Eyes Without a Face 1962

Dr. Génessier is riddled with guilt after an accident that he caused disfigures the face of his daughter, the once beautiful Christiane, who outsiders believe is dead. Dr. Génessier, along with accomplice and laboratory assistant Louise, kidnaps young women and brings them to the Génessier mansion. After rendering his victims unconscious, Dr. Génessier removes their faces and attempts to graft them on to Christiane's.

Face 2009

Hsiao-Kang, a Taiwanese film director, travels to the Louvre in Paris, France, to shoot a film that explores the Salomé myth.

Visage 2017

A actor auditions for a movie but finds he may not be what they're looking for. A science-fiction take on minority representation issues in Hollywood.

Exposure 2017

Camille, an assistant at an art gallery, hosts Masato Kimura, a Japanese video game designer who has come to France to promote his latest creation. Indifferent to his world, Camille finds the man inscrutable until Masato asks to use her face in his next game.

Pale Face 1985

With an unlikely hero who apparently excels at almost anything, this confused saga of survival in the wilderness and accidental murder starts out hard to believe and stays that way. C.H. (Luc Matte) used to be a star player for the Montreal Canadiens and has turned in his puck and hockey stick for the pursuit of women -- as well as a good game of chess (he is a master at that too). He supports himself by waiting tables and one day takes some time off to go on vacation in the Quebec wilderness, where some local thugs give him a hard time. From that point onward, things get worse after one of the hooligans is accidentally killed.

Visage 2017

Trying to live a normal life in Los Angeles, Christian Figo seeks to leave his past behind. Manipulated by his friend Marcus and Marcus's Uncle, Figo finds himself caught in a web of prostitution, drugs, murder, sex and deception.

The Visage 2004

The family that slays together stays together. A young man must watch over the body of a dead spiritualist for three nights running, and he gradually pieces together a family history for the dead man that leads to madness and murder. An intense terrifying nightmare based on Nikolai Gogol's The Vij.

Trois Visage 1977

Music by Frank Lewin. Study of the mood changes between three heads with slow moving subtle differences. Two heads are made of wood. The third head is of the artist L.S. UNESCO sponsored exhibition in Paris in 1978. Award in international competition – Japan, 1980 . Sponsored by Victor Co., JVC, Burston-Marstellar agency.

Visage de chien 1985

In this low-budget thriller from director Jacek Gasiorowski, a young son slowly becomes aware of a sleazy underworld inhabited by the oddballs and dangerous men that his father must deal with in order to collect the money he needs to pay off a drug debt. Denis (Hugues Quester is a designer who resorts to selling drugs to survive, but now his drug bosses give him the length of one day to come up with the money he owes them, or else. His son Pierrot (Pierre Champenois) goes along with him, as the two frantically move from one end of town to the other, trying to collect from a wide variety of people: a Vietnamese heroin addict, a dealer and musician, and others on the fringe. In the meantime, Denis' period of grace is quickly running out, and young Pierrot has received a crash-course on the lower rungs of humanity.

Faceless Heroes 2012

Brussels, Béguinage church. Migrants organize a hunger strike to obtain papers. A man dies. Tunisia, Libya. A border camp of Choucha refugees tell the horror of crossing the Sahara to the north. Liège. In a refugee center, a man narrates his Mediterranean crossing in a chamber of air. Three moments of a battle for survival.

The Man Without a Face 1919

Without a job and no money to spend, Blanche Mery (Gina Manès) has to accept a job offered by Gunter (Édouard Mathé), a strange millionaire wearing the black mask.

Faces Places 2017

Director Agnès Varda and photographer/muralist JR journey through rural France and form an unlikely friendship.

Follow Me Quietly 1949

1949 thriller about the hunt for a serial killer known as "the Judge" who kills his victims on rainy nights.

A Visage to Remember 1948

During his summer holiday, Kawasaki Ryuichi (Ryuzaki Ichiro), a handsome engineer in his late twenties, visits his teacher and mentor, Professor Inagaki (Sugai Ichiro), at his seaside home. There he meets the professor's lovely young wife, Sachiko (Hamada Yuriko), and is unsettled by the striking resemblance she bears to his wife, who died three years earlier. Attracted to Sachiko, he does his best to hide his feelings. The couple, however, senses a deep-seated melancholy in him. Attributing it to the loss of his wife, they urge him to marry their niece, Kaoru, but he is not interested. Shortly after, Fumiko , Sachiko's older sister, realizes that Sachiko and Kawasaki have feelings for each other, but she keeps her counsel. One day Kawasaki, Sachiko, and Kaoru go boating when a storm forces them to stay overnight at a hotel. Unable to sleep, Kawasaki takes a walk along the beach where he finds Sachiko, also unable to sleep. He declares his love for her.

A Seven-Faced Man 2017

Bai Xin Xin is a first-year medical intern who crosses paths with Shen Yi Zhen, a man from a wealthy family. When Xin Xin is roped into becoming the personal attending physician for Yi Zhen, she doesn’t understand what she signed up for until it’s too late. As Yi Zhen’s seven different personalities begin to emerge, so too do dark secrets from his cruel family history. Can Xin Xin help the many faces of Yi Zhen recover from his painful past?

The Three Sides of Ana 2016

Over a road trip, triplets Ana Laura, Ana Leticia, and Ana Lucía, along with their parents, suffer a dramatic accident crashing by the side of a river. The consequences of this event are catastrophic: Both parents die, Ana Laura loses one leg, and Ana Lucía, unconscious, is dragged by the river’s flow. Only Ana Leticia, who actually caused the accident, emerges unscathed. Soledad, a woman who was seriously hurt after her daughter’s death, helps Ana Lucía, whom she finds agonizing. Although Soledad discovers who the girl is, she takes advantage of her memory loss regarding the accident and her family and decides to keep her, making her believe she is her mother. Despite everyone declares Ana Lucía is death, Ernestina, the triplets' grandmother, and Ramiro, their uncle, don’t give up and do everything they can to find Ana Lucía. But years go by, the same as their wishful

The Night Manager 2016

Former British soldier Jonathan Pine navigates the shadowy recesses of Whitehall and Washington where an unholy alliance operates between the intelligence community and the secret arms trade. To infiltrate the inner circle of lethal arms dealer Richard Onslow Roper, Pine must himself become a criminal.

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