A Christmas Melody 2015

"A Christmas Melody" revolves around Kristin, a beautiful, stylish divorcee who is a talented clothing designer and her young daughter. Kristin has just had to close her small Manhattan boutique to return to her Ohio home town and live in her parents' former home. It's an adjustment for Kristin and Emily - especially when she runs into her former high school rival Melissa.

Melody Time 1948

Melody Time is an animated feature produced by Walt Disney and released to theatres by RKO Radio Pictures. Made up of several sequences set to popular music and folk music, the film is, like Make Mine Music before it, the contemporary version of Fantasia.

Melody 1971

Two youngsters declare to their parents that they want to get married. Not sometime in the future but as soon as possible.

The Broadway Melody 1929

Harriet and Queenie Mahoney, a vaudeville act, come to Broadway, where their friend Eddie Kerns needs them for his number in one of Francis Zanfield's shows. Eddie was in love with Harriet, but when he meets Queenie, he falls in love to her, but she is courted by Jock Warriner, a member of the New Yorker high society. It takes a while till Queenie recognizes, that she is for Jock nothing more than a toy, and it also takes a while till Harriet recognizes, that Eddie is in love with Queenie

Melody 1953

An owl teaches his class full of birds about melody. It's all around in nature. Only birds and man can sing; man "sings" even when he speaks. We see a quick survey of the stages of life, as captured by songs: the alphabet song for primary school, Here Comes the Bride, The Old Gray Mare, etc. Some inspirations for song are outlined in song: love, sailing, trains, the West, motherhood, etc., but "we never sing about brains." Finally, an example of how a simple melody can be expanded into a symphony: an elaborate version of the simple tune that opened the lesson

Melody 2014

Melody, 28 years old, a confused child born under the name X, decides to rent out her body in order to get the money she needs to realize her dream: opening a hair-dressing salon. To do so, she accepts to carry the child of Emily, a rich English woman 48 years old who can no longer have children. To make sure everything goes well and keep an eye on her future child, Emily decides to welcome Melody into her home and stay by her side throughout the pregnancy. Although they first appear to come from completely different worlds, the two women end up adopting each other: Melody finds in Emily the mother she never had, and Emily sees in Melody the daughter she always wanted to have. Evidently, the bonds that emerge during this double maternity create all sorts of doubts and questions.

Broadway Melody of 1936 1935

Lovely, gifted Irene Foster hopes that her childhood sweetheart-turned Broadway producer Robert Gordon will recognize her--and her talent. Gordon is too busy sparring with a dirt-dishing gossip columnist to notice, but his wisecracking, heart-of-gold secretary certainly does. She and Irene must use their wits to show him what he's missing!

Broadway Melody of 1940 1940

Johnny Brett and King Shaw are an unsuccessful dance team in New York. A producer discovers Brent as the new partner for Clare Bennett, but Brett, who thinks he is one of the people they lent money to gives him the name of his partner.

White: The Melody of the Curse 2011

Pop band Pink Dolls emerges to stardom after releasing a remake of “White,” written by an anonymous composer. The more popular the members become, however, the more they become torn by jealousy and rivalries. But as the girls each take turns to become the lead vocalist, mysterious incidents occur.

Interrupted Melody 1955

Interrupted Melody is the inspirational filmed biography of world-renowned Australian soprano Marjorie Lawrence. She’s a foremost Wagnerian, equal to the vocal and physical demands of the composer’s oeuvre. And she’s a beacon of triumph to anyone who fights back when personal tragedy strikes.

Broadway Melody of 1938 1937

Steve Raleight wants to produce a show on Broadway. He finds a backer, Herman Whipple and a leading lady, Sally Lee. But Caroline Whipple forces Steve to use a known star, not a newcomer. Sally purchases a horse, she used to train when her parents had a farm before the depression and with to ex-vaudevillians, Sonny Ledford and Peter Trott she trains it to win a race, providing the money Steve needs for his show.

Weatherbeaten Melody 1943

The general outline of the plot is of a bee that finds an abandoned phonograph in a meadow. The record, however, is jazz, and the interaction of different species of bugs makes this a subtle criticism of the Nazi ideals.

Dead Melody 1938

After an emergency plane landing in the desert, the actress Barbara gets to know the industrialist Thomas. After they are rescued, the two live at Thomas' place in Berlin. Although she confesses her love for him, Thomas asks his brother Werner to look after Barbara, because he, Thomas, is consumed by his work and doesn't wish to be bound to anyone. Only after a fight with his brother does Thomas realize how much in love with Barbara he really is; but by that time, she has left him. For years, Thomas searches in vain for her until one day he meets her in New York ... where she is now married.

A Melody of Stranger 2014

Sujin runaway girl living in an empty house with the mineral water. They are always hungry and have no money, so the lure of prostitution Sujin is unavoidable. Vacant colder day jimyeonseo haven anymore, which can not be realized.

Melody Cruise 1933

A bachelor millionaire on a cruise is protected by a friend from the avid attentions of a crowd of husband (and fortune) seeking girls.

Melody Club 1949

Customers at the Melody Club are burgled while attending the the club. A detective investigates.

Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers 2000

Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers LIVE! is the absolute best live performance of the GRAMMY-winning reggae artists, an incomparable positive vibration of the musical ambassadors of Marley Magic. For the first time, you will enjoy 17 of their greatest songs on DVD in incredible 5.1 Digital Surround Sound live and in concert. This intense musical celebration captures the unique spirit of a Melody Makers show. Finally, loyal fans, newcomers and listeners of all ages can take home that joyous feeling of being a part of the music.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch 2003

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch is a shōjo manga and anime series created by Michiko Yokote, with artwork by Pink Hanamori. The manga was originally published in the monthly shōjo manga anthology Nakayoshi. There are 32 chapters published and are compiled into seven volumes issued by Kodansha. A 91-episode anime series was produced by TV Aichi, divided into two seasons, aired in Japan from April 2003 to December 2004. The first season is composed of 52 episodes, while the second, entitled Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure, lasted for 39.

Melody of Oblivion 2004

The Melody of Oblivion is an [anime] with some involvement from Gainax. The series is 24 episodes long, and originally aired between April 7, 2004 and September 21, 2004.

Melodifestivalen 1958

The annual music competition organised by Swedish public broadcasters Sveriges Television and Sveriges Radio to determine the country's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Melody Street

Melody Street is an early American television series, hosted by Elliot Lawrence, which aired on the DuMont Television Network. The program aired Fridays at 8:30pm ET from September 25, 1953 to February 5, 1954. Each episode was 30 minutes long. One guest star was guitarist Tony Mottola.

Melody Rules

Melody Rules was a 1993 sitcom created by New Zealand TV station TV3. The series centred on sensible careerwoman Melody and her semi-dysfunctional family consisting of her teenage sister Zoe and their brother. Frequent recurring characters included an unkempt and filthy man as well as neighbour Crayfish. The series was structured in a similar manner to an American sitcom, containing similar elements including a laugh track and vaudeville-esque humour. TV3 conceived Melody Rules in 1993 in hopes the show would form one of a number of flagship productions for the station. TV3 received $1,262,990 funding from NZ on Air for the production. TV3 hired the services of an American television writer, who held a number of workshops in New Zealand where he taught hopeful writers the craft of writing an American-style sitcom. Working with his ideas and formulas, Melody Rules was the end result. Due to poor ratings, the series was pulled from TV3's prime-time lineup in the summer of 1995, and was rerun at 2:00 and 3:00 AM on weekend and weekday mornings, only to be cancelled following two episodes per screening. 43 episodes in total were screened. Melody Rules has received much negative criticism, including unfavourable comments on its humour and poor acting roles. It is now widely regarded in New Zealand as the worst TV3 sitcom of all time.

Melody Time

Melody Time was an early Australian music television series which aired in 1957 on Melbourne station ABV-2. The live show was hosted by singer Ormonde Douglas, who also made guest appearances on other Australian television series of the era. In 1959 the series aired again for an additional series of six episodes. The first of the 1959 episodes also featured soprano Maureen Boyce and pianist Wendy Pomroy It is not known how many episodes still exist, given station practices of the era. A 16mm kinescope recording of the episode aired 26 August 1957 is held by National Archives of Australia.

Melody of Love 2013

Drama series tells the story of three families who begin to appreciate the family and regret hurting others.

Piano: The Melody of a Young Girl's Heart 2002

Miu Nomura is a 14-year-old 8th-grader who has been playing piano since early childhood. She grows up gradually while her friendship, kinship, and love affairs evolve around her, but those relationships inevitably affect her piano performance.

ef: a tale of memories 2007

On Christmas Eve, Hiro Hirono meets a girl named Miyako Miyamura as she chases a purse snatcher. Hiro later finds out that Miyako also goes to the same school as he does and they start hanging out together. This makes Hiro's childhood friend, Kei Shindō, feel left out, so she tries to compete with Miyako for Hiro's affection, creating a love triangle. Meanwhile, Renji Asō meets a girl named Chihiro Shindō at an abandoned train station. He soon learns that Chihiro suffers from a type of amnesia where her memory lasts for only 13 hours. He also discovers Chihiro's dream of writing a novel, but she has never been able to fulfill that dream due to her condition. Renji then decides to help her fulfill that dream.

Merrie Melodies 2000

Merrie Melodies is an American animated cartoon series of comedy short films produced by Warner Bros. from 1931 to 1969, during the golden age of American animation. As with its sister series, Looney Tunes, it featured cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd.

Five Fingers 2012

Five Fingers is a 2012 weekend series from Seoul Broadcasting System starring Joo Ji-hoon as a pianist who wreaks revenge on the family that tried to destroy his dreams.

Melodifestivalen 1979

Melodifestivalen 1979 was the selection for the 19th song to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the 18th time that this system of picking a song had been used. 452 songs were submitted to SVT for the competition. The final was broadcast on TV1 but was not broadcast on radio.

Melodifestivalen 2005

Melodifestivalen 2005 was the selection for the 45th song to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the 44th time that this system of picking a song had been used. Five semifinals had taken place to select the ten songs for the final, in Gothenburg, Linköping, Skellefteå, Växjö and a Second Chance round in Stockholm. The final was broadcast on SVT1 and Sveriges Radio's P4 network. Nanne Grönvall’s defeat was met with consternation by many people, who felt that a gap of over 150,000 votes should be enough for victory. There were even calls for SVT to scrap the jury system altogether and simply let the televotes decide the winner. For a comparison, it was noted that Grönvall had received more votes than Lena Philipsson, the popular 2004 winner. However, SVT said that there was nothing they could do about the result. Four finalists topped the Swedish charts. Alcazar and Alcastar got to number one the week before the final, Jimmy Jansson got to the number one some weeks after that with Vi kan gunga, Martin Stenmarck's winner Las Vegas hit the top spot the week after that, while Nanne Grönvall and Håll om mig topped the charts the week after that.

Lilla Melodifestivalen

Lilla Melodifestivalen is the Swedish national final that selects the entry to represent Sweden in the annual Melodi Grand Prix Nordic junior singing competition. Between 2002 and 2005, Sweden sent its winners to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, when MPG Nordic wasn't active. In 2006, Sweden withdrew itself from JESC, along with Denmark and Norway, continued to participate in Melodi Grand Prix Nordic instead. In 2009, Sweden returned to the JESC, so the winner goes to the big European competition.

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