolk rally together to charm him into staying. As the doctor’s time in the village winds to a close, acting mayor Murray French has no choice but to pull out all the stops and begin The Grand Seduction.

The Last Seduction 1994

Looking to escape her unhappy marriage, villainous femme fatale Bridget Gregory (Linda Fiorentino) convinces her husband, Clay (Bill Pullman), to sell cocaine, then steals the profits and runs out on him. She stops in a small town en route to Chicago, where she ensnares her next conquest, insurance man Mike Swale (Peter Berg). After getting a job at his insurance company, Bridget convinces Mike to run a scam -- but things take a deadly turn when she recruits him to help get rid of her husband.

Decoys 2: Alien Seduction 2007

Sam, a college student in a small Northwestern town, reluctantly joins his roommates in a contest to see who can hook up with the most gorgeous co-eds by the end of the semester. But when men slowly start disappearing around town, he and his friends learn that when it comes to beautiful women, it's what's inside that really matters.

Blue Seduction 2009

A middle aged music composer finds himself trapped in the seductive web of a young, sexy vocalist who is looking for her own fifteen seconds of fame...

Seduction 2013

RAM (Richard Gutierrez) is a struggling fireman down on his luck. He gets suspended from his job pending investigation into their operations. This happens while moving heaven and earth to find money for his fathers kidney transplant where he himself is going to be the donor. But Ram is a survivor. He knows how to use his good looks and appeal to seduce people who can help him. In need of a place to stay, he ends up renting a room in his neighbors property, knowing that the owner TRINA (Sarah Labahti) is attracted to him. He finds her in a lonely and vulnerable state that one night, an intimate encounter becomes inevitable. Ram is however surprised when the woman becomes evasive after being intimate with her. He finds her enigmatic withdrawal even more mysterious as Trina continues to be a doting presence from a distance.

Justine: Seduction of Innocence 1996

Justine is kidnapped by Professor Robson's arch nemesis in an attempt to force her to reveal the location of the jeweled "The Eye of God". Can Professor Robson rescue her in time?

Seducing Doctor Lewis 2003

A much-needed boost, in the form of a new factory, is promised to the residents of the tiny fishing village St. Marie-La-Mauderne, provided they can lure a doctor to take up full-time residency on the island. Inspired, the villagers devise a scheme to make Dr. Christopher Lewis a local.

Student Seduction 2003

Christie Dawson always wanted to be the "cool" teacher. But her world is shaken up after a pupil's crush spirals out of control and he sexually assaults her. Suddenly, her colleagues, neighbors and even her hubby are wondering whether she crossed the line and tempted her student. But school isn't out for Christine just yet she's gonna fight back, and big time!

Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life 2005

A high school kid (Sumpter) develops an addiction to Internet porn so intense that it begins to destroy his life and tear his family apart.

Lethal Seduction 2015

High School senior Mark Richards has never minded his overprotective widowed mother,Tanya, and is a good son to her as he prepares to go off to Princeton in the fall. However, when he comes under the sexual spell of the rapacious, manipulative older woman Carissa Barrington, he finds himself in the middle of two strong, unreasonable women--one of whom is insane...

Legal Seduction 2002

When Gidget starts her first day at a prestigious law firm, she is unprepared for the cold reception she gets from Gregory, heir to the family business. A stodgy lawyer with none of Gidget's spirit for fun, Gregory makes her new job miserable for her - taking every opportunity to taunt and belittle her. But Gidget knows that all work and no play makes anyone a dull boy - so she resolves to reveal her true self and show Gregory the sexy side of the law!

Lethal Seduction 2005

Miranda Wells is an attorney with a sideline in immigration fraud and murder. Miranda's assistant, Carla, is unaware of her criminal activities. Rick Benes, a journalist setting out to expose Miranda, poses as David Lopez, an illegal immigrant, and takes a job in the office. Carla stubbles on incriminating files and Rick Benes pursuit of the story is threatened when he becomes infatuated with Miranda. Carla is attacked and her husband murdered, Miranda is the chief suspect. As the investigation progresses and Carla disappears from hospital, it is clear that Miranda will stop at nothing including murdering again to stay out.

Seduction 2006

A young locksmith is drawn to murder and slowly his fear of being caught transforms into the horror of not being caught.

La petite séduction 2006

Dany Turcotte invites celebrities to discover a small rural towns in unexpected and surprising ways. Events are carefully planned cater to the celebrity’s tastes, desires and passions.

Opération Séduction 2011

Each week a single guy or gal who is seeking that special someone meets four candidates – one per day for the first four days of the week. These candidates set up romantic dates in an effort to stand out from the rest. At the end of the week, one of the candidates is chosen as the winner by the bachelor or bachelorette.

Temptation 2014

To pay a debt, a married man (Kwon Sang-Woo) receives billions of won from a woman. In return for the money, the man gives himself to the woman.

Glamorous Temptation 2015

A story about a woman experiencing a harsh fate, a woman who is jealous of her and a man set out to get revenge.

The Protectors 1972

The Protectors is a British television series, an action thriller created by Gerry Anderson. It was Anderson's second TV series using live actors as opposed to electronic marionettes, and also his second to be firmly set in contemporary times. It was also the only Gerry Anderson produced television series that was not of the fantasy or science fiction genres. It was produced by Lew Grade's ITC Entertainment production company. Despite not featuring marionettes or any real science fiction elements, The Protectors became one of Anderson's most popular productions, easily winning a renewal for a second season. A third season was in the planning stages when the show's major sponsor pulled out, forcing its cancellation. The Protectors first aired in 1972 and 1973, and ran to 52 episodes over two series, each 25 minutes long - making it one of the last series of this type to be produced in a half-hour format. It starred Robert Vaughn as Harry Rule, Nyree Dawn Porter as the Contessa Caroline di Contini, and Tony Anholt as Paul Buchet. Episodes often featured prominent guest actors.

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