Swimming to Cambodia 1987

Spalding Gray sits behind a desk throughout the entire film and recounts his exploits and chance encounters while playing a minor role in the film 'The Killing Fields'. At the same time, he gives a background to the events occurring in Cambodia at the time the film was set.

Cambodia/Kampuchea 1986

CAMBODIA/KAMPUCHEA draws on unique propaganda film and archival material from the Khmer Rouge, Vietnam and other sources. This is set against the grim realities of the Kampuchean tragedy. As a continuing theme, the film features exclusive interviews with Prince Sihanouk, who offers explanations for and insights into the role he has played in the fate of his luckless country. This definitive film study delves to the roots of the conflict, making sense of the madness, the politics and contradictions. It captures the epic spirit and passions of a people when a whole world is overturned.

Cambodia 2099 2014

Phnom Penh, Cambodia. On Diamond Island, the country's pinnacle of modernity, two friends tell each other about the dreams they had the night before.

Intrusion: Cambodia 1983

A rag tag group is assembled for a secret mission into Cambodia, led by legendary special forces commando Richard Harrison.

Angkor: Cambodia Express 1982

In a tale of drama and adventure, young journalist Andy Cameron (Robert Walker) has to get into Cambodia (it is assumed this is during the genocidal reign of Pol Pot). Cameron has to smuggle out his girlfriend Mieng (Nit Alisa) before she is killed (along with the other two million Cambodians), but he cannot manage this alone. He enlists the aid of an American Vietnam vet and the help of a few Khmer men. Eventually, Cameron makes his way into Cambodia where he encounters many dangers, some human and some inhuman.

Conscience for Cambodia

An adventurous Australian Journalist (Brian Jeffery) travels to Cambodia in seek of a fresh perspective on life that can only be experienced in the once expansive Kingdom. Within a landscape rich in beauty and a culture so venerable, the sprawl of urban society bustles for survival.

Cambodia: The Virginity Trade 2009

This documentary interviews Asian men, who explain why they are so strongly attracted to virgins. Many Asian men believe that "lying with" a virgin will bring them health and luck. From a more practical point of view, they will not contract HIV from a virgin. The men know that virginity can be faked; there is therefore a huge demand for younger and younger girls, so that clients can be certain of their virginity. Once her virginity has been taken, she is sold on to brothels, in different parts of Cambodia or over the border in Thailand. In the brothel, she is at high risk of disease and if she manages to escape, faces imprisonment in Thailand or scorn and rejection back home. We hear the stories of those whose lives have been ruined by the virginity trade, and speak to politicians, the police and representatives from NGOs.

Cambodia, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge 2011

Between April, 1975 and January, 1979, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge were responsible for the deaths of 1.7 million people in Cambodia. A quarter of the population were wiped out in one of the most brutal and virulent genocides of the twentieth century. This new film explores the life of Pol Pot, the ever-smiling, obsessively secretive leader of the Khmer Rouge. What drove him to inflict such a radical experiment on his own people? How did the Khmer Rouge turn from a band of nationalist revolutionaries into a ruthless killing machine? And why did the West stand by and let it happen?
 As an international tribunal in Cambodia finally brings the surviving leaders of the Khmer Rouge to justice, it's time to re-examine the gruesome legacy of Pol Pot.

Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia 1979

John Pilger vividly reveals the brutality and murderous political ambitions of the Pol Pot/Khmer Rouge totalitarian regime which bought genocide and despair to the people of Cambodia while neighboring countries, including Australia, shamefully ignored the immense human suffering and unspeakable crimes that bloodied this once beautiful country.

Cambodia: The Prince And The Prophecy 1986

CAMBODIA: THE PRINCE AND THE PROPHECY explores the years of Prince Norodom Sihanouk’s rule, his juggling for peace, his charisma and contradictions. Following the Prince’s overthrow in 1970, the film traces Cambodia’s destruction during the five years of war before Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge came to power and launched their revolution… As a central theme, the film and its sequel CAMBODIA/KAMPUCHEA feature exclusive interviews with Prince Sihanouk, and focus on his pivotal role in shaping Cambodia’s fate. (Ronin Films, http://www.roninfilms.com.au)

Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia

Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia is a 1979 British television documentary written and presented by the Australian journalist John Pilger, which was produced and directed by David Munro. The film recounts the bombing of Cambodia by the United States in 1970 during the Vietnam War, the subsequent brutality and genocide that occurred when Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge militia took over, the poverty and suffering of the people, and the limited aid since given by the West. Viewers were so moved by the plight of the people that they donated ₤45 million to the station in aid.

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