Afrique, land of trends 2012

The Festival international de la mode africaine (Fima), released in 1998 in Niger, is important to the vogue industry in Africa. The documentary explores the dimensions of this scene.

Joy in Africa 1992

Significant as one of the latest decent examples of erotic cinema before the genre faded away to cable TV accessories, Joy en Afrique, as it is the case with all films of the series, basically plays to the Emmanuelle caricature: a sentimental but sexually adventurous beautiful young woman in exotic lands.

Africa, My Africa... 1994

Eugene, an idealistic young African farmer and musician, decides to leave his village and family momentarily to try out his luck in the city. He makes new friends there, who accompany him on his musical career. He also meets up with Kassi, a childhood friend who has become a prostitute, with whom a new, closer friendship begins. However, when she dies from AIDS, Eugene is confronted by the harsh reality that his spontaneity and innocence blocked out and decides to put his singing talents and fame as a singer to the service of fighting the disease of AIDS. Once back home in his village, the reunion with his wife and children make him realize that life and hope are more powerful than anything else.

Port Afrique 1956

An army veteran with a shattered leg returns to his home in Port Afrique after war only to find his wife has been murdered. He's determined to find the killer, even if it means uncovering family secrets he never knew about.

Fantôme Afrique 2005

Fantôme Afrique, weaves cinematic and architectural references through the rich imagery of urban Ouagadougou, the centre for cinema in Africa, and the arid spaces of rural Burkina Faso, and is punctuated by archival footage from early colonial expeditions and landmark moments in African history. Renowned choreographer and dancer Stephen Galloway (Ballet Frankfurt) and actor Vanessa Myrie (Baltimore) figure as ‘trickster/phantom’ and ‘witness’ in this carefully composed meditation on the denationalised, de-territorialised spaces born of the encounters between local and global cultures, where the ghosts of history linger amid the realities of the day

Afrique 50 1950

Afrique 50 is a 1956 French documentary film directed by René Vautier. The first French anti-colonialist film, the film derived from an assignment in which the director was to cover educational activities by the French League of Schooling in West Africa. Vautier later filmed what he saw, a "lack of teachers and doctors, the crimes committed by the French Army in the name of France, the instrumentalization of the colonized peoples". For his role in the film Vautier was imprisoned over several months. The film was not permitted to be shown for more than 40 years.

Afrique sur Seine 1955

This film is widely regarded as the first film made by an African south of the Sahara. Labelled an “ethnological documentary in reverse,” it shows 1950s Paris from the cinematic perspective of a group of African immigrants. (Mubi)

Africa, I Will Fleece You 1993

This documentary of repressive political realities in Cameroon begins with the 1990 publication of an open letter to President Biya calling for a national conference - and the immediate arrest of the letter's author and publisher. The narration then examines the nation's colonial history, beginning with the first German missionary in 1901, the establishment of schools, French occupation following World War I, the paucity of books written by and published by Cameroonians, and the repression of the CPU, a leftist organization of the 1950s and 1960s. Cameroon and its people are the lark, its feathers plucked first by colonialism and then by native strongmen: 'Alouette, je te plumerai.'

Hugo in Africa 2009

When Hugo Pratt passed away in 1995, he was holding an Ethiopian cross in his left hand. In order to understand his enduring love of the black continent, Hugo Pratt’s companion, Jean Claude Guilbert, together with a group of like-minded people, searches for traces of him in the Horn of Africa. Thanks to their efforts and invaluable audiovisual archive material, a new picture of this remarkable artist and his attitude towards Africa begins to emerge.

Black Emanuelle 1976

In her first onscreen adventure, journalist/photographer Mae Jordan (known to her readers as "Emanuelle") travels to Africa on assignment. Questions of her own racial and sexual identity come to a head as she observes the troubled marriage of her hosts, Ann and Gianni Danieli. Matters are complicated further when Emanuelle finds herself in affairs with both of them, after which she flees Africa, only to be persued by Gianni, who had earlier rejected her and ridiculed her advances.

Africa 2013

Africa, the world's wildest continent. David Attenborough takes us on an awe-inspiring journey through one of the most diverse places in the world. We visit deserts, savannas, and jungles and meet up with some of Africa's amazing wildlife.

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