The Wizard of Gore 2007

In the darkly phantasmagorical world of the carnival magician and sideshow hypnotist, the gruesome "illusions" of Montag the Magnificent are unique in that they seem to become retroactive reality long after the the tricks are done. Is it coincidence, or circumstantial evidence of the world's most diabolically ingenious murders? When an underground journalist begins to investigate the strange deaths, the truth proves to be far more bizarre and disturbing than anything he or his readers might have imagined.

The Wizard of Gore 1970

A TV talk-show hostess and her boyfriend investigate a shady magician whom has the ability to hypnotize and control the thoughts of people in order to stage gory on-stage illusions using his powers of mind bending.

Gore Whore 1994

When a lab assistant steals an important formula and all its documentation from Dr. Whitman, he hires a bottom-of-the-barrel private eye, Chase Barr, to locate it. When Barr digs deeper into the case he finds the lab assistant is actually a dead street whore and the "formula" is a reanimation agent that, with the consumption of human blood, is keeping her alive! In trying to retrieve the formula, Chase is given a rollercoaster ride through hell as the whore reanimates corpses to attack him and help her hold onto the formula.


A young man spends a summer in Italy where he meets his idol, Gore Vidal, who teaches him about life, love, and politics.

Gore, Quebec 2014

Gore, Quebec tells the story of two acquaintances who are set up by their mutual friends on a cottage weekend in Quebec. What was supposed to be an exciting and fun weekend, quickly turns into the blind date from hell, as the Couple discover that the cottage is not safe, and that their friends are already dead. The film begins in a home movie found-footage style, but quickly shifts into a more cinematic style once things start unraveling. With a serial killer terrorizing them, the Couple have to either protect one another to survive, or try to escape separately. Do you protect your fellow man, or is survival a solitary journey?

Gore 2014

Motivational speakers come to terms with the end of the world.

Gore 2009

In 1978, after a string of gruesome cannibalistic killings, Detective William Sanders successfully brought the deformed killer known as Gore to justice. It is now 2009, he lives on as a legend in a city called Metsburg. A group of teenagers decide to embark on a road trip to the small town in search of the legendry house where Gore lived, but days later their mutilated remains are discovered by the police. There is, however, one survivor - a young girl who goes by the name of Alice. Now a beat cop, William Sanders is called on to the scene of the latest copycat murders based on his experience with the original Gore case. He can'tt stop the idea from forming in his mind that, Gore has returned. With nothing more than a hunch to prove Gore is still alive; William will have to put the pieces, or body parts, back together one more time. The unstable Alice has allegedly witnessed the slaughter of her friends. Is this a blessing, or is it a coincidence that is too good to be true?

Dr. Gore 2009

Antoine Pellissier is an independent filmmaker who makes gory horror films. He is also a doctor. DR. GORE follows him as he tries to put together an ambitious new project against steep odds.

Guts & Gore 2004

Alex Wesley spreads the carnage again in this trilogy of splatter tales. Independent, gore filled fun.

Gore Orphanage 2015

When 9 year old Nellie's entire family dies, she is taken to Gore Orphanage. She quickly learns that some things are worse than losing her own family and she has to fight to survive before she ends up dead also.

True Gore 1987

True Gore combines the usual death footage found in most shockumentaries with video art from Survival Research Laboratories and Monte Cazazza and more

Kensington Gore 1981

Art film part of the REWIND + PLAY, An Anthology of Early British Video Art box-set.

Dear Mr. Gore 2009

This personal narrative documentary uses director Lisa Mills' bicycle ride to work as a vehicle to explore fear and global warming. In the tradition of Ross McElwee, Mills created an autobiographical film in which she meditates on a universal human theme with a camera strapped to her bike. It is a contemplative response to "An Inconvenient Truth" and provides a unique perspective on one person's attempt to reduce her carbon footprint and overcome fear.

Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore 2011

Take an outrageous ride through this wild world of exploitation films with this thoroughly entertaining documentary, HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS – THE GODFATHER OF GORE! Featuring cult director John Waters, Drive-In Movie Critic Joe Bob Briggs, Herschell Gordon Lewis himself and a “cast of thousands,” you’ll witness the innocent bare-naked era of Nudie-Cuties before Lewis schocked the world with “Blood Feast,” the first ever gore film!

Guts & Gore 2 2009

A serial killer in gas mask receives a mission from an alien from another world above to cleanse the world by eliminating the filth from the planet in the only way he knows how: by slaughtering the perverts in an insanely violent way.

The New Movie Show with Chris Gore

The New Movie Show with Chris Gore is a movie review television program hosted by Chris Gore and aired on FX in which a panel of critics shared opinions of newly released films. The show was short lived, only airing for a brief period in the spring/summer of 2000. In addition to the panel of critics giving their opinions on newly-released films, there were other segments which helped to set the show apart from other similar shows of the day A memorable early promotional commercial for the show featured Gore giving witty, one-sentence "joke" statements about some recent films. An example of this was Gore describing Eye of the Beholder with the sentence " least Ashley Judd got naked."

Lincoln 1988

"Lincoln" was a 1988 American television mini-series starring Sam Waterston as Abraham Lincoln, Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Todd Lincoln, and Richard Mulligan as William H. Seward. It was directed by Lamont Johnson and was based on Gore Vidal’s novel. It covers the time period running from Lincoln’s election as President of the United States to the time of his assassination. When released for home entertainment, the title was changed to "Gore Vidal's Lincoln" Lamont Johnson won an Emmy for directing Lincoln. The film was shot almost entirely in Richmond, Virginia and it cost $8 million to produce.

Himitsu Sentai Gorenger 1975

Himitsu Sentai Gorenger is a Japanese tokusatsu superhero television series. Gorenger, created by Shotaro Ishinomori, was the first in the long-running Super Sentai series of tokusatsu programming. It began airing on NET from April 5, 1975, the week following the finale of Kamen Rider Amazon, to March 26, 1977, the series had a total of 84 episodes. The title Toei gives this series for international distribution is Five Rangers.

Burning Bush 2013

Based on real characters and events, this haunting drama focuses on the personal sacrifice of a Prague history student, Jan Palach, who set himself on fire in protest against the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1969. Dagmar Burešová, a young female lawyer, became part of his legacy by defending Jan's family in a trial against the communist government, a regime which tried to dishonour Palach’s sacrifice, a heroic action for the freedom of Czechoslovakia.

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