Sonora: The Devil’s Highway 2019

1931, a year of nationalisms and excesses: The Chinese are expelled from Sonora; the US deports Mexicans and closes its borders. Twelve desperate people cross the Sonoran desert in a 1929 Chrysler, hoping to find peace in Baja California. As their sojourn exposes both the best and the worst of human nature, racism, greed, and paranoia prove as deadly as the merciless landscape around them.

Somewhere in Sonora 1933

John Bishop discovers a plot to rob a silver mine belonging to his girlfriend Mary's father and, to foil the evildoers, he joins them.

Sartana Does Not Forgive 1968

Jorge Martin is relentlessly stalking a gang of outlaws led by the ruthless Slim (Jack Elam) who raped and murdered his bride.

West of Sonora 1948

Western star Charles Starrett was amazing; he kept making the same film over and over, but always made it seem as if it was for the first time. In West of Sonora, Starrett once again plays a frontier good-guy named Steve (Steve Rollins, to be exact), who, when the need arises, disguises himself as The Durango Kid, masked righter of wrongs. This time, Steve/Durango champions the cause of 10-year-old Penelope Clinton (Anita Castle), who has spent her short life as the focus of a feud between her grandfathers, suspected outlaw Black Murphy (Steve Darrell) and Sheriff Jack Clinton (George Cheseboro).

Gangs of Sonora 1941

Commissioner Tredwell is the law of the land and he gets whatever he wants with the help of hired guns and lackey lawyer Conners. The only one who publicly stands up to Tredwell is Beecham of the Clarion. Beecham has his paper burned to the ground and when he starts a petition to make Wyoming a state, taking the power away from Tredwell, he is killed. But when Kansas Kate comes in to visit her son Conners, she sees what is going on and she takes over the paper and keeps the pressure on Tredwill. With this Conners has mixed emotions, but the boys do everything they can to protect Kate and the paper. Written by Tony Fontana

Sonora Stagecoach 1944

The Trail Blazers are bringing in a prisoner to stand trial for bank robbery, when several attempts are made to kill him; convinced of the man's innocence, they arrange a trap for the real thieves.

Fugitive from Sonora 1943

In this western, a paroled desperado and his twin, a preacher, wander about the Old West to bring "salvation." The parson begins trying to help a gang leader's niece whose uncle has been forcing parolees to join him or return to prison. Naturally he tries to rope the paroled twin into his gang.

Man from Sonora 1951

Someone stole Johnny Mack Brown's horse. If he can locate his missing horse, then he can prove they are also robbing the stagecoach.

Outlaws of Sonora 1938

Outlaws of Sonora is a 1938 American Western "Three Mesquiteers" B-movie directed by George Sherman.

Renegades of Sonora 1948

Cowboy Rocky Lane (Allan Lane) thwarts an attack on a courier delivering a precious Indian tribal belt and becomes embroiled in a conspiracy in the process. When the courier dies, Rocky delivers the belt to the Agent. But he quickly finds himself arrested for murder and learns not only is the belt missing, but the murdered Agent is not the man he gave the belt to.

The Appaloosa 1966

Man tries to recover a horse stolen from him by a Mexican bandit. The Appaloosa (also known as Southwest to Sonora) is a 1966 American Western film Technicolor (set in the 1870s) from Universal Pictures starring Marlon Brando, Anjanette Comer and John Saxon, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of a Mexican bandit. The film was directed by Sidney J. Furie, shot in Mexico. The 2008 Appaloosa film (starring Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen) is not related nor a remake of this film, although it has almost the same title.

Of Mind and Music 2014

Dr. Alvaro Cruz, a neuroscientist, disillusioned by the death of his mother and his inability to help her, finds redemption and reward by helping Una Vida, a jazz singer he discovers performing on the streets of New Orleans. Her health declining and her singing partner and her adopted daughter unable to help, Cruz seeks out her long lost son in an effort to bring resolution to the grief, loss and longing that has overshadowed her hard but beautiful life.

In The Tracks Of - Alexandre Desplat 2018

Alexandre Desplat is one of the most famous film music composer of today. Innovative artist with a singular expression, he is the successor of french masters of film music: Georges Delerue, Antoine Duhamel, Maurice Jarre. Writing music for films gather his two passions: music and cinema. Between working sessions, confidences, films and personnal archives, Alexandre Desplat offers, through this documentary, a great record on the creative process and today’s cinema.

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