The Wayward Girl 1959

The story of a young Gerd, played by Liv Ullman in her first leading role, who falls in love with a young boy. She is considered a 'loose' woman, and the boy's family does not accept their relationship. The young couple run away to a cabin in the woods where they meet a rogue man who tests their relationship.

Ung frue forsvunnet 1953

The young wife of an upper-class academic disappears while her husband is on holiday. In his search for her, the husband learns that there was much he did not know both about her past and about their relationship.

Young Man Seeking Company 1954

A lonely young man falls in love with a girl he has observed from a distance. One day he stops her on the street and asks if she has lost a piece of jewelry.

Young Man Falling 2007

A 17-year-old boy is living on the fringe of a true perception of reality. Cars pursue him, while a world full of rules and systems asks for his attention. How can he concentrate on his preparations for his french exam when the stuffed animals in his room begin to interfere? And what about Irene who disturbs with her invitations?

Bedeviled 2017

When a group of teenagers receive an invite to download the latest smartphone app, an intelligent personal assistant, they expect a harmless way to get directions and restaurant recommendations. But the sinister nature of the app soon reveals itself, tormenting the friends by tapping into their darkest fears.

Ungli 2014

Four friends Kalim (Angad Bedi), Gautam (Neil Bhoopalam), Maya (Kangana Ranaut) and Abhay (Randeep Hooda) form a gang called the "Ungli" gang which fights against corruption prevailing in society. Their job is to target corrupt people and punish them in a unique manner. Due to increased popularity and their high profile targets, they are sought by Mumbai police department as "wanted". Their case is the responsibility of ACP Ashok Kale (Sanjay Dutt) and inspector Nikhil Abhyankar (Emraan Hashmi). Nikhil disguises himself as a college student and joins the ungli gang with the hidden motive of arresting them. But soon, his heart changes after learning the story of why ungli gang was formed. Meanwhile, Kaale is compelled to seek help from the gang when Nikhil helps him expose the gang's greatest target, B.R. Dayal (Mahesh Manjrekar) and his son Anshuman.

Becoming Astrid 2018

When Astrid Lindgren was very young something happened that affected her profoundly, and this combination of both miracle and calamity came to shape her entire life. It was an event that transformed her into one of the most inspiring women of our age and the storyteller a whole world would come to love. This is the story of when a young Astrid, despite the expectations of her time and religious upbringing, decided to break free from society's norms and follow her heart.

Wild in the Country 1961

A troubled young man discovers that he has a knack for writing when a counselor encourages him to pursue a literary career.

The Fake Ghost Catchers 1982

This delightful action comedy came out a full two years before Ghostbusters premiered. Coincidence? You be the judge. Whatever the inspiration, nothing can compare to this amazing showcase of wushu and wizardry as one of the best all-star fighting casts take on spectres, spirits, and phantoms as well as each other.

I Am Not a Rock Star 2012

The sacrifice of self, the acclaim, the adoring crowds — classical pianist Marika Bournaki fits the role. But the title of Bobbi Jo Hart's award-winning biographical documentary, I am Not a Rock Star, speaks to the contradictions of Bournaki's life. Shot over a span of eight years - following the pianist from 12 to 20 years of age - Hart's film amounts to a front row seat in the unfolding of a life and the forming of a personality. Shot in verité style in concert halls, hotels and airports around the world and featuring stunning piano performances, the film turns Bournaki's life into a visual narrative, revealing both the rewards and costs of a life dedicated to music

The Activist 1969

Mike, a college student, makes an impassioned anti-war speech on campus, which is carried on live television, causing a storm of controversy. His girlfriend leaves him, but he finds himself attracted to her roommate Lee, and they fall in love. He must choose between his love for Lee and his dedication to the anti-war cause.

Comic King 2001

Two popular comic writers who are good friends start a comic publishing company but fall in love with the secretary, simultaneously, creating a rivalry that threatens to split their friendship and destroy their business.

That's me too 1980

Stine is eighteen and has finished school. Her parents have are divorced, and the father has a new wife. Stine is not so anxious finding a regular job, She would like to be an actor.

Young & Beautiful 2014

Isabelle, a 17-year-old student, loses her virginity during a quick holiday romance. When she returns home, she begins a secret life as a prostitute for a year.

The Incredible Dr. Pol 2011

Set in Central Michigan's farm country, this reality series follows the work done at Pol Veterinary Services. Specializing in large farm animals, Dr. Pol treats horses, pigs, cows, sheep, alpacas, goats, chickens and even an occasional reindeer. The program also features Dr. Brenda Grettenberger, who has worked with Dr. Pol since 1992.

Young & Promising 2015

Three ambitious girls in their 20s—Elise, Alex and Nenne—try to make their dreams come true in Oslo. The girls discover that pretty much everyone, including their parents, have no idea what they're doing with their lives. As they try and break into adulthood, they take comfort in the fact that really we are all just a bunch of fuck-ups doing the best we can.

Tales of the Unexpected 1979

Tales of the Unexpected is a British television series which aired between 1979 and 1988. Each episode told a story, often with sinister and wryly comedic undertones, with an unexpected twist ending. Early episodes were based on short stories by Roald Dahl collected in the books Tales of the Unexpected, Kiss Kiss and Someone Like You. The series was made by Anglia Television for ITV with interior scenes recorded at their Norwich studios whilst location filming mainly occurred across East Anglia. The theme music for the series was written by composer Ron Grainer. Although similar in theme and title, the show is not related to the American anthology television series, Quinn Martin's Tales of the Unexpected, which ran for one season in 1977.

The Incredible Hulk 1978

The Incredible Hulk is an American television series based on the Marvel Comics character, the Hulk. The series aired on the CBS television network and starred Bill Bixby as David Banner, Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk, and Jack Colvin as Jack McGee. In the TV series, Dr. David Banner, a widowed physician and scientist, who is presumed dead, travels across America under assumed names, and finds himself in positions where he helps others in need despite his terrible secret: in times of extreme anger, he transforms into a huge, incredibly strong green creature, who has been given the name "The Hulk”. In his travels, Banner earns money by working temporary jobs while searching for a way to control his condition. The series was originally broadcast by CBS from 1978 to 1982, with 82 episodes over five seasons. The two-hour pilot movie, which established the Hulk's origins, aired on November 4, 1977. It was developed and produced by Kenneth Johnson, who also wrote or directed some episodes. After the series ended, the fate of David Banner was a cliffhanger until 1988. The franchise was purchased from CBS by rival NBC. They produced three made-for-television films: The Incredible Hulk Returns, The Trial of the Incredible Hulk and The Death of the Incredible Hulk. Since its debut, The Incredible Hulk series has garnered a worldwide fan base.


Inspired by one of the most heroic events in the recent history of Bulgaria, the rescue of Bulgarian Jews from the death camps during the Second World War. The series includes all the major events in the political scene between 1940 and 1945.

Endeavour 2012

The early days of a young Endeavour Morse, whose experiences as a detective constable with the Oxford City Police will ultimately shape his future.

No Good Nick 2019

A family finds their lives turned upside down when a young, street-smart grifter shows up on their doorstep, claiming to be a distant relative.

Aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst 1967

Aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst is a German television programme broadcast since October 1967 on ZDF that aims to combat and solve crimes. Until 2003 it was produced in co-operation with the Austrian public service broadcaster ORF and Schweizer Fernsehen, a division of the Swiss public broadcaster SRG SSR idée suisse. It was the basis for the BBC show Crimewatch, the Dutch show Opsporing Verzocht and its US equivalent America's Most Wanted. The goal of the programme is to throw light on unsolved offences with the aid of viewers. Each episode contains three to five short films, each lasting about ten minutes, in which a real criminal case is reconstructed. The cases are mostly complex ones in which the criminals and chains of events are still unknown. In addition cases are discussed in the studio in which, for example, the identities of criminals or unknown murder victims are sought with the aid of a photo. Viewers can use the telephone or Internet to give information. According to a study by the programme's editorial department, about forty percent of cases shown on the programme are solved.

An Ungentlemanly Act

An Ungentlemanly Act is a 1992 BBC television film about the first days of the invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982.

Amazing Stories 1985

A truly amazing, fantastical, science fiction, funny and odd, and sometimes scary, sad and endearing anthology series presented by Steven Spielberg with guest appearances by many famous actors, actresses, and directors.

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